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Steward, C/A and CD, TD Squares: Kath Barrett

Tracklayer and UD, Veteran Squares: Jayne Heapes

I was particularly looking forward to judging in Jersey as I had not visited the island before and had heard that it was very picturesque and had many fine restaurants.  I was not disappointed - it lived up to all my expectations and all the people that I encountered were very friendly and hospitable.  I think I have put on another couple of stone eating out for breakfast, lunch and evening meals - good job the airlines only weigh the baggage.  I wish to thank Carole and Ray for putting me up, and putting up with me; Carole also doubled as my chauffeur.  Thanks to Kath and her husband for the use of their land and both Kath and Jayne for their help in the fields.

Despite the fact that we had a heat wave the week before the trial Carole had warned me that it always rained for their June trial - and yes, it did.  We managed to dodge most of it but unfortunately the heavens opened on Wendy and Diva as they were doing their UD track.

It was a very leisurely weekend.  Unfortunately, due to injury, I only had one dog in each stake to judge, but their enthusiasm made up for the lack of numbers.  On Saturday I was collected from the airport and taken to the farm to lay the TD track.  We then enjoyed lunch in one of the local hostelries before I judged the TD control, CD and then the TD track.  On Sunday another hectic day followed judging the UD and Veteran tracks, followed by another very pleasant lunch, and then on to the UD C/A and Veteran control.


Wendy Wright, FOXBARTON BLACK VELVET, BC, B, 85.5, Q.  Very nice control round and retrieve.  Well done.


Wendy Wright, FOXBARTON BLACK VELVET, BC, B, NQ.  Such a shame that you got the downpour on your track but I am sure that Diva tried her best.  Again, very nice control.


Wendy White’s FAIRLEA DAZ, BC, B, NQ.  Handled by Carole Pearce,.  Daz tracked very nicely and obviously enjoyed herself, but forgot to stop and indicate the articles.  Good square, but didn’t fancy the scale today.


I was told I could do anything for the veteran except the jumps, so I devised my own marking.

Wendy Wright’s PATOIS BERRVELLE, BC, B, 207/250,  handled by Carole Pearce.  Ticket did a very nice track, even though her handler decided to lie down half way round.  Good control round and she obviously enjoyed herself.

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