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We had a great bunch of people enter our trial; despite the relentless rain all day, several spectators also came along to see what trials were all about.  There were 11 entries in the Introductory Stake and 2 in CD, and all ran.

A big ‘thank you’ to Bill Richardson for judging again and to Moira Rogerson and Dave Warrick for stewarding, to Lindsay Poole for coming to oversee things on behalf of the WKC, the Gethin family for the use of their fields and of course the competitors for being so supportive of each other.





Stewards: Dave Warrick and Moira Rogerson

A lovely 3 days training in Wales, the fourth day being the Introductory and CD open trial.  Thanks to the WKC for my judging appointment, Gail Gwesyn-Pryce for managing the trial and her kind hospitality, and Dave Warrick and Moira for stewarding.  The weather …… we will say no more!


1st Rebecca Blakemore, KINDRED LAD, ESS, 90, Q.  Lovely round with a young handler, positive and a joy to watch.

2nd Kim Stoklasa, WHAT’S UP WOODY, JRT.  Experienced trainer, not in trials, but put all her knowledge into this and almost qualified.  Half a mark was all that was needed in the jumps.  Woody is a super little Jack Russell X.

3rd Elinore Vickery, KELLCASTLE CHOCOLAT SAPHIR TO FIREQUEST, BSD (Turv).  Always a joy to watch, happy if not nervous Elinore coped with it well.  Almost there – the jumps!  Better luck next time.

4th Fiona Walters, AEGEAN LADY, ESS.  Lovely busy dog but could be better focused. Half a mark short on the nosework.  Well handled.


1st Hilary Mercer, STARDELL RANA, BC, 91.5, Q.  Nice young dog, a little excitable but handled well once it settled down.  One to watch for the future.  Well done.

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