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UD/WD control and agility


Steward : Ron Davies

My thanks to Ranmore for asking me to judge and to Joyce Tibbets for running an efficient trial.

Special thanks to Ron Davies for being such a kind and encouraging steward.  Also to Dorothy Bowen and her helpers for the delicious food.

It was lovely to judge so many competent rounds with some excellent attitudes and sendaways, especially in WD.


1st           Tessa Shoolbred with OVERHILL HAVOC GSD (B).  Calm and competent round with a full mark sendaway.  Well done.  Q183.

2nd         Stella Smyth with MORROW DIAMOND DREAMING ACD (D).  Another good round with a full mark sendaway.  Q169.

3rd          Hilary Mercer with HAREWOOD ELDERBERRY LAB (B).  It was a delight to see so much enthusiasm from dog and handler.  A first UD for both and only lost 0.5 on the control.  Q163.

4th          Sue Drake with TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY XB (D).  Good control round.  Sort out the jumps and you will soon qualify.  NQ 170.5


1st           Paula Wright with FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL WSD (D).  A polished performance only losing half a mark on the control.  Full mark jumps.  A well deserved  win .  Q194.5.

2nd         Nick Boyce with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA WSD (B).   A lovely attitude only losing 1.5 on the control  full mark sendaway and jumps.  Well done.  Q190.

3rd          Jennifer Speake with SANTROVASO SONATA GSD (B).  A very competent round only losing half on the control.  Full mark jumps.  Q185.5.

4th          Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK BC (B).  Another lovely round, again only losing 0.5 on the control.  Full marks jumps Q179.5.

Also qualifying

Felicity Boulderstone with UTHYR DRAGON LAB (D).  Lovely attitude.  Full mark sendaway Q179.

Barry Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL LAB (B).  Lovely attitude.  Full mark sendaway Q177.

Yvonne Filleul with BODEN JAY WS (D) Q176.5

Beryl Kimberley with OAKHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD (B) Q162.5.


UD nosework


Tracklayers: Val Upton, Caroline Ashford, Barbara Ottley and Bob Burns.

Search Steward: Wendy Beasley.

This was a first visit to the Ranmore trial for me, either as judge or competitor, and the hospitality, fine weather and good ground made it very enjoyable. Thanks to Joyce for her efficient management and Stan for all his work behind the scenes, as well as Dorothy and her team for the refreshments and lunches Thanks also to Val and Caroline for their experienced track laying and to Barbara and Bob having their first attempts, which were very successful, also to Wendy for laying all the squares. I was very impressed with the overall standard. All the dogs wanted to track and most got round. Unfortunately, missed articles both on the track and in the square were costly.

1st           Mrs Tess Shoolbred and OVERHILL HAVOC GSD (B) 183 Q A lovely dog with a handler that gets the best out of her. |The only dog with a full set of articles.

2nd         Mrs Stella Smythe and MORROW DIAMOND DREAMING ACD (D) 169 Q This dog had a steady, businesslike attitude to his nosework, once again helped by his experienced handler.

3rd          Mrs Hilary Mercer and HARCWOOD ELDERBERRY Lab (B) 163 Q A team having their first attempt at UD and putting on a performance to be proud of.

4th          Mrs Sue Zackheim and TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY XB(D) 170.5 NQ A nice track with both articles but unfortunately missed out by 0.5 on jumps otherwise would have qualified.

All competitors were a pleasure to judge and of a very good standard.


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Stan, John and Bert

Square Steward: Lauren Marlow

Thank you to the club for asking me to judge, I had a wonderful time, my three tracklayers, two on Saturday, Stan and John, with Bert joining us on Sunday, they all did a wonderful job laying the tracks exactly as I wanted (almost) and giving all the competitors an equal chance of getting round, and my square steward Lauren was absolutely brilliant, laying all the squares to give everybody the best chance of getting the articles out as was proved by the results of the nosework, only two failures. To all the people behind the scenes thank you very much for running such a wonderful trial, the food was fantastic and if nothing else it's worth judging for this club just for that, once again thank you all very much.

1st           FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL WSD (D) handler Paula Wright. A very impressive nosework round from this pair, and looking at the overall mark a very good control round as well, one to watch out for in the future. N/W 140. O/A 194 1/2 CoM Well done.

2nd         SARAMARK DANCING DIVA CDex WSD (B) handler Nick Boyce. Another good round, unlucky to come up against the winner. N/W 136 1/2. O/A 190 CoM

3rd          SANTROVASO SONATA CDex UDex GSD (B) handler Jennifer Speake. A nice round, just bits and pieces. N/W 129. O/A 183 1/2 CoM

4th          LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK CDex BC (B) handler Dean Woodcock. Missed article in the square was costly. N/W 130. O.A 179 1/2 CoM

Also qualifying

UTHYR DRAGON (ADI) Lab Ret (D) handler Felicity Boulderstone. N/W 131. O/A 179 CoM

FITZERS HAZEL CDex UDex Lab (B) handler Barry Harvey. N/W 125. O/A 177 CoM

SODEN JAY CDex UDex WS (D) handler Yvonne Filleul. N/W 131. O/A 176 1/2 CoM

OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT CDex UDex GSD (B) handler Beryl Kimberley CDex UDex N/W 119. O/A 162 1/2 CoM

To all those who qualified well done, to those who didn't better luck next time.


PD Nosework


Tracklayers : Me, Ron Davies, Bert Maynard

The nosework was on grass pasture land with good growth.  The track pattern and articles; search pattern and articles had previously been selected by Wendy Beasley who judged all other parts of the stake.  The good weather conditions made tracking conditions ideal and as a result all eight teams were successful.

1st           Susanna Jaffa with ACCRA EAZEL BOB CDEx - TDEx ASD 297 marks.  Lost just ten nosework marks - competent round of nosework exercises.

2nd         Colin Harrison with SHINEHILL NINA CDEx - WDEx BC.  294 marks full mark track, the dog swallowed a search article, which perhaps is the reason the dog looked more confident than the handler!

3rd          Judith Owens with FIRCROFT DOON CDEx - TDEx  BC 270 marks.  Lost just eleven nosework marks - good performance.

4th          Jeff Poole with MANPOL ROBYN CDEx - TDEx GSD  260.5 marks.

Also qualifying C of M.

Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY GSD CDEx - TDEx.  258 marks.  This was not the best performance I have seen from this team but did enough overall to qualify.

The best nosework round was by John Reynolds with JACK THE LAD OF VALGRAY CDEx - WDEx.  Full point round - the boy’s not just a tracklayer!

Finally could I personally thank all competitors, fellow judges, and team of helpers for making this an enjoyable weekend at the trial.  The only negative was the financial loss that my society will incur owing to the failings of the working trials magazine that failed to include the advertisement for the event.


PD C& A and Patrol


Steward: C&A Paul Beasley

Steward Patrol: Stan Ford;

Criminals: Bert Maynard, Ron Davis and Paul Beasley

I was pleased to be asked to judge the PD stake at Ranmore as I really enjoy judging this stake. Like Surrey, Ranmore has good ground and so I was fairly confident of having some nosework qualifiers but with 9 entries and only one day to run, I was grateful when Stan Ford offered to take over the nosework judging for this stake. This allowed me plenty of time to set out both my C&A and Patrol rounds, and Stan managed to achieve my objective with all dogs qualifying that section. Ranmore is blessed with an abundance of efficient helpers and Joyce ensures the trial runs smoothly while Dorothy keeps us all well fed. Paul and Stan were very efficient stewards and Ron, Bert and Paul did a tremendous job as criminals and ensured the round went just as I wanted it.

We had one scratch and so eight ran. The field for both the Control and Patrol round was quite large with a hedged boundary and plenty of scope for sendaways and quartering. C&A was for the most part well done and we only lost one team here with a slight confusion on the sendaway and redirect. Jumps were also well done with no failures.

The patrol round started with the quarter and for the first part of this an "innocent" man walked out from the boundary at the end of the field in full view of the dog and disappeared behind a blind. The dog was then sent out to locate this man. Once the handler had dealt with this situation the dog was sent on round the boundary to a second man sitting against the boundary under a fishing umbrella. This man was not quite so innocent and had a gun in his pocket and a chisel strapped to the umbrella. After the search during which the man became troublesome and noisy he was escorted back to the start post during which there was an attack on handler.  The next exercise was the recall with a generous distance previously tested on our fastest collie. Once the dog returned to the handler they turned round to face the Test of Courage. This consisted of a T shaped area made up with wind breaks. The criminal was at the far end in the square shaped box area and the dog was required to run up the passage way to get to the criminal. Black bin bags stuffed with newspapers were hung on the posts partially blocking the dog's vision of the criminal but the ends of the blinds were fanned out to encourage the dog to enter. The test of courage criminal was very noisy and aggressive shaking a plastic container of stones. The last exercise was the Chase, exactly the same as the recall but when the dogs had bitten and been joined by their handler they were allowed to win the sleeve.

I was very impressed with the overall standard and we finished with five qualifiers.

1st           Susanne Jaffa with ACCRA EAZEL BOB ASD (D) Q This dog's full point C&A round was very impressive and he held it together with only minor mistakes in his Patrol round. Definitely one to watch.

2nd         Colin Harrison with SHINEHILL NINA BC (B) Q Colin's experience has brought the best out of this young bitch and she shows great promise. A full point quarter and a committed patrol round which was a pleasure to watch.

3rd          Judith Owens with FIRCROFT DOON BC (D) Q Brody has only recently started in PD and seems to be enjoying it. A good all round performance with just a blip on the Test of Courage.

4th          Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS GSD (D) Q A very experienced handler and a dog with a tremendous attitude. Unfortunately he was not wearing his thinking head but did enough to qualify and has already proved he can do it.


Sally Bergh- Roose TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY. GSD (D) Q Another dog with a super attitude but a little over enthusiastic on this occasion.

I look forward to seeing all these newcomers to PD in ticket where I am sure they will do very well. Well done to the qualifiers and even those that didn't make it this time showed tremendous promise.

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