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Stewards: Chris Brooks and Maggie Richardson

Thank you to Ranmore for inviting me to judge the control and agility section for UD and WD stakes.  I could not have asked for more support, everything ran smoothly.  Thanks  to Joyce at the base and the girls in the kitchen, including Bert.

A big thanks to the stewards, Chris Brooks for Saturday and  Maggie Richardson for Sunday, whose good humour made the cold and wet weather pass more easily.

We saw some lovely rounds and some that are on their way to being so.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and I am sure that those who didn’t make it, will soon.  A big thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.

I must mention our youngest competitor,  Isla Cameron - nice calm handling of a bouncy exuberant dog, Lexi.  Keep going, it was great to watch such confidence and good handling.

The UD round started with retrieve, then fast pace to the sendaway, which was 100yds to a large oak tree on the edge of the field. Finally slow pace and normal pace to the jumps: clear, long and last the scale.

WD round was only slightly different in that the retrieve came after the slow and normal pace but before the jumps.


There were 16 entries, 11 ran.  Control ranged from near perfect - Susanne Jaffa and Buck, beautiful to watch - through well done to better luck next time.

The jumps produced 3 full sets of marks for Barbara Ottley, Susanne Jaffa and Isla Cameron.

1st Barbara Ottley and CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC, Lab, B, 188.5, Q.  Lundy worked her socks off, a delight to see and a worthy winner.

2nd Susanne Jaffa and AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, OW, ASD, D, 183.5, Q.  Buck didn’t look like he was going to do anything other than that described in the rules. A pleasure to watch.

3rd Gennie Chapman with BUZBY BARKLEY, WSD, D, 172.5, Q.  Good teamwork with a nice sendaway, just a bit more control needed with the scale.

4th Rosemary Turner with MALTESER MARY, Lab, B, 174, NQ.  No down stay, better luck next time.


15 entries, 8 ran.  We saw some lovely heel free, handlers and dogs moving together with style.  Particular mention of Mike Woods, Maggie Moran and Mary Prentice.

The sendaway  took its toll with just three good attempts, but the jumps saw six qualify in that section.  

1st Richard Cornwall and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, D, 189, Q.  Lovely control round, consistent in approach, but General had my heart in my mouth with the jumps.  Congratulations on winning.

2nd Jodie-Lea Phillips and FLIP FLOP RIP, BC, D, 179, Q.  Good all round control work, handler and dog working well together.

3rd Mary Prentice with MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, D, 177, Q.  Quiet, confident and a pleasure to watch; no sendaway; maybe next time.

4th Maggie Moran working ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, D, 169, Q.  Toddie has a lovely attitude, producing a competent round; again no sendaway.  




Search Stewards: Louise Amos (Saturday), Lin Edmonds (Sunday)

Track Layers: Stan Ford, Tessa Shoolbred and Keith Gillett (Saturday); Stan Ford, Tessa Shoolbred, Don Laskey and Mary Prentice (Sunday)

Thank you to Ranmore DTC for asking me to judge the UD nosework.  The food as always was excellent with Beryl Kimberly in charge with several helpers, too many to mention.  I was informed before the trial that I would be having several new tracklayers assisted by Stan and Tessa; my track was designed to help them retrieve the articles easily.  I decided to bring along two new stewards, Louise who has never worked a dog in trials and Lin, who both did and excellent job.  The new track layers Keith, Don and Mary also did an excellent job, with only one dog not completing the track over the two days and all dogs getting at least 2 articles out of the square.  The standard was very high.

The weather was not very kind to us on Saturday with high winds and heavy rain, but all the dogs that competed on this day did the track and search and qualified in this section.

One person to mention was Isla Cameron, 12yrs old, who worked her collie with such a high standard.  The local shoot started when she was half way round her track which frightened her dog, but she persevered and completed the track and got 2 articles out of the square; unfortunately she failed the control.  We need more like Isla in trials - a pleasure to watch.

On Sunday the weather was much kinder to us all.  All dogs and handlers worked again to a high standard.

Thank you for all the kind comments made by competitors and their friends who were watching my test - it made me feel like getting another dog and getting back into trials.

1st Barbara Ottley, CWMTAWE BLACK MAGIC,  Lab, B, Q, 188.5.  Track 89, 20, search 4 x 32.  Lundy has a lot of energy, but when Barbara lost her puff Lundy waited patiently and completed the track in style.  I thought in the square Lundy’s energy was going to get the better of Barbara but with quiet persuasion Lundy found all the articles.  A great team effort.   Well done.

2nd Susanne Jaffa,  AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, OW, ASD, D, Q, 183.5.  Track 89.5, 20, search 2 x 19.  Buck and Suzanne did the best track.  The search was a bit nail biting but I’m sure Buck will improve with Suzanne’s expert help.  Well done.

3rd Gennie Chapman, BUSBY BARKLEY, WSD, D, Q, 172.5.  Track 88.5, 20, search 2 x 17.  Buzby and Gennie did a very steady track.  In the square Buzby switched off, although by his body language he knew where the articles were. A great dog to learn trials with.  Well Done

4th Rosemary Turner, MALTESER MARY, CDEx,  Lab, B, NQ, 174.  Track 84, 20, search 4 x 35.  Nyla made easy work of the track and then did the best search of the UD nosework, but unfortunately failed the control. Better luck next time.




Tracklayers: John Reynolds, Ron Davies and Bert Maynard

Steward: Liz De Unger

My thanks to Ranmore committee for the invite, and to ALL their helpers for their hard work.  To Stan Ford who started as Trials Manager, and then went on to judge, and to Joyce Tibbetts who took over and did an excellent job. To the ladies and Bert in the kitchen; food as usual was great, it is nice to finish and then sit down to lunch.

I had a great team with me both days, in fact ‘The Best’-

Liz De Unger, Search Steward, and my track layers, John, Ron and Bert, though he was promoted to kitchen on Sunday!!  All did exactly what I asked - even John! Which made for a fair test for everyone.

To all the competitors, thank you, you were great, and, apart from two, all got round the track and found most of the articles.  I saw some super dogs, and some who were just not quite ready, so keep training.

1st Richard Cornwell, and LAKATAMIA NORTON, CDEx, GSD, 189, Q.  General tracked, as I put it, ‘Very Slow, but Steady’.  Didn’t really put a paw wrong!  But I do feel you will have to speed up in ticket. 87/20 and 20 for square.  Well Done.

2nd Jodie-Lea Phillips and FLIP FLOP RIP, CDEx,. BC, Q.   Rip did very well.  Inexperience showed, he’s still a young dog, but well handled by Jodie; I’m sure they will go far. 84.5/20 and 27 for square.  Well done, Jodie, and Good Luck.

3rd Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, CDEx, UDEx, BC, Q.  First dog on Saturday, and made my day, with a very good track and all but 1 article.  85/2 and 27 for square, and well done on the control round!!!

4th Maggie Moran and ALTRICIA TODDIE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, Q.  Toddie did a lovely track (with a long line!!) was lucky with the square. 85.5/10 and 27 square.  Good Luck.

Also worth a mention: Les Allen and BAZ.  What a lovely attitude this GSD has, and well handled by Les. Good track, but remember what I said about articles.  Sadly Baz slipped on the scale.  85/10 and 20.  Good Luck, you will do it.

Angela Saunders and TYLER did a smashing track, 89/20, but only 1 out of square; great shame.

My Thanks again to all at Ranmore; as usual I enjoyed myself and hope the competitors did too.




C/A Steward: Dave Clark

Patrol Steward: Richard Cornwell

Criminals: Dave Clark, Bert Maynard, Mark Lewindon,  Gary Martin

I should like to thank Ranmore for their invitation to judge this stake. My thanks to the base steward, Sue Henderson, for keeping us and the boys fed and watered and making sure I got to the correct field!  Thanks also to Joyce Tibbetts for stepping in to act as trials manager to release Stan Ford to judge the nosework side.  Stan was keen to keep the PD stake to one day and it was decided it would be too much of a push for me to judge all 3 sections before it got dark!  I will leave it to Stan to thank his tracklayers and steward – they must have all been good, as every team qualified in this section.


I set a very straightforward round, with a second attempt allowed on all jumps, owing to the muddy conditions.  My thanks to Dave for his clear instruction to all the competitors and his good company.  We lost 3 competitors, one on the jumps, one on the control and one on the jumps and control.


How lucky was I, to have such a dream team of helpers. My thanks guys, for your professionalism; it was great to work with you all.

I tried to design a round that flowed, with one exercise leading into the next.  The test started with a quarter, the four hides being approx. 100 yards from each other around three sides of the field.  The search and escort followed, with the hide criminal; after the attack on handler, the criminal was escorted back to the start pole. Next came the chase; the exercise ended with a cursory search.  The test of courage followed; two guys came in from the start pole, walking towards the dog waving sticks and making a lot of noise to attract the dog’s attention away from the chase criminal and on to them.  The handler was allowed to send their dog whenever they wanted.  Again the exercise finished with a cursory search.  Lastly, the recall – some did and some did not!

Ist Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM KID, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Malinois, 291.5, Q.  After a run off in the near darkness.  A nice round, with Lauren’s experience and quiet handling keeping the lid on Dennis’s enthusiasm! Well done!

2nd Jon Hinds, DUNNSLAYNE CAP, WDEx,  WSD, 291.5, Q.  A very good C/A and Patrol round.

3rd Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA BORUSS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, 284.5, Q.  Yet another qualification to add to this young dog’s impressive record. A strong, keen dog, very well handled by Ruth.

4th Mike Robinson, FLINT OF GLEN MEL,  CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 253.5, NQ.

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