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Tracklayers: Joyce Tibbetts, Ron Davies, Mary Prentiss, Don Laskey, Liz de Unger

Steward: Sally Baker

Thank you to the committee of Ranmore for the opportunity to judge the UD tracking and to see so many lovely dogs.  Ranmore not only organised a well run and enjoyable trial but also arranged beautiful autumn weather in picture perfect Surrey countryside.

Congratulations to all those whose dogs whizzed around the track and clearly showed their talent.  15 dogs completed the track with style.  The first dog judged ultimately won - congratulations to Sue Russell and Danny.  There was a tie for 2nd place but as one competitor was there and one was not, the decision was taken according to the rules.

Thanks to Sally Baker for stewarding so consistently for two days and to the tracklayers - Joyce, Ron and Mary on Saturday, and Joyce, Don and  Liz on Sunday.  To the competitor who complained about the distance she had to walk across one field – well, the tracklayers walked miles for you.

It was lovely to see all sorts of breeds competing - cocker spaniel, boxer, standard poodle, among the normal suspects.  The best track seen was by a gorgeous Golden Retriever, Dylan, handled by Gary Martin - what panache and style, a real partnership. 

Finally thanks to the base crew - Sue who checked on my dogs, Stan who drove us back to base when we were cold and hungry, and Beryl, Margaret, Joyce and all the others who provided hot food.

1st GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx, BC, D, Sue Russell, 195, Q.  The first dog to track and you set the pace and ultimately won; it was a worthy win.  Danny loved the tracking and stormed the square.  Congratulations.

2nd MOONBEAM LUNAR MAGIC, Collie X, Jennifer Burcher, 189.5, Q.  This was Jenny’s first trial and when she finished and I gave her the scores she said, "Is that enough?"!   Some work is needed on the square, it was more retrieve than search but if that’s a first effort, I look forward to seeing you both progress up the stakes.

3rd TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx, Lab, D, Carole Brooke, 189.5, Q.  He’s fun!  A lovely performance, although he does like to check about 2 metres before corners, just to make sure, but another team to watch.  

4th CARISHILL ATLAS, CDEx, Golden Retriever, D, Gary Martin, 188, Q.  Oh boy, can he track!  It was lovely to watch and he so enjoyed himself, with 89 it was the best tracking score.  Well done to you both and I am sure we will hear more of this team as they go up the stakes.

Also qualifying –

VONGRAF NEBO, Malinois BSD, D, Steve Osborne, 186.5.  Steve, you were another who worried they did not have enough marks - Barney did fine.  Well done.

VONGRAF LOD, Lab, D, RG Saker, 179





Tracklayers: Val Upton and Tessa Shoolbred

Search Steward: Richard Cornwell

Thank you to Ranmore DTC for inviting me to judge WD nosework.  This is the first time I’ve judged nosework and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Many thanks to Stan and the Committee of Ranmore DTC for all their hard work organising the trial and making sure everything ran smoothly.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen - lovely food, plenty of it and served with a smile, from first thing in the morning to the end of the day.  Thank you to Tessa and Val for laying the tracks and Richard for doing the squares - they made my bit easy and were good company, too.

The conditions were lovely for tracking, as was proved by the excellent work we saw from all the dogs.  Ten dogs worked, all ten got both track articles and eight dogs found all four search articles, although, sadly, one dog found the last article after time was called.  The other two dogs found three articles.

1st Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, CDEx - WDEx, FCR, 196, Q.  A lovely happy dog, worked very consistently, nice to see a slightly more unusual breed working.  Well done.

2nd Stella Richards, FRENHAVEN SHESADELIGHT, BC, 191.5, Q.  Sade did a nice brisk track, lost minor marks on the search; certainly nothing major wrong with this team.

3rd Brenda Nevard, REDFOR SPIN, CDEx. UDEx, WSD, 189.5, Q.  Spin certainly didn’t on this track, very minor casting and a steady square, another good round.

4th Jean Cooke, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, CDEx. UDEx, WSD, 189, Q.  Not quite a typical Waggerland - very steady dog, tracked beautifully at a very consistent pace.  Nice clean search, sadly didn’t get the last article but still plenty of marks to qualify.

Also qualified:

Jean Howells, GLENALPINE ARCHIE, CDEx, BC, 189

Lé Newman, STARDELL LEDA, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 187.5

Lindsey Poole, VOMKYNA DIAZ, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 183


Team of the stake has to be Nick Brunner and EASTER PRINCE, CDEx. UDEx, Cocker Spaniel.  This dog did the fastest and most accurate track and a business-like search square, although the last article was just after time.  Lovely team to watch, super handling and the rapport between handler and dog was first rate. Good luck for the future.




Steward: Jenny Staves

Thank you to Ranmore for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility Groups in this year’s UD and WD Open.  Thanks to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, for the smooth organisation of the Trial, aided by the usual efficient base workers, kitchen staff and other willing helpers.  I would especially like to thank Jenny, who stewarded for me on both days.  I had a most enjoyable weekend, and I trust the competitors were able to enjoy the event as well!! 

We were fortunate to have the use of the village cricket field, which provided ideal conditions for the dogs to perform at their best during the C/A exercises.  This, no doubt, contributed to the impressive displays put on by many of the dogs, which is reflected by the marks and resulting awards gained.  The field itself was overlooked by the adjacent Village Hall, which gave the spectators a grandstand view of the proceedings.

Twelve dogs were entered in WD, of which ten competed and eight qualified.  In the UD stake there were 21 entries, with 19 competing; unfortunately just seven of these obtained Awards of Merit.


1st Robert Willatts with GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, D.   A near faultless control round, with full mark agility, resulting in a total of 196 marks and first place.  Many Congratulations.

2nd Stella Richards with FERNHAVEN SHESADELIGHT, BC, B.  Just dropped the odd mark here and there on the control, but a really nice agility round took you to second place with 191.5 marks.  Well done.

3rd Brenda Nevard with REDFOR SPIN. WSD. D.  An impressive control round, but needed a second attempt at the long jump.  Total 189.5 marks.  Well done.

4th Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND TOPIC, WSD, D.  Another super control round and full marks from the agility, gaining a total of 189 marks.  Well done.

Also gaining Awards of Merit in the WD Stake were:

Jean Howells with GLENALPINE ARCHIE, BC, D, 189

Mrs L Newman with STARDELL LEDA, BC, D, 187.5.

Lindsey Poole with VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 183.

Ms Pat Tagg with ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, GSD, B, 172.5


1st Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, D.  This team performed a really nice control round followed by the Agility where they dropped just half a mark on the long jump.  Achieved  a well deserved first place with a total of 195 marks.

2nd Jennifer Burcher with MOONBEAM LUNAR MAGIC, Collie X, B.  Another nice control round and full marks for the Agility making a total of 189.5.  Congratulations.

3rd Carole Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, D.  Another impressive performance in the control group and full marks in the agility.  189.5 marks, congratulations.

4th Mr G Martin with CARISHILL ATLAS, GR, D.  Really nice work all round from this team, but a hiccup on the high jump proved expensive.    188 marks, well done. 

Also gaining Awards of Merit:

Steve Osborne with VON GRAF NEBO, Mali, D, 186.5

Mr R G Saker with VON GRAF LOD, Lab, D, 179.

Jane Wood (with Miss P. Wood’s) SNOWBLUE MR MACAW, WSD, D, 172.

Well done to all competitors, and good luck in the future.

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