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Tracklayers: Gary Atkins and Linda Reynolds

Search Steward: Dave Powell

C/A Steward: Linda Reynolds

I would like to thank The Welsh Kennel Club for the kind invitation to judge the UD and WD stakes at their open trial.  Especial thanks to Lindsey Poole, the Trials Manager, who ensured everything ran like clockwork and looked after us all so well.  Julie Atkins did a sterling job manning the base and looking after the kitchen, despite having recently undergone an operation on her foot.  Out in the fields I had a superb team - Gary Atkins and Linda Reynolds, who laid the tracks for all four days; Linda also doubled up by stewarding the C/A each day and Dave Powell, who laid all the squares.  With such a great team I was able to get on with my role of judging the tests I had set, confident that every competitor had the same chance of success.

Perhaps the most important thanks must go to our wonderful farmers for the use of their land and making us so welcome - without their continued support we would have no trials. 

The weather threw everything at us, overcast followed by squally showers but very humid on Thursday and Saturday. Overcast and humid mornings became very hot and sunny by lunch time on Friday and Sunday.  There was a very strong breeze all four days.

I would also like to thank the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions so cheerfully, whether they were lucky or not on the day.  For the majority the standard of work in both stakes was very high, with good clean handling and happy motivated dogs, which can only be good for our wonderful sport.


11 entries and all 11 worked.

For this stake the track articles were 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm ribbed green carpet and 14 cm long piece of green hosepipe, and the square articles were a yellow shotgun cartridge, 7.5 cm x 4.5 cm piece lime green rubber matting, 8 cm x 1.5 cm piece of wood dowel and 10 cm piece knotted hemp string. 

Only two dogs failed to track and one dog did a super track but sadly with no articles, one dog only got one article on the track and seven dogs completed the track with both articles.  Seven dogs got all four square articles, two got three and two got two articles.  The control round was largely well carried out, with the jumps and stays taking their usual toll.

1st Barbara Griffith with TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, WSD, D, 191, Q.  After super nosework from this team Barbara kept Topper focussed to produce an almost faultless control and agility – congratulations on this very well deserved win.

2nd Catherine Manfield with GLENALPINE OZZY ZIG, BC, D, 187, Q.  Another dog who made the nosework look easy, followed by a lovely control round.  Agility was a bit sticky but well done, Catherine, on keeping your nerve, allowing Ozzy to gain this place – well done.

3rd Gwen Robinson with FRACILLIAM BARNEY, GSD, D, 184.5, Q.  Beautiful and thoughtful handling produced some lovely nosework from this strong dog.  Another handler who kept her nerve to produce the best from her dog - well done.

4th Lorna East with GLENALPINE TOSCA, BC, B, 185, NQ.  Another team who produced some lovely nosework and good control; couldn’t quite manage the jumps today, however, a very well deserved place.


14 entries, 12 worked

The track articles for this stake were a red shotgun cartridge and 6 cm x 6 cm piece green and beige carpet.  The square articles were 5.5 cm x 7 cm piece black rubber net, green milk bottle top, half a wooden peg and an 8 cm x 4 cm piece green felt.

Two dogs failed to track; one dog found one article and nine dogs completed the track with both articles.  One handler chose not to do the square, three dogs got four articles, five got three and three got two articles - no particular article seem to present  an issue.  As with the previous stake, the control was largely well carried out, with the jumps and stays determining the qualifiers.

1st Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, GSD, B, 186, Q.  A heavy rain squall hit this team half way round the track but Katie hardly noticed it; she followed up with a good square and a competent C/A round, well handled by Rosemary.  Congratulations on your well-deserved win.

2nd Nicky Prescott with WAGGERLAND TWINKLE, WSD, B, 179, Q.  Lovely track, Twink really enjoyed herself. After a bit of a naughty with the retrieve Nicky took control and steered Twink through the rest of the test to gain this qualification and place - well done.

3rd Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MAYBELLINE, Crossbreed, B, 174, Q.  This delightful little dog went round the track on rails for full points.  A competent C/A gave this team the qualifier and placing – well done.

4th Felicity Veazey with JANALLAN BAKARI, Groenendael, D, 168, Q.  Another dog doing a good track followed by lovely control; Jet really seemed to enjoy himself – well done.

Also Q Com

:  Kevin Johnson with VOMKYNA ECHO, GSD, D, 160.5 





Track Layers: Charlie Taylor, Ruth Cahill

Square Steward: Sandra Haim

Many thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the TD Stake at their Open Trial.  Thanks also go to Trials Manager Lindsey Poole and to Linda Reynolds for all their hard work in making sure this trial takes place.

Thank you to Sandra for laying squares and scribing the control and Julie Atkins for running the base and the kitchen, and also to my track layers, Charlie Taylor and Ruth Cahill.

The weather on Saturday was driving rain and wind and the Sunday was sunny and warm.  The tracking land was excellent.

1st Terry Austin with MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, 205.5, Q.  Excellent control round followed by a very focused track from this young bitch.  Zazz is not the easiest dog to handle but Terry did so in a very calm manor which brought out the best in her.  Well done.

2nd Gavin Thomson with TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, 204.5, Q.  Good control round followed by a track that Jetta seemed to find quite hard, but she got all three articles and ended with a lovely square.  Well done.

3rd Jan Baker with MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, Golden Retriever, 200.5, Q.  Only lost 1.5 on control and had full mark jumps; lovely track and square but left one article on the track which proved costly.  Well done.

4th Joyce Tibbetts with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, GSD, 197, Q.  Best control round but no return on the scale today; Kari found the track easy so tended to track with her head up and missed the second article.  Finished with a good square. Well done, Joyce, and good luck in Ticket.

Also qualifying:

Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, 190.5.  Only lost half a mark on control, full mark jumps followed by a near faultless track until Pete went the wrong way with just the last leg remaining; he went onto get three out of the square.  Pete was the only dog to qualify in the horrible conditions on the Saturday.  Very well done and good luck in Ticket.

Chris McRae with TRACELYN LADY IN BLACK BY ZOOX, GSD, 186.  Nice control round but did not get the long jump today; went onto do a good track with two articles and a nice square.  Well done.

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