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Steward: Gill Lawrence

Thanks to the Welsh KC for the appointment to judge the Introductory Stake, the first time this stake has been run.  Thanks to Lindsey Poole, Trials Manager, Brian Riste for the base and scoreboard, Barbara Riste for the lovely food, and finally to Gill Lawrence, my steward.  Gill was good company and did everything just as I asked. 


On Saturday we were blessed with a lovely sunny day.  We had 8 entries and 6 ran, with a mixture of breeds.  Searches were well executed with all articles retrieved by all dogs except for one, and just minor marks lost for mouthing and dropped articles.  Retrieves were mixed.  We did the sit stay individually after the nosework and all dogs succeeded.  The standard of heelwork was, on the whole, not too bad, all handlers making good use of being allowed to use commands.  Recalls were generally good.  Half the dogs had a good attempt at the sendaway; unfortunately, the others hadn’t quite grasped the concept yet.  The jumps, as usual, caused the most problems, only one returning over the scale, some refusing the scale altogether, and most requiring second attempts at the long and/or clear.  Down stays at the end were very twitchy with a variety of positions adopted or shuffling; only one dog completed the down stay successfully. 

Keep up the training on the jumps and stays, you’ll get there soon.

1st R Collier and ROSMARINUS RAINMAIDEN OF PEPPERBOX, BC, 86, Q.  Excellent work through all exercises with minimum marks lost, Becky, which gave you a well deserved qualifying mark without the down stay.  Work on the stays and jumps and Breeze can get CDEx.

2nd J Davies and ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, 75.5, NQ.  Very nice control work Janette, the jumps cost you today.

3rd A Larsson-Clifford and TOBIAS BLACKBEARD, Cross, 70, NQ.  First time competitor in trials and not too bad an attempt.  The only dog to complete both stays with confidence.  You just need to tidy up some of the exercises.  Toby is enthusiastic so keep up the lovely attitude (both of you).

4th N Ansell and GEFNI DEVIL IN DISGUISE, GSD, 60, NQ.  A seasoned competitor with some nice work, with tidy, happy heelwork.  The jumps caused you the most problems today.


Sunday was a chillier day but pleasant for working.  4 entries and 3 ran.  No qualifiers today due to the stays and jumps; the dogs were not settled at all in either stay, all breaking the sit and most breaking the down. 

1st S Holden and SILENROK XEVEN VIKA, Bouvier, 69, NQ.  I’ve never seen a Bouvier work in trials before but Tanks loves his work.  A very tidy control round with some lovely proper trials heelwork and good sendaway.  The only dog with full marks jumps - such a shame about the stays.  Keep up the training Sasha, I’m sure you’ll get there.

2nd J Davies and ANNABOURT ANJA, GSD, 66, NQ.  Another nice control round but no sendaway today.  The only dog to almost do the down stay.  With some work on the jumps and stays I’m sure you’ll get there soon.

3rd J Jefferson and BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, BC, 65, NQ.  Some nice control work with a super sendaway and the best search of the day.  Sort the jumps and stays, Jenny, and you’ll crack it soon.


WD and UD Stakes


Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Lindsey Poole, Linda Reynolds and John West

Stewards: Marnie Wells and Eleanor Anderson

Many thanks to Marnie and the committee at Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge at this Trial. For a while leading up to the date I did think the jinx was going to work again and the snow was going to stop proceedings, but as things turned out the weather was fine and for two days we had quite warm sunshine.


Pat, Lindsey and Linda laid the tracks, with Marnie and Eleanor sharing the stewarding - once again, thank you all.

Twelve entered and eight ran, of these six qualified the nosework and three qualified overall. The tracking was on permanent pasture and the dogs seemed to cope well with it, the searches being where most marks were lost.

After a run off.

1st Pat Golding and ST PETE’S JETTA, 178.5. A very impressive round, spoiled only by an article left in the square. Very well done.

2nd Pat Tagg and ABAPSOMA BLANNKA, 178.5. Just a bit of work needed on retrieve, both on articles and dumbell. Well done.

3rd Mary Hansell and NELLINKA WINTER STORM, 173.5. The hard work is paying off, Mary, HE GOT ALL THE ARTICLES and a very good track after the first corner.

4th Norma Ansell and GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, NQ.


Pat and John laid all the tracks and Marnie was in charge of the squares and scribed for me in the control. Thank you all for a sterling job.

All sixteen entries ran, 12 of which qualified the nosework and five qualified overall. The tracking was on sheep grazed grass, which made the dogs work quite hard, with Lorna Bardwell’s Ted getting the best track mark but leaving an article in the square, and Julie Atkins’ Reg getting the best nosework mark.

The control field was a little uneven which perhaps accounted for the lack of heelwork, with 5 partnerships getting below half marks, but what really disappointed me was the number of dogs that did not want to leave their handlers on the sendaway, which was straight out to a very definite hedge.

1st Julie Atkins and GLENALPINE REG, 133.5/ 33.5/ 19, total 186. A great round to watch, Julie, even though you are still working out how he reacts, and a very good control round.

2nd Sheila Williams and WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, 130.5/ 34.5/ 19.5, total 184.5. Very well done, Sheila, another impressive control round; the article left in the square was costly.

3rd Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON CLEO, 126/ 30.5/ 19, total 175.5. Well done, Sheila, just bits and pieces and a missed track article made the difference.

4th Fran Atkin and BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, 118/ 31/ 20, total 169.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Rod Roberts and LITTLE JEFF.

Thank you also to all at base, Lindsey, Trials Manager, Brian as base steward and Barbara in the kitchen, keeping us well fed and watered, and for the lift to the pub each night.

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