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Glorious Wales in August and boy, did it rain!  My three judges – Maureen (TD), Gill (UD) and Zoe (CD), were great company, as were the usual band of willing helpers.  I will leave it to the judges to name you individually - but heartfelt thanks to you all.  To Brian and Barbara for looking after everything in the base and kitchen and to Linda Reynolds for keeping in contact with the farmers and getting the land for me.  Thank you all.

Most importantly thanks go to my two farmers, Gwynne Anthony and Mike Rees, always so helpful and obliging. 

Well done to all the competitors who qualified, bad luck to those who didn’t - keep trying.

Lindsey Poole




Steward: Linda Reynolds

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake, my first time judging this stake.  Thanks to Lindsey, Trials Manager, for running a very relaxed trial, and thanks to the farmers, Barbara in the kitchen for the lovely food and Brian at base and on scoreboard, and finally to Linda Reynolds for stewarding for me and putting me up. 

We had fairly good weather compared to the previous day, with just a couple of brief showers.  With only three competitors we did nosework and sit stays in the control field on quite long grass.  Square articles were a brown lid, green scourer and a small block of wood.  I set a straightforward round with not too much heelwork and a 50yd sendaway to crossed poles.   We only had four entries and three ran, and although we didn’t have any qualifiers the overall standard of work was not too bad.  Lots of marks were lost for mouthing and dropping articles and numerous additional commands.  Each team delivered some good work but each also had some weak exercises; all would be capable of qualifying if they can get it all together on the day.

1st L East and PENDORE IOLO, WSD, 77.5, NQ.  Lorna and Iolo did a lovely sendaway for full marks and both stays.  All 3 articles out of the square with just minor marks lost on the jumps.

2nd R Collier and SARASAL’S BLUE CASCADE OF PEPPERBOX, Beg-Ex, Cocker Spaniel, 62.5, NQ.  Becky and Storm started the round, taking it by storm with minimal marks lost until the sendaway and jumps.  Work on those couple of weak exercises, Becky, and you’ll have CDEx under your belt with no problems.

3rd J Davies and ANNACOURT LUTHER, GSD, 57.5, NQ.  Janette and Jingo got 2 articles out the square, a nice sendaway, but had a few hiccups with the jumps.




Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and Ann Clarke

Steward: John West

Thanks to the Welsh KC for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their Open Trial at Laleston.  Thank you to Lindsey Poole, Trials Manager (and track layer) and all her team who worked so hard to organise such an excellent trial.  Thanks to all at the base, especially Barbara Riste, who provided us with loads of lovely food and who makes a great salad sandwich.

The tracking was on good grass and the weather varied from hot and dry, to cold and very wet indeed.

I was blessed with an illustrious and experienced team on the field.  The tracks were laid considerately and efficiently by Lindsey and Ann, who were always there, ready to help in any way possible.  John is an excellent steward; he helped put the competitors at ease and kept us all laughing even when the heavens opened.  Thank you!

1st Linda Reynolds and AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, ASD, 185, Q.  Harris is a handsome young dog, destined to go far on today’s performance.  He just romped to a well deserved qualification and win - and all on your birthday too, Linda.  VERY WELL DONE!

2nd Ruth Kuszek and SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, SBT, 183, Q.  Otto was on form today and certainly lived up to his name.  Fastest square of the stake!  WELL DONE.

3rd Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, 181.5,  NQ.  But for the jumps, General would have qualified in style.  I shall watch out for you both in the reports.  Good luck in the future.

4th Gabbie Slade and NYRVANA WILD WORLD, GSD, 165, NQ.  Django’s first attempt at UD, and all was going really well until the stays when he just had to sit up to see where "mum" had gone.  I just loved his attitude and joie de vivre!

Thank you to all the competitors, who were friendly and accepted my decisions graciously.  All the dogs were capable of qualifying on their day, as sadly there were plenty of "if only" stories.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Caroline Morton (Thursday), Pat Herbert (Thurs/Fri), Julie Atkins (Fri/Sat), Gary Atkins (Fri/Sat )

Search Stewards: Marney Wells (Thurs/Fri), Pat Herbert (Saturday)

C/A Steward: Marney Wells

Thanks to the Welsh KC committee for the invitation to judge the TD stake; as usual an excellently run Trial.    Thanks to the Trials Manager, Lindsey Poole (and she lives in Somerset!!).   Lindsey is so fortunate to have such an experienced team of helpers, starting off with Base Steward, Brian Riste; thanks, Brian, for keeping the competitors coming on time, and Linda for escorting.  Running the kitchen, as well as competing, was Barbara Riste and friends - big thanks, Barbara, for taking such care over my food, it was great.  Thanks to the "field workers",  what an experienced team!  You were super, you gave the competitors every chance to succeed, and did all I asked, and great company too; thank you.  (Did you know Pat Herbert can decapitate you with one swift movement???)  Thank you, Marney, for stewarding the C/A.  You saw when the competitors nerves were starting to kick in, and gently guided them around the course, and then went on to search square for me. These working trialists are fit!  Thank you.

25 entered, 25 ran, and there were 9 qualifiers.

We tracked on lush grass in sunshine and rain.   The standard of the dogs was good both in control and nosework.  For those of you that didn’t qualify, judging by what I saw this week, it certainly won’t be long before you do, and some were just unlucky, especially Ron Jaques and Vana Moody.

1st Chris Daubney, COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, B 207, Q,. A brilliant track and super C/A round;  it was a pleasure to watch this team work.  Well done, Chris, Dizzy did you proud.

2nd Barbara Riste, GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, D, 203.5, Q.  Barbara has often said "When Bennett’s good he’s very good, and when he’s bad......."  Today he was certainly very good, and so good to watch, lovely to see.  Well done.

3rd Mary Drewitt, LAWINICK RIOJA,  GSD, B, 196.5, Q .  Again another good track, and held it together well in the control round.  Well done, Mary, Erin worked well for you.

4th Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B, 194, Q.  Sheila’s experienced handling came to the fore today with this young dog.  Well done. Sheila.

Also qualifying were:-


Robert Willatts, MOORMILL NILANDO, FCR, D, 186   

Jackie Weaver, LENWORTH BRYONY, Lab, B, 182

Karen Tiffany, BRICKER BRACKEN, WSD, D, 181.5


Lastly, but not least, thank you to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions, and good luck for your future trials.  I hope you enjoyed your day.

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