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CD, UD, WD Vet. Stakes


Trials manager: Kath Barette

Tracklayer: Yours Truly

Search Steward: Kath Barrett

Catering: 2 local hostelries

If you are ever invited to judge at this trial, be prepared to work and join in with all that needs to be done at a trial, because after the hanging around at Gatwick, once in Jersey your feet don’t seem to touch the ground. Having said that it really is a most enjoyable experience with a small friendly group of trialists who are resolutely determined to keep doing Working Trials despite many adversities, which make finding the time to train quite hard.

You guessed - it the tracking was on grass. Thanks to Trevor Barette, Kath’s husband and adjoining farmers / land owners for the use of the dairy farm land. Due to the weather they have had this year, a lot of the fields had not been cut yet for silage, so we had a mixture of grass lengths between the stakes, with the Veterans having the hardest conditions and the rest having near perfect tracking land, even better than Surrey! Well I did pack two pairs of shorts, but I really needn’t have bothered, on Saturday the weather was very windy with cloud cover until we had almost finished, when the Sun finally decided to shine. Sunday was wet right from the start and got worse as the morning went on.

This is probably the smallest trial in the UK, but they are a valiant bunch, who I am sure will do well in the future, with their current dogs and the young pups that don’t yet know what’s in store for them. I met the pups after trial each day, not during the trial.

Unfortunately there were no qualifiers in the CD, UD, and WD over the weekend, but a couple of you did come very close. The swallow dive bombing Daz coming back over the scale didn’t help.

The standard of heelwork was excellent, but some of you do need to work on sendaways and search squares to get a much better chance of qualifying.

Thanks to the club and committee for inviting me to judge and for your hospitality during my stay, never wanted for anything, with special thanks to Kath and family for giving me a room in the farm house.

Veteran Stake

1st           Mrs Carole Pearce with SHALIMAR VELVET LADY BC Cdex – Tdex Good track and best square over the weekend. (HAZE) 160 out of 185

2nd         Mrs Wendy Wright KARJON KARAMBA UDex WSD Super control work, square let her down on the day. (KALI) 13.5 out of 185

WD Stake

1st           Mrs Wendy White FAIRLEA DAZ BC Super track and sendaway, jumps and stay need more work. (DAZ) 151 NQ

UD Stake

Mrs Wendy Wright PATOIS BERRVELLE BC Sensitive bitch who just lost concentration near the end of the track. (TICKET) 130.5 NQ

CD Stake

Mrs Wendy Wright PATOIS BERRVELLE BC Almost qualified, but the jumps let you down on the day. (TICKET) 85 NQ

Finally thanks to all of you who competed , and for entering under me and accepting my decisions gracefully and if you do get any more recruits to working trials make sure their name isn’t Wendy.

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