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Tracklayers: Mary Prentice and Tessa Shoolbred

Steward: Sally Baker

 A big thank you to Ranmore for the invitation to judge the UD stake and to my steward, Sally Baker, and tracklayers, Mary Prentice and Tessa Shoolbred, for their good humour and support - we may have only had 11 competitors but by Jove when it got damp and wet, humour helped!

To the competitors, thank you for accepting my decisions – we saw some lovely tracking and congratulations to those that qualified, and to those that didn’t - you will soon. I wish you all good luck in the future.

The qualifiers were lovely to watch but mention also goes to Sheren and Vana - both their dogs tracked well and, Vana, it was good to see Risa gain 5 for the gun .

 1st Colin Ball and GARRETHALL REBUS, Lab, D, 196, Q. This was Rebus’ first time out, 22 months old and what a delight to watch him track: a lovely, lively, happy dog (and handler). He got 89 plus both articles for the track and 34 for the square. Just loved watching him work; it was Colin’s birthday too - you could not ask for a better present. I look forward to seeing this team progress.

2nd Martine Taylor and LAWINICK READY’N’WILLIN, GSD, B, 186.5, Q. Maggie was steady and competent. What a sweetie, she had a grace that made the exercises a joy to watch. Martine’s handling suited her style and they made an elegant team. Maggie got 88 plus both articles and 26 for the square gaining three articles. Another team to watch.

3rd Lynne Watkins and STARSHOT SZARKA WITH SZIKRAS, HWHV, B, 176, NQ. A lovely track, steady and even, both articles found and 26 for the square with 3 articles retrieved.

4th Dave Currier and CLASOLA TIGERS EYE, Weim, D, 168, NQ.



Tracklayers: Val, Sue, Maggie and Joyce

Steward: Don Laskey

 I would like to thank Ranmore DTC for asking me to judge the WD nosework. A big thank you to my tracklayers, who included Val, Sue, Maggie and Joyce. I would also like to thank Don Laskey for laying my squares and making the weekend run smoothly.

 1st Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM ELI, Q. Good track - well done, Lauren. Good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd Susanne Jaffa, JANALLAN BAROQUE, Q. Well done, Susanne, your dog tracked in terrible wet conditions and you still managed second place.

3rd Christine Brooksby, RAVENSBROOK MAID, Q. Very well done, Christine. Good luck in the higher stakes.

4th Betty Briley, WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, Q. Again, well done, but beaten by your travelling partner.


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