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Steward: Sally Baker

 I would like to thank Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge the C/A for the above stakes; it was the last trial for Ranmore as the club is amalgamating with Surrey DTS. There is always such a great atmosphere at these trials, the base at Oakwood Hill Village Hall is superb both for competitors and helpers, with the cricket pitch making an ideal control field. As always, the team in the kitchen were brilliant, making sure we were all looked after throughout the trial and Sue Henderson managed the base extremely well, keeping everyone in the right place at the right time, with a steady flow of competitors throughout the two days. Thanks also to Liz de Unger, who was the trials manager and to Stan Ford, who kept a watchful eye on proceedings.

A special thanks to Sally Baker, who stewarded for me on both days, ensuring that every team had the same clear instructions, once again making the whole test flow really well.

Somehow we managed to stay dry for the two days, although it rained extremely hard during the evening and overnight on both days, making the going on the ground very wet and boggy. We had a number of teams qualifying and in contention for a place but as it was over two days we were not in a position to hold run-offs, so the positions were decided between the three judges, in the main based on tracking marks.



 1st Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSEN, GSD, D, 193.5, Q. A very clean and tidy round, dropping just half on control and one on the jumps. Kevin has worked hard to overcome a problem on the scale, which went well today. Congratulations, Kevin.

2nd John West with AMBERSLADE MICHIGAN AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, D, 193.5, Q. To say John was delighted with his qualification would be an understatement, as he has had to work hard to keep Mitch focussed in a trial environment, which he certainly was on the day. Well done, John.

3rd Caroline Martin with GWYNION SOLL, BC, D, 186, Q. I believe this is Ty’s first trial qualification and well deserved too - he wasn’t overly keen on the extremely wet ground and certainly didn’t want to put his rear end down in it; otherwise a good overall round, Caroline.

4th Rosie Lane with VONLUCHANHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Malinois, B, 169, Q. The best C/A round over the two days, full point control and jumps, an absolute pleasure to watch. Well done on such a super round.



 1st Wendy Donaldson with AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, ASD, B, 186, Q. A neat and tidy control round and full mark jumps, just slightly off on the sendaway. Wendy has to work to get Bumble focussed for each exercise, then the results speak for themselves. Well done, Wendy, on qualifying and winning.

2nd Hayley Woodcock with SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, BC, B, 185.5, Q. Just half a point behind the winner, this was another little dog that just didn’t want to put her back end down in the wet! Well done, Hayley, she certainly was a little "Star" on the day.

3rd Elinor Anderson with JEMAS CAROUSEL FOR MYRTILLAS, XB, B, 185.5, Q. Vodka really didn’t like the damp ground which proved costly on the heelwork; good solid retrieve and full set of jumps. The loss of some of the stay points proved a little costly on the day. Well done on qualifying.

4th Tim Cooper with GLORIOUS GLOSTER, XB, D, 184.5, Q. Good overall round, Tim. Another dog that wasn’t keen on the wet ground; you proved that you have a redirect on the sendaway, well done. Hopefully this has broken your unlucky run, onwards and upwards.


Also qualifying:

Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, HWHV, D, 184.5

Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, B, 182.5

Heather Hardaway with VIKKAS CRUISE OF BURNAWAY, GSD, D, 181.5

Sue Zackheim with COOL HAND FLOOK, XB, D, 179

Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, D, 178.5

Sheila Jack with STORMLAKE BROOKE, GSD, D, 175


I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch the teams work. Good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Stella Richards and Lauren Marlow

Steward: Don Laskey


Thank you for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at the final Ranmore Club trial. Thanks to Sue Henderson for all her hard work organising the trial and to Liz de Unger, who was trials manager. To all those in the kitchen, Beryl and all her team, many thanks for the cooked meals and never ending supplies of cake and coffee.

To Stella Richards and Lauren Marlow, many thanks for laying the tracks in rather windy and sometimes wet conditions, and to Don Laskey for laying all the squares and for loading and firing the gun.

The land Stan Ford finds in Surrey for the nosework is always luscious pasture and we are very grateful to the land owners. This year it was long, luscious pasture, which made the tracking relatively easy, but the squares more difficult.

The track articles were carpet 3" x 4" and black leather 6" x 1". Everyone got at least one article, with only 2 dogs not completing the whole track, losing their way on the final leg. Square articles were a beer mat, ice lolly stick, plastic packing tape and piece of lagging. All dogs got at least two articles and overall were most impressive.


1st Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSEN, GSD, 193.5, Q. Stanley is a cracking dog with a bright future. Almost perfect track but has a tendency to have a busy mouth. Got the last square article by the skin of his teeth! Congratulations.

2nd John West with AMBERSLADE MICHIGAN AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, 193.5, Q. Mitch is a super dog who had a great attitude in the square, getting all articles out of probably the longest grass. Well done.

3rd Caroline Martin with GWYNION SOLL, BC, 186, Q. Ty is very enthusiastic about life and really enjoyed his work. No doubt he will be expertly guided to the top.

4th Rosie Lane and VONLUCIANHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Malinois, 169, Q. Malika was doing a very good track before deviating on the last leg. Another one with a busy mouth on the articles.




Tracklayers: Val Upton, Tess Shoolbred, Maggie Richardson and Joyce Tibbetts

Steward: Diane Whiting


I would like to thank Ranmore DTC for asking me to judge the WD nosework at this rather momentous event, being the last trial Ranmore will be running prior to their merging with Surrey. Clearly the club is steeped in memories going back many years and I understand how the members are feeling and would thank them for their hard work and contribution to the sport of Working Trials in the past.

I was made to feel very welcome by all but I would particularly like to thank Joyce and Peter Tibbetts for their hospitality, together with Quinn and Kari, who allowed me the free run of their lovely home. This trial was a joy to be part of, a well-oiled machine you could say. The daily lunch was a choice of home cooked hot dishes cooked by ladies of the club with tea and home-made cakes out in the field!

The tracking land was lush grass, but the strong wind steered some of the dogs galloping off past corners, which meant we lost some who were clearly more than able, but just a bit too keen, joyful and enthusiastic! Such a shame, however their time will come, and most competitors left the tracking fields with good nosework marks.

Thanks to the trials manager, Liz De Unger, I had excellent assistance and would like to thank my steward, Diane Whiting, who ensured the articles were well scented for every competitor and that they were placed properly in the square. Di was great company and we really enjoyed watching the different styles of the handlers and dogs together. With four tracklayers and three different locations Stan Ford ensured we were all where we should be, together with the competitors - no mean feat but he’s clearly done that before!

Tracklayers are no doubt the bedrock of the nosework stakes and I was very fortunate to have experienced and conscientious people who laid the tracks exactly as I wished; thank you so much Val Upton, Tess Shoolbred, Maggie Richardson and Joyce Tibbetts. Last but not least, thank you to the competitors and congratulations to those who qualified, and best of luck next time to those who didn’t quite make it.


1st AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, CDEx, UDEx (Bumble), ASD, B, 186, Q. Owned and handled by Wendy Donaldson, first dog to work and what a standard to set! Bumble’s nose didn’t leave the ground - delightful to watch and a very well deserved win.

2nd SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, CDEx, UDEx (Star), Border Collie, B, 185.5, Q. Owned and handled by Hayley Woodcock, just half mark behind Wendy, an excellent, businesslike round from this little dog, very quick and accurate, only dropping one mark on her track. Well done.

3rd JEMAS CAROUSEL FOR MYRTILLAS (Vodka), Crossbreed, B, 185.5, Q. Owned and handled by Elinor Anderson, Vodka was the last dog to work, on a field dotted with trees and slopes, only dropping 3 marks on the track. Same final mark as 2nd place, Elinor conceded the place to Hayley. Very well done.

4th GLORIOUS GLOSTER (Boko), Crossbred, D, 184.5, Q. Owned and handled by Tim Cooper, Boko is another true working dog who clearly loves his nosework, dropping only 3 marks on his track. Good luck in the future.

 Also qualifying:

Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, CDEx, UDEx (Szarka), HWHV, D, 184.5

Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, CDEx, UDEx, (Ember), Lab, B, 182.5

Heather Hardaway with VIKKAS CRUISE OF BURNAWAY, AM1 (Brendon), GSD, D, 181.5

Sue Zackheim with COOL HAND FLUKE, CDEx, UDEx (Fluke), Crossbreed, D, 179

Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, CDEx, UDEx (Ben), Border Collie, D, 178.5

Sheila Jack with STORMLAKE BROOKE, CDEx (Brooke), GSD, D, 175




Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred and Val Upton

Search/C/A Steward: Caroline Martin

Patrol Steward: Ruth Cahill

Protected Stewards: Dave Clark, David Barker and Winston Cadogan


Thanks to Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge this, their final trial as Ranmore before they amalgamate with Surrey DTS. It is always a pleasure to come to this part of the country and enjoy the hospitality of a great bunch of trialists. Thanks one and all for making us feel so welcome.

Liz de Unger was our trials manager and she did a super job; nothing was overlooked or left to chance, thus ensuring a well-run and enjoyable trial. Thanks for all your help and support, Liz.

As ever Stan was here, there and everywhere, even in the kitchen! And he doesn’t do a bad job either!! The man doesn’t stop, and he was working his dog as well as doing all other manner of tasks. Thanks, Stan, for all your help.

The ladies in the kitchen were a force to be reckoned with, providing excellent grub at the drop of a hat - thank you all very much. Sue ran the base with her trademark efficiency, so that everyone was where they should have been and on time - many thanks, Sue, it was nice to catch up again.

The landowners came up trumps again, providing quality land, even moving stock so that we could come out and play!! Ranmore and Surrey are so fortunate to have such obliging farmers and we are indebted to them.

Tess laid the first set of tracks and Val the later ones. Thanks very much for giving up your time and expertise. You were super company and it was a real pleasure to wander around the Surrey countryside with you!! Caroline laid all the squares for me and stewarded the C/A with her trademark precision and professionalism - many thanks, dearest!

Ruth had volunteered to steward the patrol round some weeks before at the Surrey PD open trial, so many thanks, Ruth, for taking time out and giving us your experience. To the protected Stewards, Dave, David and Winston, a huge thank you for giving up your time and helping out to ensure we had an ample number of criminals running around willy nilly!! Winston had been on nights the previous evening, David had travelled the breadth of the country and Dave had been working on Saturday. As a sport we are so lucky to have such committed and enthusiastic helpers - a huge thank you to you all.

Tracking was on pasture and consisted of 12 legs and articles were (i) a 2 inch square of green underlay (ii) 3" x 1" piece of blue carpet. Square articles were (i) 3 inch twig (ii) 2 inch x 0.5 inch green underlay (iii) 1 inch piece of brown hose (iv) 2 inch x 0.75 inch black rubber matting. Thank you to Ron Jacques for the contributions from his article emporium! They are all being put to good use, Ron.

C/A was on the cricket field; sendaway was 70 paces out to a hedge and redirect right to the corner. Jumps were undertaken clear, long, scale.

The Patrol round started with a two handed chase. Winston and David walked from the crowd, who were placed in the centre of the field so they could see everything. As soon as they reached a pole they ran, at which point the handlers could send the dog. Once the dog was on, the handler joined them, they called the dog off and sent it onto the other criminal, who had continued to run. They took control of the first crim and joined the dog. No search was required at this stage. Escort was next, with the attack on handler.

Quarter consisted of run out 50 yards to the boundary, and then round the fence line for 200 yards to Dave, who was standing behind a tree and obscured by camo-netting. A search of the hide would reveal a knife stuck in the ground.

Re-call was a copy of the chase, and TOC was the final exercise. All three protected stewards stood 30 paces away from the handler armed with sticks and whilst they weren’t overly noisy they were menacing. The dog was sent and when it was 5 paces in front of the crims they erupted into loud noise and moved at the dog. As soon as the dog was on the sleeve and committed the test ended.

Andy and Sid did the timings for me and then the run-through, so that all the handlers had a good grasp of the round and what I was looking for. Thanks again, Andy; Sid was at his best, and this from a dog that hasn’t done a patrol round for four years!


1st Lauren Marlow with JOTUNHEIM ELI, 297.5, Qual COM. Super nosework put Lauren in a strong position. Nice patrol round from this fast and committed dog - David and Winston did well in the wet conditions to keep on their balance. Bit of a blip on the quarter but recovered well. Overall a good performance and nice control. Well handled by Lauren, as you would expect - good luck in the future.

2nd Emma Baker with JESSZAKS RICOCHET RIK, 295, Qual COM. Rik had an uncharacteristic blip on the track, but produced a super square and an almost faultless C/A round. Really nice patrol round with just a few bits to tidy up, but it’s all there. Total commitment and a real desire to please. Emma is on a bit of a roll, having won PD open at Lincoln the previous day - they are now qualified for Ticket. Well done and all the best with him.

3rd Martyn Willcock with MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, 286.5, Qual COM. Martyn was justifiably elated with this qualification. As a team you have improved considerably from when I saw you last year. Nice nosework, and C/A was fine - nice speak at heel, although it wasn’t part of my test!! Patrol round was competently done, with Murphy getting the best quarter marks. Everything else is there, Martyn, good luck with him.

4th Les Theobald with TYTRI ROMAN JACK, 278, Qual COM. Nice nosework and C/A from Jack. Patrol round was the best I have seen from him, and whilst, as Les acknowledges, there are things to tidy up, this team are on the up. Just a bit of inexperience on Jack’s part will disappear as he gains in confidence. This COM qualifies Les for PD Ticket - good luck in the future.


Thanks to the competitors for entering and I hope you enjoyed the test. Good luck to you all in the future.


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