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Trial Held: 09 November 2003



Trials Manager's Report 

Once again, the loca landowners provided us with sufficient good quality land for the trial, and we thank them for their support. Stan Ford, as usual, was instrumental in obtaining the land and our thanks go to him for this. 

Thanks also to the judges - Colin Harrison (PD), Joyce Tibbetts (WD nosework), Vana Moody (UD nosework) and Ron Davies (WD/UD control and agility). We appreciate the time and effort they put into their planning and judging. 

We had the usual stalwarts giving up their time to make the trial a success and this time we had a few new faces in our team also, tracklaying and stewarding. Thanks to all who helped - they will be mentioned by name in the judges' reports - but a big thank you from me to Jane and Kay who worked so hard in the kitchen and Joyce made sure there was breakfast for the workers. 

Until the day before the trial we thought it was going to be straightforward, but then we were informed that there had been an error in transferring our booking into this year's diary at the hall. Oh yes, and the oven was not working with just the top burners to cater for everyone. To cut a long story short … the hall was double booked all weekend and included a dance class, Sunday School, and scenery builders om the stage on Saturday and Sunday. It is not an experience we would like to repeart, but everone took it in good part and we maintained a good relationship with the other users, so there was no friction. 

It was a constant challenge to get the lunches cooked, with a malfunction on the crockpot and power failure thrown in for good measure. Jane was tireless, efficient and what a sense of humour! If ever I have the misfortune to cater under circumstances like this again I hope Jane is there in the kitchen with me. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all the competitors who were good humoured and toiok any hiccups in their stride. 

Beryl Kimberley


U.D. Nosework

Judge: Vana Moody

Tracklayers: John Reynolds, Tessa Shoolbred & Dave Martin

Steward: Val Upton 

Thank you to Ranmore for asking me to judge, to Beryl Kimberley, Stan Ford and Jennifer Staves at base for keeping competitors flowing and scores up to date, to Beryl and Jane serving delicious food as always, and to Joyce Tibbets for putting me up for the night. 

Thank you to Tessa Shoolbred, John Reynolds and Dave Martin for tracklaying and being such good company even when the wind was making us quite cold, and to Val Upton for square stewarding and her good company. 

The standard overall was very good, both tracks and squares. Those who failed won't be long before they qualify, they just need a little more practise  as, as usual, the C & A took its toll. 

1st           Norma Ansell, Gefni Yet Again (GSD) 175. N/w 130. An experienced handler with another good dog, well done.

2nd         Penny Bann, Jennaline's Muckin Fuddle (GSP) 173. N/w 123. A powerful pointer well held by Penny. Well done.

3rd         Colin Ball, Conneywarren Tuckerbox (Lab) 171.5. N/w 121. Lovely to watch this happy dog work, well done.

4th          Pearl Rigg, Fronsal Krugor (GSD) 168.5. N/w 120. A big strong boy, lovely to watch. The missed track article was costly. Well done.


One comment, when qualifying earlier in the day competitors seem to go home and have their certificates sent to them rather than wait - we all want to beat the traffic, but it's a good job all at base and those on the field don't go - there would not be a trial. Bad manners I think!!  


W.D. Nosework

Judge: Joyce Tibbetts

Tracklayers: Bert Maynard, Richard Cornwell & Dorothy Bowen

Stewards: Jean Overton & Sue Henderson 

Thanks to Ranmore D.T.C. for the invitation to judge the WD nosework, and to all the club members who helped to make it an enjoyable two days. Special thanks to Jane in the kitchen and to Beryl for the two lovely lunches. 

All tracks bar one were on ungrazed grassland - reflected in some excellent track marks: lack of articles let some dogs down. Squares also were generally good with lack of concentration a problem for some dogs. 

Thank you to my three tracklayers - Richard and Dorothy who are experienced (I would say 'old') hands and Bert - at his first go at WD - who made life easy for me. Thanks also to my two square stewards Jean (Sat) and Sue (Sun), both new members helping for the first time, who did an excellent job.  


1st           Yvonne Fearon, Laetare Break Dancer (BC) 186. Tracked well o the brow of the hill, 2 & 3. Well done.

2nd         Diana Boxall, Boxalong Boy (WSD) 179. Diana worked hard to help Drift on the track and he just managed  to get two out of the square. 2 & 2.

3rd         Maureen Regan, Kenmillone Fraser (GSD) 176.5. Only dog to track on stubble - a lovely track but missed the first article. 1 & 3.

4th          Andrew Buchanan, Glenalpine Socks (BC) 176. Again a good track but no first article.


U.D. & W.D. Control & Agility

Judge: Ron Davies

Stewards: Sue Redshaw & Chris Brooks


My thanks to Ranmore for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility and to Stan and all the helpers at this well run trial. A special thanks to my two scribes Sue on Saturday & Chris on Sunday for all your assistance with the C & A. 

Thank you Beryl and Jane for all the lovely food. Competitors - I hope you enjoyed yourselves,  o those who didn't qualify, better luck next time.


W.D. Stake

1st           Mrs Y Fearon, Laetare Break Dancer (BC) D. 186 CoM.

2nd         Mrs D Boxall, Boxalong Boy (WSD) D. 179 CoM.

3rd         Mrs M Regan, Kenmillone Fraser (GSD) D. 176.5 CoM.

4th          Mr A Buchannan, Glenalpine Socks (BC) B. 176 CoM.


U.D. Stake

1st           Mrs N Ansell, Gefni Yet Again (GSD) B. 175 CoM.

2nd         Mrs P Bann, Jennalines Muckin Fuddle (GSP) D. 173 CoM.

3rd         Mr C Ball, Conneywarren Tuckerbox (Lab) D. 171.5 CoM.

4th          Mrs P Rigg, Fronsac Kruger (GSD) D. 168.5 CoM.


Well done to all of you. 


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