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Stewards: Introductory - Linda Reynolds; CD - Marney Wells

Thank you to The Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the Introductory and CD stakes at this very friendly trial. My thanks to Lindsey Poole, the Trials Manager, who had the thankless task of trying to please everyone all of the time and still found time to go chasing errant pigeon shooters!  Barbara Riste did her usual sterling job in the kitchen, keeping everyone fed and watered, and Brian Riste did his usual great job with scoring, which saved me having to worry about adding things up!  My especial thanks to my stewards, Linda (Introductory) and Marney (CD), who laid the squares exactly as I wished, stewarded the C/A whilst trying to put the competitors at ease and were as usual great company.  And lastly a big, big thank you to the wonderful farmers for the use of their land - without them we would not be able to enjoy our sport of Working Trials.

The weather was dull, hot and humid with some quite heavy rain during the tests; however, none of the dogs seemed to be affected by it.


4 entries and all 4 worked.

The articles for this stake were generous pieces of brown carpet, green rubber, wooden dolly peg and a red shotgun cartridge.

These were placed in each corner of the square with only 3 needing to be recovered.

1st Hazel Sharp with her crossbreed B, AMBER GOLDEN GEM, Q 96.5.  Many congratulations on this well deserved win.  Having seen you work last year I know it has been quite a challenge to get Amber to focus on her work instead of gaming, but all your hard work paid off today.

2nd Margaret Sterry with her crossbreed D, DAISTANS RECARDO, NQ.  Unlucky today; a young dog with so much potential,  just bits and pieces overall taking the marks, but what a great first attempt at a trial for both Margaret and Reco.

3rd Emma Stoker with her Labrador D, SENSATIONAL STYLE AT MADGACK, NQ.  Baxter was unlucky today with just a "blip" on the jumps, otherwise very nice work.

4th David Frazer with his Min Pinscher D, PENWARTHA HOLLYBERRY AT BRYN FFRWD, NQ.  Holly didn’t quite have his mind on working today; however, the parts of the test he attempted he did really well and wow, can he jump!


1 entry

The articles for this stake were generous pieces of green carpet, green hose and a black shotgun cartridge.  These were placed on the diagonal across the square with one article on each of 2 corners and one in the middle.

1st   Diane Whiting with her Border Collie D, SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, Q, 90.5.  Congratulations a well deserved win as the marks reflect.  This was Eric’s second test of the day, having competed in UD in the morning and he hardly put a paw wrong.  It was a pleasure to watch him work.




Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Gary Atkins

Search/CA Steward: Julie Atkins

Many thanks to Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the TD stake.  We had a super time at this well organised trial with a really great bunch of people.  The hospitality we enjoyed made this rather sodden weekend a real pleasurable one in spite of the weather.  Welsh Kennel Club has a great band of regular helpers who really make this trial - thanks one and all.

Thanks to Lindsey as trials manager, a job at which she excels.  Her organisation before, during and post trial were first class.  We were always kept up to date with land changes and competitor numbers.  Typically Lindsey was kept on her toes when a large swathe of land was slurried at short notice!  But in true Lindsey style she just got on with it and organised fresh fields.

Brian Riste at the base, as efficient as ever, made sure everyone was where they should be at the right time, all completed with good humour and trademark efficiency.  Thanks, Brian.  Barbara in the kitchen was a flurry of activity making sure we were all catered for – thanks Barbara.

The farmers are superb, particularly Mike Rees and his lovely family, who all take a genuine interest in our sport – although I couldn’t help noticing the quizzical looks on their faces as we stood saturated in a field with our dogs and enjoying it!!  Mike and his family took an active part in the trial, with his son Nicholas helping move jumps around and Edward and Alice giving us a helping hand whenever we needed it.  Thank you all so much for the use of your land, your help and your company.

My tracklayers were Gary and Pat – superb at their jobs and great company.  They were as frustrated as anyone that the conditions were so difficult for the teams.  Every track was laid to perfection and I am grateful to you both for your time and professionalism and your excellent company.

Julie was my steward for the three days, and she was brilliant.  Always there, helping set up the jumps, walking the round and helping me tweak it here and there.  Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work, and also for your friendship.  Both Caroline and I had a superb time.

The conditions were for the first two days.......... difficult to say the least.  Not one team got round.  Chris Theobald did the best of the first two days, completing five legs, but the weather was atrocious and it chucked it down on the tracks from the time they were laid until they were worked.  It was just too much for the dogs.  However, come Sunday it was a different matter; although it was by no means easy for them, it was easier.  So to all those who didn’t qualify, you took it in good heart and the dogs did try, so the very best of luck in your future trials.

Tracking was on Wales’ finest pasture.  Track articles were a 2 inch strip of leather, a 3 inch piece of rubber and a 2 inch x 3 inch piece of carpet; square articles were a green bottle top, 1.5 inch x 0.5 inch strip of leather, 2 inch square of green underlay and piece of dowel.

1st Marge Lee with SYN MISCHIEFS PARTNER, WSD, dog, qualified on 193.5.  Syn made a super job of the track, with just bits and bobs here and there, but left one article on the track.  He is a real terror is Syn!  He has a great attitude and loves his work, although he makes Marge work just as hard.  Nice square with Syn’s trademark enthusiasm!  He does cover that ground so quickly.  Solid C/A round with full mark jumps and a well deserved qualification.  Well done, Marge – he’s a great dog.

2nd Martyn Willcock with LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, WSD, bitch, qualified on 176.  Lucy worked so hard to get round the track and gave us one or two tense moments, but each time she got out of trouble.  She gave her all on this nosework section and really deserved to qualify.  Shaved in with the C/A!  Well done .

3rd Christine Theobald with XANDOA ABBYLON AT TYTRI, BC, bitch, NQ.  Chris and Abby got the furthest round, having completed 5 legs.  She made a real sterling effort at the track and Chris was rightly pleased with the effort and commitment she showed.  Good luck in the future.

4th John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, XB, dog, NQ.  Foster fell foul of the weather; it was so difficult for these dogs.  Immaculate C/A.  Good luck in the future.

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