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What wonderful weather we were blessed with for the first trial to be held in Mid Wales.  Thanks go to  Bill Richardson for judging and Sarah Moore for her stewarding and putting everyone at their ease.  Sadly the heavens opened as we neared the end of the trial, with one competitor getting soaked, but it dried up again for the stays.

The fields were superb and thanks must go to the land owner, Les Gethin, and family for their generosity; without them there would have been no trial, and indeed a very difficult training week end with Moira Rogerson, who primed many of the competitors.

There were 10 entries of which 8 qualified. I will leave Bill to write his own report.

1st David Warrick and SPACE COMMANDER, X-breed, 97. Six weeks ago Dave underwent a quadruple heart bypass, so an achievement for them both.

2nd Carol Royle’s STAR AT CONCENN, Welsh Sheepdog, handled by John Fitzpatrick, 92.

3rd ARO, Karen Cullen and TRAMELLA TIPSI, GSD, 89.

4th Sylvia Cook and MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, 89.

Also qualifying:

Andriette Larsson-Clifford and TOBIAS BLACKBEARD, X-breed, 88.

Kerry Wiggins and EDWARDIANA GHOST, ESS, 83.5.


Fernando Brown and ZEUS HEAD, Dobermann, 81.5.

Well done to the other two competitors, Jude Hammersley and her X-breed, SHOWGIRL LOLA, on 82.5, with only the scale between her and a qualification, and Hazel Sharp and her X-breed AMBER GOLDEN GEM - only lost one on the jumps and she only started training for them over the week end!

Hopefully all will be enthused enough to go forward to CD Championship and UD open.





Steward: Sarah

This trial was held near to the home of Gail Gwesyn-Pryce who had arranged a Moira Rogerson trials training course in the days leading up to the event.  This clearly benefitted many of the competitors who had taken part, as the results show.  Thanks to the WKC for inviting me, to Trials Manager, Gail, for her assistance and kind hospitality, to Sarah my steward for the day, and to the competitors.

We started the day with bright sunny weather for the sits, retrieves and searches.  All these exercises were completed to a good standard, a few losing marks on the sits and retrieves.  The majority of searches were completed in an efficient and timely manner; unfortunately a few dogs fouled the square, which cost their handlers valuable points.

The afternoon control and agility started with sun, and then showers.  The first exercise was the recall, then heel on lead to the sendaway, and heel off lead returning to the jumps.  The final exercise was the down stay.

Having reservation about this stake, as many others, the proof of the pudding was in the eating.  Eight dogs out of ten qualified.  The exercises which dogs normally fail in CD, searches, jumps and downs, were performed in a very efficient manner.

1st SPACE COMMANDER, X-Breed, D, handled by Dave Warrick (who was recovering from major heart surgery), 97, Q.  Well done, what a team.  All the best for the future.

2nd STAR AT CONCENN, Welsh Sheepdog, B, handled by J Fitzpatrick, 92, Q.  Consistency was the secret here.  Good result.

3rd TRAMELLA TIPSI, GSD, B, handled by Karen Curren, 89, Q.  Struggled with the search on the Saturday training, but pulled it out of the bag for Sunday.  Well done, nice dog, keep it up.

4th MR MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, handled by Sylvia Cook, 89, Q.  (after run off - retrieve).  A mixture of exellent and not so good - get the former and you will be spot on.

Also qualified:

TOBIAS BLACKBEARD, X-Breed, D, handled by Andriette Larrson-Clifford, 88.

EDWARDIANA GHOST, ESS, D, handled by Kerry Wiggans, 83.5.


ZEUS HEAD (NAF) Dobe, D, handler Fernando Brown, 81.5.

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