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Square Steward: Lindsey Poole,

C/A Steward: Gill Lawrence.

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the Introductory Stake.  As always this was a friendly well run trial managed by Lindsey Poole with Brian at base.

With Lindsey as my square steward and Gill as the C/A steward I could not have wished for better, thank you very much for being such good company.  The weather on the Saturday was dry and sunny which made things more enjoyable.

1st J. Davis’s ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, 97, Q.  A good all round performance; well done.

2nd M. Amey’s WILBERT WONDER, Golden Retriever, 96, Q.  Another good all round performance; well done.

3rd  J. Le Mesurier’s AFON ANDY PANDY, Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla, 90, Q.  Worked well throughout; well done.

4th  R. Turner’s KHAMYSKER CLARE DELUNE, GSD, 84.5, Q.  Again, worked well throughout; well done.




Steward: Gill Lawrence

Track Layers: Annie Thorpe, Ann Clarke

Search Steward: Marnie Wells

Thanks to The Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge at this wonderful trial.  I had such a great time and that was due to being with such a lovely bunch of people all mucking in and enjoying our wonderful sport.  Thank you so much to Lindsey for all the organising, planning and heartache that goes along with the job of trials manager, made that much harder as you live so far away - no mean feat!  The B&B was second to none and the meals out were superb, I especially enjoyed Saturday night!!  Thank you.  Barbara Riste was in the kitchen and Brian running the base.  They both pandered to my every whim, I even got a chocolate sandwich sent to me!!  Thanks for a great job and lovely company as always.

I was privileged to have a really experienced team working with me which made my job of judging much easier, I could just get on with it.  Jill and I started our control herding the cows out of the field!!  We did have a little help from Lindsey and the farmers wife!  Our main objective then was to locate the jumps in the cleanest possible area; that done, Gill stewarded expertly and the round really flowed.  Thank you for your part in that and for being great company, Gill.

My tracklayers Annie and Ann just got on with the job as you would expect, allowing me to just get on with the judging. Fabulous the pair of you, great expertise and great company, thank you.  Lastly Marnie, my search steward, room mate, training tipster and brilliant companion for the four days, thank you so much!

I set a straight forward test and the tracking conditions were superb (lush grass) so it was disappointing to have only two qualifiers.  However all the competitors were great and took away something positive from their performance.

1st  Paula Jaques with EMM OF EMLEY, BC, B, 189, Q.  Fantastic track only losing 0.5 and all three articles. Work needed on the control between exercises.  Very well done!

2nd  Linda Reynolds with AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, ASD, 186.5, Q.  I’m thrilled for you, Linda, you’ve broken your duck.  Great all round performance, well done.

3rd  Laura Bardwell with POLLGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE, Lab, D, 188.5, NQ.  So unlucky with the square otherwise a lovely round.

4th Di Cottrill with SANDYS OAK, Lab, D, 186.5, NQ.  So near but at least you’ve already got them; nosework was fab.

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