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Due to Lindsey Poole judging the TD Stake at this Trial, I stood in as Trials Manager and Brian Riste was my expert assistant. Thanks to both of you for all your help, thanks to Lindsey for her judging of the TD, big thanks to Dean Woodcock for judging literally everything else - WD, UD, CD (including one small dog) and Intro! Dean also coped very well with my experimental system of trying to please everybody (ha, ha) and run all stakes on all days - not at all sure this worked, so probably wouldn’t do it again! Dean worked really hard under this regime - thanks for not complaining at all, good job you and Hayley are young, fit and energetic!

Thanks to the Gardening Club, we were in their lovely old building which they are really improving - hope the rent doesn’t go up! Barbara Riste ran an exceedingly efficient kitchen and managed to qualify her own dog in UD and set up the kitchen on the same day! I’m sure I saw Brian helping you out in the kitchen as well as commanding the base - thanks again to both of you.

The expertise continued in the field; with tracklayers and stewards like Jill Carruthers, Pat Herbert, Julie and Gary Atkins, local boy Dave Powell, Janette Hickson and Hayley Woodcock nothing much could go wrong. There was a slight communication error with the farmers (who were very welcoming as usual), and after Pat Herbert found cattle in her WD grass fields (of course Pat found the cows - they were probably waiting especially to see her) unfortunately the whole stake had to run on stubble. Ideally the UD would have been moved to the stubble, but the stake had already started the day before on grass, so it remained on the grass. Oh, the delights of being a TM - I remember them well. Actually, I remember them so well that I’m pleased to say Lindsey will be TM for the Champ next March.





 My thanks to the WKC for the invite to judge, also thanks to Ruth Cahill for being the trials manager and keeping me informed. Brian Riste did a great job of getting everyone to the right place on time and thanks to Barbara for looking after us, starting with a cooked breakfast and food never stopping arriving on the field.



 Steward: Hayley Woodcock


1st Sandra Warrick with ZEPHRAM AMPETUS AT CONCENN, GSD, 97.5. Nice round with good jumps; well done.

2nd Jenefer le Mesurier. BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWH, Viszla. Good square, not quite enough on jumps today.



 Steward: Hayley Woodcock


1st Dave Garrett with FUNFASTQUICK WINTER MEURIG, GSD, NQ. A good square followed by a strong C/A round, just no scale today.

2nd A Martin with CHOCOLATE PUDDING, Working Cocker, NQ. Nice sendaway and stays, but the jumps took their toll today.

3rd M Hand’s MADSWAY PURPLE SAGE handled by Val Corgan, Bearded Collie, NQ. Some nice set exercises, although jumps not to be.

4th Jenefer le Mesurier with BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWH, Viszla, NQ. As you had just worked the Intro it was not her best round.

 As I was doing the CD and Intro in between other stakes a big thanks to Ruth, who came to sort out the jump heights while I finished off.



 Tracklayers: Pat Herbert (who was with us for 4 days, you were a star), Ruth Cahill (Thursday and Friday) and Gary Atkins (Saturday and Sunday)

Square stewards: Hayley Woodcock (Thursday and Friday), Julie Atkins (Saturday and Sunday)

C/A Steward: Hayley Woodcock

 I would like to say a big thank you to my tracklayers and square stewards, especially for sorting amongst yourself for Julie to take over the squares so Hayley could sort our own dogs out.


1st Martine Taylor with GLENALPINE NIKKI, BC, 198, Q. Very strong round with a full point C/A. The last to work, worth the wait. Well done.

2nd Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND GREY MONTY, WSD, 186, Q. Good C/A round followed by a nice track. Well done.

3rd Helena Anderson with JAMES CAROUSEL FOR MYRLILLAS, Cross-Breed, 185.5, Q. Good round from this team - a worthy qualifier. Well done.

4th A Lloyd with STARDELL TARAZED, BC, 181, Q. Did a very accurate track; well done.

 Also qualifying:

Barbara Riste with GEMWELL FIORE SARDO, Gordon Setter, 179. First time out today and he did really well. Nice to see praise when it was earned. Well done.

Sheila Jack with BROOK, GSD, 178. A quiet handler who got the result - a worthy qualifier. Well done.



 Tracklayers: Pat Herbert (3 days), David Powell (1 day), Gary Atkins (2 days)

Square stewards: Hayley Woodcock (1 day), Julie Atkins (2 days)

C/A steward: Hayley Woodcock.


1st Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, BC, 192, Q. The only qualifier we had, and a worthy one. As this team started the rain came, but it didn’t bother them; they then finished in style with a full mark square. Well done.

2nd Barbara Griffith with TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, CDEx, WSD, NQ. You did a really nice square - keep up the good work.

3rd Angie Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, NQ. Very nice C/A round followed by a good square.

4th Hazel Burton with HAZTONS QUEST, BC, NQ. Again the track seemed to get the better today, although a tidy C/A and an accurate square.


As I was judging the four stakes I didn’t want to have poles all over the place as it might cause some confusion amongst the younger dogs, so one pole was used as the start and for the dumbbell, with one more pole further up the field; when they finished their heelwork that was the pole for the UD and the WD sendaway. The UD sendaway was to a large tree approx 60 paces away; the WD was from the same pole just going up the field to a farm gate at 90 paces. Most dogs did really well on this exercise.




Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers and Lindsey Poole

Stewards: Janette Hickson (Fri), Dave Powell (Sat and Sun)

 My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge TD Open and to Ruth Cahill for taking over my usual role as Trials Manager. Thanks to Brian Riste in the base and Barbara for looking after all our catering needs. To all our farmers for allowing us to use their land – a really big thank you. I was lucky enough to go over to view the land 10 days before the trial and was really surprised at how much growth had taken place in between. We ended up tracking on 6-8" long newly sown grass through barley, which gave thick conditions – lovely for tracking but harder for article recovery. I laid the first two tracks of the morning and then Jill took over – many thanks – super tracklayer and great company. To Janette and Dave, many thanks. Both of you were great company and gave each competitor the best chance of completing the exercises by giving very clear instructions.

17 dogs entered, 12 worked, of which 10 completed the track but one didn’t have enough articles. 5 dogs failed the square – there was a strong wind all three days but the dogs seemed to struggle with the thick conditions and some of the younger ones seemed to give up too easily as a result!


1st Fay Rae and SILVERSNIPE ONLY ONCE (Flynn), 4 year old Labrador, 188, Q. Well worth the 700 mile journey! Flynn worked on the last day in very high winds and worked hard for his qualification. Fay, you need to get those nerves under control, but really well done. Deserved qualification and win. N/w 141, Con 28, Ag 19.

2nd Betty Briley and JETRIL JIG (Jig), 3 year old GSD, 196, NQ. The poor speak exercise contributed greatly to the non-qualification, which was a shame as she deserved to qualify. Betty, you and Jig have a good relationship and I’m sure it won’t be long before she has more confidence with the two new TD exercises. Well done. 153, 24, 19.

3rd Jane Clarke and SKYE’S OVER THE TOP (Skye), 4 year old WSD, 170.5, NQ. Jane, you were quite rightly delighted with your nosework but you need to sort out her gun test and just tidy up the rest. Well done. 129, 22.5, 19.

4th Jenefer Le Mesurier and AFON ANDYPANDY AT BRYNFFRWD (Pandy), 6 year old HWH Viszla, 166, NQ. Pandy qualified her nosework first time out in TD but was very flat throughout all the control exercises – more motivation needed. 129.5, 17, 19.5.


Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me. Hope you enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs working it.


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