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UD nosework.


Tracklayers : Stan Ford, Caroline Ashford, Doug Winter, Neil Van Der Wee

Steward : Bert Maynard.

I would like to thank Ranmore DTC for their invitation to judge the UD nosework and to Joyce for running a friendly trial.

I would particularly like to thank Bert, my steward and the tracklayers Stan, Doug, Caroline and Neil.  Also to Jane and her catering team at base.  The tracking conditions were good, on lush grass, and we saw some excellent tracks, with 12 nosework qualifiers out of 18 competitors.


1st           Paul Cousins and MOORTIME FOREST FERN (ASD) (B) Q.  84/20/34.  A good all round performance.  Well done.

2nd         Alex Johnson and REDCAP RAINDROPS (BEAGLE) (B) N.Q. 89/20/30.  Pocket was a joy to watch.  Such a happy dog.

3rd          Robert Currie and VOMHAUSNYE PUNK (GSD) (D) NQ 89.5/20/34.  Punk did a superb track and square.  A great pleasure to watch.

4th          Leigh Ward and SON OF A GUN (WSD) (D) NQ 83/20/27.  Another good track but only 3 out of the square.

Square articles: metal tent peg, piece of scourer, cartridge, piece of rope.


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Tess Shoolbred, Colin Harrison, Ron Davies.

Search & C&A Steward: Gill MacGregor.

Criminal Helpers: Dave Clark, Earl Noel, Mark Lewindon, Colin Harrison, Gill MacGregor.

PD Steward: Mick Tustain

I would like to thank Ranmore DTC for the judging appointment.

My thanks to you all for helping, especially Tess for laying the (very) early tracks, to Gill for helping all day, to Mick for doing the run-through with Ike, & to the criminal helpers for giving up time on a weekday. Thanks to Stan for acquiring the land, the C&A/PD field was ideal, with fence & woodland boundaries.

The PD round was straightforward, just one exercise after the other.  I feel that a strange environment & unfamiliar helpers are enough of a challenge for dogs that are fairly new to PD; it was my intention to test the dogs' control, & ability to perform the basic elements of a PD round.

The tests started with a chase, then an escort (& attack on handler) leading back to the start pole for the quarter. After the search at the hide the dogs were set up for the test of courage, a strong test with Dave & Earl 'power walking' aggressively & nosily towards the dog after it was released. Lastly came the recall.

Fortunately, none of the dogs tried to stop the helper by knocking him over or making him giddy.

8 dogs entered, 6 ran. 4 qualified through to the PD round, 2 qualified overall.

1st           Stan Ford  with OVERHILLS RYOT, GSD B. 288.

Tia worked well in all exercises, steered along by experienced handling. Not the easiest dog to work, so congratulations on your win.

2nd         Gail Edmond with XANDOA'S GYP, WSD D. 262 .5

A very keen dog throughout all the tests, just control on the recall costing 1st place. Well done.

3rd          Angela Sanders' JACK THE LAD OF VALGRAY, WSD. Handled by John Reynolds. 258 NQ.

4th          Ann Clark with TARNEDGE SOLAR, Lab D. 207 .5  NQ.

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