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Steward:  Lindsey Poole

Many thanks to the WKC for the invitation to judge the CD and Introductory stakes.  Thanks to all involved in the running of

this trial.  I didn’t have a very busy time - there were two entries in each stake!!  Both entries in Intro scratched, and one scratched in CD, so I was left with one to judge.  A big thank you to my steward for all your hard work!!!

1st B.Griffith with TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, WSD, D, 83.5, Q.  A very nice round was put together by Barbara and Topper, the sendaway being the only weak exercise.  Good luck for future trials.




Tracklayers: Anne Thorpe and Ann Clarke

Search and C/A Steward: Marney Wells

Thank you to Lindsey Poole and the committee of the WKC for the invitation to judge the UD and WD stake at this very friendly and well organised trial.  From the minute we arrived Elaine and I were treated really well, thank you.  In charge of feeding the team in the fields was Barbara Riste, ably assisted by Elaine - thank you both; on booking in and trying to organise Lindsey and keep me company was the only other MAN, Brian Riste - thanks Brian.  Year after year the WKC run 2 trials and the main reason they are able to do this is because of the fantastic co-operation and wonderful support of the local farmers, so a very big thank you to them. 

The 2 stakes ran over three days with 12 in each stake.  We started with UD tracks followed by UD C/A and then WD C/A and finally WD tracks.  The WKC relies on imported help to run this event and I was privileged to work with 3 of Working Trial’s finest helpers.  First of all Anne and Ann laid all the tracks with their usual expertise; they were great company and a pleasure to be with - thank you.  Marney laid all the search squares and then stewarded the C/A; she was very precise laying squares and very clear with her instructions on the control field, also kept me in order, and she is fantastic company - thank you.  With a team like this you cannot help but have a good time. 


1st C Royle’s  STAR AT CONCENN, Cross, D, handled by John Fitzpatrick, 187/200, COM.  John did a good track, only losing 2.5 on the track, and then getting a full mark square; however on control just the send away caused problems today, but very well handled.

2nd Mark Herrits with DODGIN MASTER MARKET, CDEx, OW, BEx, WSD, D, 172.5/200, COM.  Bob struggled on the track but managed to complete it, but only three out of the square left Mark needing a good control round - and that’s what he got, 35/35.  However, because it was rushed he failed to jump the long jump.

3rd Marjorie Lee with SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, WSD, D, 171/200, COM.  Syn did a good track but not such a good square.  But a good control round and full mark jumps made sure of his qualification.

4th Fiona Britten with OWLSLEY TIKOUKA, CDEx, Weim, D, 177/200, NQ.  Very good nosework and very good control, but unfortunately no clear or scale jump today was to prove costly.


1st David Warwick with SPACE COMMANDER, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, D, 176/200, COM.  Struggled on the track and unfortunately didn’t get the end article, but didn’t show any sign of giving up.  On the C/A we were treated to a full mark round, a lovely dog that will go far.

2nd Gary Martin with CARISHILL ATLAS, Golden Retriever, D, 171.5/200, COM.  Dylan worked hard and in fact was the only dog in WD to track on Saturday; sendaway caused a few problems but he still managed to qualify - well done.  You won’t meet a nicer trialist than Gary and he proved this when I forgot he was working another dog that day and showed him the track pattern; he instantly offered to scratch from the trial.  I said no it was still up to the dog to do the work, also why should he be penalised for my error.

3rd Maureen Regan with WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 163.5/200, COM.  Wow, Meggie really did work hard on the track, unfortunately missing the last article; she was very tired and only found three from the square.  Maureen and Meggie did a very nice C/A round.  Maureen was very pleased and the qualification was well deserved - well done.

4th CC Westmids Police’ LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, GSD, B, handled by Paul Thornton, 152.5, NQ.  

I have been privileged to watch and give my opinion on a lot of nice dogs.  To all who entered under me, thank you for allowing me that privilege.  However I, along with other judges, track layer’s, search and C/A stewards, give our time for you (and we do enjoy it) but we expect not to be intimidated or bitten by dogs that are not quite under control; on a couple of occasions this weekend that is how we felt (fortunately we were not bitten).  Please, if you are not sure of your dog’s general soundness with people or your ability to control them don’t enter trials.  On a brighter note, although there was no best track award  we were lucky to watch Maureen Regan’s Meggie and also Ray Lea’s Ruby work very hard and complete their tracks - they were a credit to you both.  Finally, to all those that qualified, well done; to those that didn’t, don’t be disheartened, keep training - after all, you took the best dog home with you.




Tracklayer: David Barker       

Square Steward: Dean Woodcock

PD and C/A Steward: Chris Gregory  

PD Scribe and "innocent" criminal: Caroline Martin

Criminals: David Barker, Gary Martin and Dean Woodcock

Thanks to the WKC for the invitation - it felt like coming home to be on WKC ground again.  Thanks to farmer, Mike Rees, and family.  Thanks to Lindsey for the organisation and especially for making great efforts to ensure any potential PD round qualifiers got some good grass to track on!  Lovely to see the superb semi professional partnership of Brian and Barbara Riste manning the Base and kitchen - you are a great team!  I did see you had some help from Elaine Adams - nice to see Paul allowing you out! 

Special thanks go to my trio of helpers, Chris Gregory, David Barker and Dean Woodcock, for their help and advice, both before the test when we rehearsed at home, and for their very well executed work on the day.  I was also very pleased that Caroline and Gary Martin offered their help; this meant I could have an experienced scribe and expert criminal as well as my own team.  These two left the Trial before the presentation with a good excuse - Gary was tracklaying the next day at Hampshire, then judging. 

We started with the PD round.  Dogs had to do a short quarter down a hedge to a small tent, behind which Caroline was leaning on a gate and day dreaming, having forgotten that she should be scribing.  This was not done well, despite the dogs only having 90 yards to travel to find a stranger in dark glasses and hat.  Handlers had the chance of encouraging and praising their dogs as they went to join them, but despite that, the next bit of the quarter was not done very well either by most dogs.  I wanted the two short hedgerows searched plus a small quarry where David was sat on a rock; only half of the dogs managed to bark at David and remain with him until the handler joined them.  The quarry set up was difficult in that it required the handler to organise their dog and David so that they had a sufficient safety zone to operate in; two handlers definitely would have endangered themselves had this been a real life situation.  Interesting to see that Gary Martin, doing the run through with Roy, gave himself plenty of space.  As David was escorted away from the quarry the steward was unfortunately stung by a wasp, and when she yelped in surprise David took his chance to attack the handler.  Never knew Gary was such a nervous type - his reaction was wonderful!  Those handlers too close on the search were still far too close here, but the others coped very well.  All six dogs did the recall from Gary, which shows impressive control.  All dogs then chased well, but some did release Dean who immediately escaped again.  The Test of Courage had two large loud men armed with yellow foam "water noodle" batons attacking the dogs; both the winner and Paul Morling’s dog got full marks, two bitches were not assertive enough for high marks, but no dog bottled out.

Four dogs worked the C/A, when we lost Liz Hickman as a qualifier, and three dogs ended the day with good tracks on grass fields.

1st Adrian Quick and LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, 283.5, CoM.  Apart from deciding Caroline was too innocent to bark at, and a slight check with his handler on the chase, the rest of Ossie’s round showed keenness and the recall was stunning - a real "turn on a sixpence"!  This dog also enjoys his nosework and C/A, so it was a good all round performance.  Well done.

2nd Kevin Hill and VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 258.25, NQ.  Nearly enough marks in Patrol but just needs more experience in all the exercises - especially when working away from the handler.  You will trouble the best with your stylish nosework.  Impressive C/A too but not happy in the down stay today.

3rd Liz Hickman and WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, CDEx -TDEx, GSD, B, 240.5, NQ.  Got enough marks on the patrol field - well done - despite your lack of experience in dealing with criminals and hides - a sheltered life?  Good chase and the quick recall didn’t need your second command.  Jay declined the scale and the long jump today but tracked and searched well in the roughest field.

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