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Stake: UD nosework


Tracklayers: Bob Burns, Robert Willatts, Maggie Richardson, Liz De Unger

Search Steward: Sally Baker

Kitchen/Base: Beryl Kimberley, Pat Scraggs, Tess Shoolbred, Sue Henderson

My thanks to Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge.  Many thanks also to Sally for stewarding over 2 days, those who tracklaid, the kitchen staff for delicious lunches, and those at base.  Stan Ford, trials manager, also delivered competitors to the fields.

Tracking was on grass, 15 dogs ran, 9 dogs qualified the nosework.

1st           Carol Brooke with THEALEFARM BROOKE, CDEx, Lab, (D), 186.5.  Nosework: 86+28.  A very nice nosework round, congratulations.

2nd         Jackie Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, (D), 184.5.  85.5 + 27.  Worked beautifully, well handled.

3rd          Chris Daubney with COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, (B), 175.  88.5 + 27.  A super track, well done.

4th          Lynne Baker with AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Lab, (D), 171 (NQ).  89 + 27.  What a track! He’ll be flying up the stakes soon.


Stake:    UD and WD C/A


Steward: Don Laskey

Many thanks to the Ranmore committee for inviting me to judge the control and agility for UD and WD.  Thank you to Stan for running the trial so well (including delegating catalogue production to me!) and for providing the control field so close to the base, which made it a lot easier to keep the competitors flowing.  The weather was cold but dry with a lot of sunshine.  We usually have at least one wet day at Ranmore, but this year the rain fell overnight.  Lovely food as is usual in Ockley - thanks Beryl and Pat for manning the kitchen, and also thanks to Sue for running the base and keeping the competitors coming, as well as doing the scores and marking the catalogues.  My scribe was Don Laskey, who had entered UD but whose bitch came in season, meaning I had pleasant company for all three days, and Sue had legible score sheets.

UD   stake 19 entered, 15 ran, 3 qualified.

A combination of inexperienced dogs and/or handlers left me with only six qualifying in control and agility, and only three of those had qualified in nosework. Congratulations to the qualifiers.  Of the rest, I saw no dogs that aren’t capable of getting there in time with a little more work so keep trying.

1st           Carole Brooke and THEALEFARM BROOKE, CDEx, Lab, Q, 186.5 - Another lovely black lab handled very well by Carol.

2nd         Jackie Tucker and WAGGERLAND WYRD, WSD, Q, 184.5 - Beautiful control from a dog with a super attitude.

3rd          Chris Daubney and COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, Q, 175 - Full marks in control round allowed Luna to qualify despite sitting up in the stays.

4th          Lynne Baker and AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Lab, NQ, 171 - Lacking in concentration was  the polite description for Kaz on the day.  I’m sure Lynne will sort him out.

WD stake

22 entered, 20 ran, 9 qualified.   

I set a straightforward round with a 100yd sendaway to a hedge.  Overall the standard was good, all dogs qualifying control, and only two failing the jumps. Congratulations to all the qualifiers.

1st           Sue Redshaw and MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, UDEx, Lab, Q, 193 - a confident round, well done Sue.

2nd         Gavin Thomson and CONCENN XANADU, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, Q, 192.5 - Full mark sendaway, lovely attitude.

3rd          Robert Willatts and MOORMILL NILANDU, FCR, Q, 188 - A lovely dog well handled.

4th          Lynne Liney and HORNAGE COPSE LAD, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, Q, 182 - The best control and agility round of the qualifiers, only dropping 1 mark.

Also qualifying WD:

Dave Barker and MORROW AMAROO, CDEx, GSD, Q,176.5.

Pat McMaster and KRISTAL MIGHTY, CDEx, XB, Q, 174.5.

Vicky Wilford and RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS, CDEx, UDEx, Pyr.SD, Q, 174.

Sue Henderson and SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE, CDEx, UDEx, FCR, Q, 168.5.

Jane Grey and GOMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANGA, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, Q, 161.5.


WD Nosework

Judge: Mick Tustain

Search Steward: Jenny Staves

Tracklayers: Bert Maynard, John Reynolds, Val Upton, Dorothy Bowen and Tessa Shoolbred.

Thank you to Ranmore for the invitation to judge the WD open nosework.

Thank you to Stan Ford, trial manager, tracklayers and my Steward, Jenny, and all the base helpers listed above.

22 entered, 20 ran

The standard of nosework was good, with 12 teams gaining marks in the 80’s. Searches were no problem, with 16 dogs getting 3 or more out of the square.

1st            Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab. 193 Q.  What a track- this team will go all the way.

2nd                 Gavin Thompson with CONCENN XANADU, GSD  192.5 Q.  Another team to watch for in the future.

3rd                 Robert Willatts with MOORMILL NILANDU F.C. Ret  188 Q.  Worked well.

4th                 Lynne Liney with LOKI MISCHIEF WSD  182 Q.  Well done Lynne.

Also qualifying:

Mr D G Barker with MORROW AMAROO GSD 176.5 Q

Pat McMasters with KRISTAL MIGHTY XB 174.5 Q

Vicky Wilford with RICAUD ULRIC DE PICORS Pyrenean SD 174 Q

Sue Henderson with SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE FC Ret 168.5 Q


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