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Trials Manager’s Report

Wales in February and it didn’t rain!  What more could I ask for?  My three judges - Sheila, Tony and Jenny, were great company, as were the usual band of willing helpers - who were prepared to give up a Ticket trial in order to lay tracks and steward for me.  I will leave it to the judges to name you individually - but heartfelt thanks to you all and for your support during my little issue with the Kennel Club!  To Brian and Barbara for looking after everything in the base and kitchen; to Sheila Watts for providing B&B; to Linda Reynolds for keeping in contact with the farmers and getting the land for me; and to Marney Wells for being Marney!  Thank you all.

Most importantly thanks go to my two farmers, Gwynne Anthony and Mike Rees, always so helpful and obliging, and to the Knight family for the use of the Tythegston Estate.  Having had to cancel the Open Trial in August because of another Foot & Mouth outbreak, we were welcomed back with open arms.

Well done to all the competitors who qualified, bad luck to those who didn’t - keep trying.

Good luck to Tony and Gyp at the Kennel Club Championships - at least you won’t have too far to travel!

Lindsey Poole


Stake: CD


Steward: Gill Lawrence

Thank you to The Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the CD Stake; as usual it was an extremely well run trial by Lindsey Poole, ably assisted by Marney Wells and their skilled team of helpers.

I was superbly fed and watered by Barbara Riste and Sheila Watts, and with Brian Riste keeping the base under control nothing was left to chance.  Special thanks must be given to the farmer Mr Gwynn Anthony for allowing us the use of his land.

Last and not least, thanks to my steward, Gill, for both keeping the stake flowing and putting the competitors at their ease.  Thank you all!

I set a straight forward test, the square articles being a black cartridge, a 2 inch square of carpet and a 2 inch square of wellie.  Seventeen teams ran and 9 recovered all three articles.  The retrieve varied from excellent to requiring a little more training.

The control commenced with heel on lead, then a 25 pace recall, heel free and finished with a 70 pace sendaway to 2 crossed poles inline with a double telegraph pole in the hedge.  I was generally impressed with the standard of sendaways.

As is usual in CD the problems occurred with both the stays and jumps; we lost seven dogs on the jumps, resulting in three teams achieving qualifying marks.

1st Janette Hickson, ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, BC, 95, Q CDEx.  Minor blemishes on the control, lost one on the nosework, full set of jumps.

2nd Ann Clarke, STYPRSON QUINCEY, Lab, 92.5, Q CDEx.  Full mark square, lost bits and bobs on control, full mark jumps.

3rd M and A Bracegirdle, LOWERBIRCH BRAY, Border Terrier, handled by Anne, 87.5, Q CDEx.  Bracken worked well for you, losing just 0.5 on the jumps, doing a lovely square, and dropping the odd mark here and there on the control.

4th V and G Thomson, CONCERN YAUTIA, GSD, 77.5, Qual CD. After a run off, with a retrieve deciding the placing

Gabbie Slade, NYRVANA WILD WORLD, GSD, 77.5, Qual CD.   I am sure that it will not be long before you qualify CDEx.

Congratulations to those who qualified, and to the others I am sure that it will not be long before you too are successful. Thank you for entering and accepting my decisions - I really enjoyed judging you and your dogs. Good luck for future trials.


Stake: UD


Stewards: Jenny Orchard and Margery Lee

Tracklayers: Annie Thorpe and Marney Wells

19 entries, 15 ran, 10 Qualifiers.

I would like to thank The Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge this stake.  Lindsey Poole, assisted by Marney Wells, ran a very well organised trial, with all departments of the organisation being tested, as land was lost to farmers throwing slurry everywhere!  Even with the disruption everything ran smoothly and all competitors were given a fair test.

Now I am not a great believer in global warming but if you do not need thermals and high quality waterproofs for Bridgend in February what other explanation can there be?  It was amazing - warm sunshine, blue skies, very little wind; ideal weather for tracking and searching as the results showed, with every competitor qualifying on the nose work section.

I was fortunate to have experienced track layers in Annie and Marney, who gave all competitors the same opportunity to qualify. They laid the tracks as the tractors chased then from farm to farm - thank you very much and well done.  Jenny and Margery, obviously due to the summer weather, had warm hands and gave everyone the opportunity to find articles, so again thank you both. They also as acted as very competent control and agility stewards.

The standard of handling was particularly high and the majority of dogs proved to be really motivated, so well done all competitors!  The track was 710 yards and basically a box within a box, the first article 3.5 inch coffee jar lid placed on the third leg, and the last article a 4 inch x 1 inch piece of wood.  The search articles were a 2 inch square of carpet, a cartridge, a metal dessert spoon and a cork. Eight dogs found four articles, five retrieved three and the rest only two.

I saw some good control rounds, with 6 full mark sendaways and 2 losing only half a mark.  The heelwork seemed to be the most disappointing exercise, with extra commands and wide sloppy work losing the marks.  Four dogs failed on the agility and one in the down, which for UD I thought extremely good.  Those handlers who missed the qualification must have gone away with some positives, knowing they qualified well in most sections.

1st Liz. Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, 196, Q.  Lost 3 on the track, full mark square, and dropped 1 mark on the control.  Brilliantly handled. Congratulations to a worthy winner, well done.

2nd V and G Thomson, CONCENN YAUTIA, GSD, handled by Val Thomson, 195, Q.  Lost 1.5 on the track, 0.5 on the square, and 3 in heelwork. Really close on the heels of the winner.  Tidier heelwork and you would have won.  Another well handled performance.  Congratulations.

3rd Rosemary Elliott, WINDMILLS MISTER SOFTEE, WSD, 186.5, Q.  A good track once past the first corner - well recovered.  Lost three marks on the square. A very impressive sendaway made up for an untidy retrieve and heelwork.  A very worthy place.  Well done.

4th Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, X breed, 185.5, Q.  A competent nosework round, with a very good control round secured you your place. Well done.            

Also Qualifying UDEx:

Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, 185 

Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, 184.5

Janette Hickson, ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, BC, 184

M and J Ward, WOLFHART WHAT A CRACKER, GSD, handled by Juliet Ward, 178.5

M and A Bracegirdle LOWERBIRCH BRAY, Border Terrier, handled by Anne Bracegirdle, 177.5

Chris Daubney, COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, 170.5

A big thank you to Barbara Riste and her various assistants in the kitchen who kept me extremely well fed and watered, and thanks to Brian Riste on the score board.  Also thank you again to Lindsey and all her helpers for their friendly hospitality, making it a very enjoyable judging appointment.

To all the competitors, thank you for entering and accepting my decisions - the quality of all your work was exceptional.


Stake: TD

Judge: Sheila Tannert

Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Julie Atkins, Gary Atkins

Search Stewards: Ann Clarke, Martine Taylor

C/A Steward: Julie Atkins

I would like to thank the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge my first Ticket; I had a really great time.  Thanks to Lindsay for running the Trial and being a great host. The Gardening Club is a great base and the members made everyone feel so welcome. The base was run by Brian Riste in his usual efficient way, and the kitchen was run by Barbara Riste. We were really well fed - thank you, Barbara.

Thank you to my tracklayers, Pat Herbert who laid the early tracks, and Julie and Gary Atkins.  My search square stewards were Ann Clarke and Martine Taylor.  You were all great company and I couldn’t have had a better team.  Even the weather was good to us.

1st Tony Lockyer, DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – TDEx, WSD.  Worked on the first day.  Gyp and Tony had to work really hard but their teamwork paid off, getting 3 articles off the track and 4 out of the square.  The control round was very impressive - a very worthy winner.  Good luck for the KCC’s. 209.5, Q TDEx


A very nice track with 3 articles off the track and 3 out of the square. Another good control round.  Well done Anne.  203.5, Q TDEx

3rd John Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, CDEx – TDEx, BC.  Well done John.  Jaff didn’t find it easy today, but qualified TD on 175

4th Margaret Robinson, WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENT VALLEY, CDEx – TDEx.  Lacey did a super track and search, but lost her confidence on the sendaway today which stopped her from qualifying.    182.5, NQ

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