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Steward: Sandra Warrick


My thanks to WKC for inviting me to judge. This was my first judging appointment and I thoroughly enjoyed watching handlers new to trials working their dogs. Many thanks also to Gail Gwesyn-Pryce, who as Trials Manager did just about everything, including keeping us well fed! Thanks also to my steward, Sandra, for all her hard work and putting competitors at ease. A big thank you to the Gethin family for the use of their land, which they delayed cutting so we could use it for the trial. Lastly I would like to thank the competitors for their entries and for accepting my decisions with good grace.

7 competitors entered, 7 ran

1st CONNEMARA JOY, X-Breed, handled by Mary Smart, 85.5, Q. Mara is a nice steady worker with a novice handler in only their second trial. I hope your success today will inspire you to enter more trials and move up through the stakes.

2nd CASPERS DREAM, Border Terrier, handled by Dylan Collard, 81.5, Q. Everyone loves this little dog, who had the second best heelwork of the day. Dylan and Amos thoroughly deserved this qualification.

3rd COLONEL HERBERT, ESS, handled by Sarah Rathbone, 78, NQ. Herbie just lost out with second attempts on the long jump and the scale, but this is a dog to look out for in the future.

4th BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWH Vizsla, handled by Jennifer Le Mesurier, 77, NQ. Angel had too much fun in the search square, meaning she failed to qualify in nosework, but she did qualify in control and agility.


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