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Steward: Les Allen

Thank you to Ranmore for inviting me to judge the UD and WD C/A, to Stan Ford, our Trials Manager, who once again did his job so efficiently, to Sue Henderson for running the base for us, and also thank you to all the ladies in the kitchen for their lovely food.

A big thank you to Les Allen for his help before the trial and for stewarding the round to perfection, leaving me to concentrate on the judging.   


1st Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, 195.5, Q.  I believe this is Pete’s first time in UD; obviously a very well schooled boy (Pete that is) only losing 1.5 in his heelwork and  with full marks for the rest of his C/A work.  It made him a worthy winner.  I am sure this is Pete’s first of many qualifiers.  All the very best for the future.

2nd Susanne Jaffa with JANALLAN BAROQUE, Groenendael BSD, D, 195, Q.  Just half a mark off first place, losing 2 on the sendaway and 0.5 for a crooked sit on the heelwork - he was just pipped at the post today.  Susanne always gets her dogs working with such style and this boy is no exception - heelwork to die for!  Best of luck with him in the future.

3rd Val Thomson with TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B, 183.5, Q.  Jetta lost most of her marks on retrieve, and heelwork needs a little tidying up, otherwise another lovely round with full marks for the jumps.  Good luck with her in the future.

4th Frances Webb with NORWULF LUIGI, GSD, D, 183, Q.  Another lovely round from this big GSD.   Frances handled him well, not letting the first refusal on the clear jump put them off.  Well done.  Good luck with him in the future.

Also qualifying:

Betty Briley with JETRIL JIG, GSD, B, 176.5

Karen Cuillen with TRAMELLA TIPSI, GSD, B, 173

Tobie James with BOSCOPH DUNAMIC, Boxer, D, 165


1st Joyce Tibbetts with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, GSD, B, 191.5, Q.  What a pleasure it was to present Joyce and her young bitch with a first place rosette.  Just losing a few marks on the sendaway and retrieve but with full marks for the  jumps gave this lovely Shepherd a well deserved qualifying win.  All the very best for the future.

2nd Mrs C C Guard with LENYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, Lab, D, 191, Q.  Harry is another young dog who really enjoys his work, only losing half a mark on his sendaway and just bits and pieces with the rest of the control.  But full marks for the jumps put C C and Harry into second place.   Good luck with him in the future.

3rd Brian Hartree with GANGSKUZA CASSIE, GSD, B , 189.5, Q.  Mazey just lost bits and pieces on each control exercise but had full marks on the jumps, gaining third place.  Very well done and best of luck for the future.  

4th Stephanie Gordon with TADMARTON DAYDREAMER TILLY, Lab, B, 187, Q.  What a lovely lab Tilly is, a very happy worker who does her mum proud.   Over all, just little bits to keep working on.   Well done on your 4th place.

Also qualifying:

Don Laskey with SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, D, 186

Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 185.5

Sue Redshaw with MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, B, 185

Sharon Carter with QUADET DANSA AT IVYMOOR, Weim, B, 184

Sally Baker with CLASOLA DASKA, Weim, B, 179.5

Bob Burns with GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 174

Finally, thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; I hope you enjoyed your day.  We had 18 Entries in UD, 14 ran, and 7 qualified; in WD there were 19 Entries, 15 ran, and 10 qualified.  I saw some really super dogs working in both stakes, some of which I would have loved to have taken home.  

Good company, lovely dogs, good food, what more could a judge ask for?  Hopefully, next time some sunshine!




Tracklayers: Elizabeth de Unger, Lauren Marlow, Sue Hay, Don Laskey, Joyce Tibbetts

Steward: Sue Russell

Thanks to Ranmore for the invitation to judge UD nosework.  Thanks also to my tracklayers, Elizabeth, Lauren and Sue on Friday, and Elizabeth, Don and Joyce on Saturday, and to Sue Russell for  search stewarding both days.  You were all good company.

Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for super lunches; Beryl had a excellent team.  Stan, trials manager, and Sue Henderson, trials secretary, did a very good job.  Finally, thanks to the competitors for entering and for being good sports.

The tracking land was grass and most dogs did well.  The weather on Friday was dry; Saturday started with a heavy rain which made conditions very boggy.

1st Gary Atkins and GLENALPINE PETE, Border Collie, 195.5, Q.  Excellent track losing 3, full mark square.  Good to see Gary working a dog again - Pete has a bright future.

2nd Susanne Jaffa and JANALLAN BAROQUE, Groenendael, 195, Q.  Another good track, losing 2.5, and another full mark square.  Very well handled; a different breed from your normal.

3rd Val Thomson, TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, 183.5, Q.  87.5 for the track with both article, and 3 from the square.

4th Frances Webb, NORWULF LUIGI, CDEx, GSD, 183, Q.  Another good track for 86.5, and 3 from the square.

Also qualified:

Betty Briley, JETRIL JIG, GSD, 176.5

Karen Cullen, TRAMELLA TIPSI, GSD, 173.5

Tobie James, BOSCOPH DYNAMIC, CDEx, Boxer.  Well done, Tobie and Fred; nice to see a boxer working well, especially after your injury problems.  165.5

My search articles were a plastic lid, a whole drinking straw, string from a mop and fabric.  Only four dogs brought all four out, three of these with 35; a lot of dropping and mouthing lost points.  Track articles were a 3 inch leather strip and a plastic drinking cup; most dogs found these.

Worth a mention – Alan Wright’s WHISPER IN THE GLEN, losing 1.5 on the nosework - lovely to watch.




Tracklayers: Tessa Shoolbred, Judith Owen, Liz De Unger, Stan Ford

Steward: Gary Martin

I would like to thank Ranmore Dog Training Club for inviting me to judge the WD nosework at Ockley.  It was a pleasure to work with you all.

Thank you to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, assisted by Sue, for all your hard work before, during and I’m sure after the trial.  I would also like to thank tracklayers Tessa, Judith, Liz and Stan, and also Gary for stewarding; thanks for doing such a great job in giving all of the dogs and handlers the best chance they could, and I appreciate all you did.  Please thank your generous land owners.

The cooked lunches were delicious and very welcome and the picnic bags were fantastic.  Many thanks to Beryl, Jenny, Sally, Jane, Pat and Elizabeth for all your hard work in the kitchen.

Tracking was on lovely pasture that had been free of sheep for some weeks.  There were 19 entries in WD, 16 worked and 10 teams qualified.  Track articles were a piece of leather 3.5" x 0.75" and a piece of green rubber underlay 3.5" x 2", which was the end article.  12 dogs found both articles.  Square articles were a piece of wooden clothes peg 2.75", leather 2" x 1", carpet 2" x 1" and a green plastic bottle top.  10 dogs found all 4 articles.

1st Joyce Tibbets with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, GSD, 191.5, Q.  I’ve had the privilege of watching Joyce and Kari a couple of times and each has been fantastic.  2 off the track and 4 from the square.  She works beautifully.  A really well deserved win.  Best of luck to you both.

2nd Mrs C C Guard with LENYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, Lab, 191, Q.  Harry tracked with mucho gusto, finding both articles on the track and 4 from the square.  His usual exuberant self - well done on staying on your feet, CC!  Good luck at your next trial.

3rd Brian Hartree with GANGSKUZA CASSIE, GSD, 189.5, Q.  Mazey worked exceptionally well and Brian’s handling was superb.  2 articles found on the track and 4 from the square.  This team gained full marks for the square - it was brilliant.  Well done.

4th Stephanie Gordon with TADMARTON DAYDREAMER TILLY, Lab, 187, Q.  Another super dog that obviously loves to work.  She has so much energy and was determined to expend most of it on the track!  Both articles on the track and 4 from the square.  Super dog; well done.

Also qualified:

Don Laskey with SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, D, 186

Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 185.5

Sue Redshaw with MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, B, 185

Sharon Carter with QUADET DANSA AT IVYMOOR, Weim, B, 184

Sally Baker with CLASOLA DASKA, Weim, B, 179.5

Bob Burns with GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 174

Thank you to all of the competitors for entering and good luck at your next trials.



Nosework Judge: LAUREN MARLOW

Tracklayers: Tess Schoolbred, Val Upton, and Joyce Tibbetts

Search Steward: Caroline Martin

Thank you to Ranmore DTC for inviting me to judge the PD nosework; it is good to see more teams entering PD.

I’m sure the teams would echo my thanks to Stan Ford and the Surrey farmers for the use of the excellent pasture.

Thank you to my tracklayers, Tess Schoolbred, who again laid very early tracks, Val Upton, and Joyce Tibbetts, who laid a track for a competitor who regrettably did not show up.  Thank you to Caroline Martin, who was my search steward as well as a WD judge, and last but not least all those who manned the base and provided food: - Sue Henderson, Robert Willatts, Beryl, Lynda, Pat, Sally, Elizabeth, Jenny, Jane, and Joyce.

Control and Agility and Patrol Judge: GARY MARTIN

C/A and Patrol Steward: Paula Jacques

Criminals: Andy Baker, Emma Baker, Ron Jacques and Caroline Martin


Many thanks to Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge the PD stake.  We had a great time watching some very capable dogs do their stuff at this well organised, relaxed friendly trial.

Many thanks to Stan Ford for all his hard work prior to, during and post trial.  Whoever said that men can’t multi-task needs to watch Stan at work!  He was here, there and everywhere – organising competitors, moving jumps, escorting, tracklaying and far more importantly - making tea!  It was a pleasure working with you, Stan; thanks for your hospitality and hard work.

To Sue in the base and Jenny the club secretary, thank you for keeping all of us – including Stan  - in order and making sure it all ran smoothly.  The ladies in the kitchen over the weekend were Beryl, Sally, Pat, Elizabeth, Jenny, Joyce and Jane.  Thank you for keeping us all exceptionally well fed and watered over the three days – and for your cheerful welcome when we came into the base.  You are the dream team!

The landowners who allowed us to tramp over their land throwing articles about are the lifeblood of our sport and we owe them a huge thank you.  Lauren, who judged the nosework, did her usual superb job – thank you, Lauren, for your expertise and time, especially after being asked so near to the trial.  Her tracklayers were Tess, Val and Joyce.  All tracks were laid exactly as we had wanted and with precision and expertise. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment. This great sport of ours is so lucky to have such committed individuals who are willing to give up their time, in whatever capacity, to ensure that others have a competition to attend.  Ranmore is a society that is so lucky to have a great bunch of people to be able to call on.  And yet there are quite a few individuals within trials who are regulars on the trials circuit who don’t or won’t help out.  So come on – if you are one of them please ask your local trials manager if you can help out or just shadow a tracklayer/steward with a view to getting involved in whatever capacity.  It shouldn’t be left to the usual stalwarts who turn out all the time.  They need to train their dogs too!  If everyone gave up a couple of days a year to help out the poor old trials managers wouldn’t be so stressed!  You get to watch other teams compete and we can all pick up bits and bobs from watching others and just listening to ‘trials chatter’.  There, enough said, a debate for another day and besides there are probably some column inches elsewhere where this perennial issue could be discussed.

Caroline laid the squares – having spent the previous two days judging the WD stake – the first with a bad back!  Thank you wifey!  Paula stewarded both the C/A and patrol round for me.  She really is so good at her job and makes it so easy for any judge just to get on with the task in hand, as Paula has the rest of it under control.  Paula’s easy-going manner puts all those competitor’s nerves to rest; this coupled with her clear concise commands and directions gives everyone the best chance of getting through the round successfully.  Thanks, Paula, both the competitors and I owe you our thanks.

My patrol round decoys were Andy and Emma Baker, Ron Jacques and Caroline.  They not only did a fantastic job during the actual round but prior to it they helped with the set up, giving constructive  (and sometimes not so!!) advice and helping me ‘tweak’ the round.  Andy took a day’s leave to help out, Emma had been working long hours the previous week and Ron has been working non- stop for the last few months.  So I consider myself very lucky to have friends such as these who are willing to give up their time and take leave to help out at trials.  It was great to see Ron and Paula out at trials again after having not been around for a while – it’s good to have you both back again.  Thanks to each and every one of those who turned out throughout the whole stake and made this such a successful trial.

Having spoken to Stan when all the entries came in we had 10 dogs entered - although 9 ran as one forgot they were entered.   Due to the time of year and the ever diminishing daylight this either meant we ran five dogs a day over the weekend or we ran all on one day and asked another judge to come in and take care of the nosework – which Lauren very kindly agreed to do.  This agreement meant that we didn’t have to ask criminal/tracklayers /stewards to take additional days off work or from attending to their own dogs.  It also allowed all the competitors a chance to get together, have a natter, and watch other dogs they may not see working too often.

Tracking was on Surrey’s finest lush pasture which Stan had acquired for our use.  Super tracking by all the teams and squares proved no problem.  Track articles were (i) 2.5 inch strip of leather (ii) 2 inch x 3 inch piece of green underlay; square articles were (i) 1.5 inch piece of dowel (ii) 2 inch x 0.5 inch strip of leather (iii) 1.5 inch square of black rubber  (iv) 2 inch x 1 inch green underlay.

Control started with speak at the handlers side – 10 speaks then a 5 second quiet and end of exercise.  Heelwork was next, moving through the various paces without halts.  Sendaway was 130 paces to a hedge and re-direct 50 paces to a corner in the hedge.  Jumps were then undertaken.  I saw some cracking C/A that was very polished.  We lost one competitor in the control section but he stayed on for the patrol and was mighty glad he did!

I set the patrol round to ensure that all the dogs had a good chance of success, as long as they had decent control and a dog that had the requisite desire.  I wanted to ensure the spectators had an excellent view of all the proceedings – and due to the fantastic field Stan had acquired we could accommodate this.  I briefed the competitors in front of the spectators so everyone knew what I was asking for and how the round was going to run.  For me the spectators are an important part of this stake and I didn’t want a bewildered group on the edge of a field not having a clue how it’s all going to pan out, or not knowing how I was going to mark it.  As I said on the briefing, I wanted dogs under control at all times, including moving between exercises – although this movement was minimal due to the field we had.

We started with the chase which involved Andy and Ron entering the field, at which stage the handlers challenged.  I like and asked for a genuine challenge.  The decoys walked to a pole and then ran uphill 20 yards past a second pole at which stage the dog could be sent.  As soon as the dog had left the handler, they could back it up.  When the handler had joined the dog with the first decoy they called it off and sent it after the second, who had continued running up the hill.  The handler took the first decoy with them as they sprinted off up the hill.  The dog was called off the second decoy and brought to heel, at which point the exercise ended.

The quarter was next, which required the handler to send the dog to a tent placed mid field about 130 yards away, then left on to a second tent 50 yards away from the first.  I don’t particularly like hides etc but sometimes it’s unavoidable to use them.  The dogs were then sent left onto the hedge line and a further 80 yards brought them to a fishing umbrella where Caroline and Emma were standing.  I had asked them to stand completely still and not look at the dog.  No search of these two decoys but the fishing umbrella area required searching.

The escort of Caroline and Emma was next, through two turns, at which point Andy attacked the handler from the side.  I asked for a determined attack and we were rewarded with some very determined defence of the handler.  The recall followed which involved Andy and Ron again but with just the one recall from both fleeing criminals.

We concluded the round with the test of courage which involved three decoys walking towards the handler from about 30 yards away being a bit on the rowdy side.  At which point the criminals started running towards dog and handler and at this the dog was sent.

We ended up with three qualifiers at the end of the day.

1st Jo Magness with LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, Dog, 290.5, Q.  Jack gained a well deserved qualification culminating in a very capable Patrol round.  This lad really showed a lot of promise with very nice nosework and control.  He is never easy but this youngster’s exuberance is kept in check through Jo’s experienced hand.  Real determination throughout the test and very nice control.  Just a tad of inexperience showed with his attention to the hide decoys but otherwise a super round from a team that will do well in the future.  He has a lovely attitude to his work, as demonstrated when he dealt with the attack on handler – total commitment, one to watch in the future.  Good luck and well done.

2nd Kevin Hill with VEKKA LADY, GSD, Bitch, 281.5, Q.  What a super girl she is, Kevin.  C/A was a joy to watch - total attention on you.   Patrol round was very promising – bits here and there which I am sure you will remedy.  Vekka listened to the commands and did as asked.  Always under complete control and total commitment throughout.  As we spoke about on the day, she needs a bit more commitment at the hide, something that will come with time.  But on the whole a very promising round from a team that work well together.  Well done.  I know you were thrilled with the qualification; second place was the icing on the cake.  Good luck in the future.

3rd Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, X-Breed, Dog, 278.5, Q.  Super round from a really nice team.  Tom gives his all to you, Di, and he has it all in abundance; a quality nosework dog with superb control.  Patrol round was good with just bits and bobs here and there.  It’s all just about gaining experience as a team in a different discipline.  The commitment throughout was faultless – he so wants to please.  A team to watch for the future – they had success at Lincoln in the same stake this same weekend.  Well done and good luck in the future.

4th John Reynolds with STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, Dog, 259, NQ.  John and Tommy missed qualification in the control phase.  The patrol round was better than John thought it was going to be!  Tommy gave his all throughout the test and as this was his first outing he acquitted himself well.  Determined chase and a very tidy recall.  Bit of work needed here and there but potential in the youngster is evident – and in Tommy!  I know John was very pleased with his day and rightly so.  His one disappointment was there was no search of Caroline and Emma in the hide, despite his protests that he should be allowed to – even volunteering to come back for a training round so he could conduct his search!!  What an inspiration this man is – this was a taxing round for the handler and at 83 years young he did a sterling job.  Well done both of you and good luck in the future.

Thanks to all who entered – I hope you enjoyed the round.  Good luck in your future trials.

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