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Stake: CD


Steward: Linda Reynolds

Scribe: Sheila Watts

I would like to thank The Welsh K.C. for asking me to judge the CD at their championship trial this year.  Lindsey Poole and Brian Riste kept things in order and Barbara Riste, with the help of Jacqui West. kept us well fed. Brilliant – thank you to all concerned.

Thanks also go to my steward Linda Reynolds, who did a superb job of square laying and stewarding the competitors through the control round.  Not a single slip up – well done.  Thanks also go to Linda and her husband Terry for putting me up for two nights, to Terry for helping get my van off the drive, and to their next door neighbours for coming out to offer their garden for parking when it became apparent that my van would not go up the drive in the snow.  What super neighbours to have.  Thank you!

I had the luxury of a scribe which allowed me to concentrate on the dogs working (and saved me getting cold wet hands) – thank you Sheila.  This arrangement enabled me to share my views and discuss how I award marks to Sheila, prior to her first judging appointment, as well as making my life easier on the day.  It was a brilliant arrangement which worked very well for both of us - thanks again Sheila.

I set a straight forward test with a long recall and retrieve with the distraction of the square being laid beside the working dog.  The square articles were a teaspoon, a plastic door wedge and a cork.  The sendaway was 70 paces straight to a pole on the hedge at a right angle. 

There were 10 entries, but due to the snow only four managed to get there and unfortunately only one dog qualified CDEx.  The competitors were a super bunch who all worked well in difficult conditions.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging your work.

1st           Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD Nov. Ex., CDEx, UDEx. (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). 96 marks, qualified CDEx. Congratulations on a superb round Marney.  Busby has improved greatly since I last saw him, and you held it all together, handling him calmly to get the best out of him, whilst demonstrating his brilliant style and drive.  A well deserved win.

2nd         Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM (Border Collie), 82, NQ.  Only 19 months and full of promise, Storm showed enthusiasm and drive, but unfortunately came unstuck on the jumps today.  Not surprising in such difficult conditions, but I was impressed with his work and expect he will soon work his way up through the stakes.  You must be very pleased with him.

3rd          Ken Coleman with PENCOME BECK (Working Sheepdog), 76.5, NQ.  Beck certainly knows his job and was doing very well until, unfortunately, Ken slipped and further injured his bad back.  What a shame!  Keep your spirits up Ken, you are almost there.

4th          Jeanette Davies with ANNACOURT LUTHER (GSD), 65.5 NQ.  Well done on today’s performance Jeanette.  I know you were pleased with Jingo, and you learnt a lot.  Superb heelwork and recall with just a couple of blips on the jumps and sendaway.  Keep at it and you will soon qualify.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Lyn Reynolds, Anne Thorpe, Pat Herbert.

Stewards: Jacquie West

I would like to thank Lindsey Poole and the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the stake, but not for the weather.  I must commend the tracklayers for their efforts under these conditions - what a wonderful team - and to my wife Jacquie, who braved all three days by my side to lay search squares and scribe in the control round. The best jobs in this weather, but never the less important, was Barbara Riste in the kitchen, and Brian Riste as base steward - thank you both. 

What three days of very changeable weather, Friday 3 to 4 inches of snow, Saturday torrential rain and Sunday strong winds to blow dry everything; although this was the case, only a couple of points separated qualifying dogs on each of the days.  I feel that we worry more about conditions than the dogs.

1st                 Dean Woodcock and LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK, CDEx – WDEx, (BC).  This is a team I have judged on more than one occasion and have always been impressed with and this time was no exception. 192.5, Q.

2nd                Gavin Thomson and CONCENN XANADU, CDEx, UDEx, (GSD).  Another superb up and coming team, just two points down overall on nose work, another day could have been different. 190.5, Q.

3rd                 Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and CONCENN XCEL, CDEX, UDEx, (GSD).  In front of first and second on track marks, lost a couple in the square and a hiccup on the agility.  As before, could be different on another day. 189, Q.

4th                 Marge Lee and LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, CDEx, UDEx, (WSD).  A nice even round - shame that Loki on a couple of occasions wanted to visit his fellow workers rather than listening to mum.  175, Q.

Also Qualifying

Lynne Cousins, MOORTIME FOREST FERN, CDEx – WDEx, (ASD).  Handled by Paul Cousins, 171.5, Q.

Freddie Middleton and SHARDEE’S JODIE, (GSD), 164.5, Q.

Jacquie Gibney and BRYN HEULOG AP BRECN, (WSD), 157, WD.

Vicky Wilford  and RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS, (Pyrenean Sheepdog) CDEx, UDEx, 153, WD.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Julie Atkins and Gary Atkins

Stewards: Marney Wells (Friday), Caroline Morton (Saturday), Julie Atkins (Patrol)

Criminals: Gary Atkins, Ann Clarke, Caroline Morton, Charlie Taylor, Dean Woodcock

Thanks to WKC for the invitation to judge my first PD ticket. To Lindsey Poole for all her hard work and organization and Barbara and Brian Riste for the catering and base work; many, many thanks, this is always a really friendly welcoming trial.

lorna track PD small

A first class team assisted me and whilst the appearance of snow seemed a culture shock to some of them (Marney!) they all donned thermals and waterproofs and cheerfully carried on.  Weather conditions for the nosework were dreadful; on Friday several inches of snow fell and covered both the track and articles, on Saturday it rained.  6 of the 16 entered scratched prior to competing, 6 failed the nosework and 1 failed the C/A, leaving 3 still qualifying for the patrol round.

The Patrol round started with the first Quarter, at the end of which a criminal was found, sitting on the top of a short wall.  The chase and recall followed, both with one criminal standing still and the other running.  The test of courage was from one end of the field to the other; the dog was released from a distance, to run to two criminals arguing; as it approached them they went passive, whilst two other criminals came from behind.  These two wore balaclavas and followed instructions to be as loud and threatening as possible.  All of these four criminals were then searched and escorted.  During the attack on handler one criminal tried to assault the handler, the other three ran away.  Two went and hid behind a trailer, the other returned to also attack the handler, as it was, often successfully.  When these two were brought under control, the handler then released the dog for another quarter to locate the final two.

1st           Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS, GSD, D.  Not the easiest dog to handle, Boss’s super enthusiasm for each exercise sometimes overrules his sense of hearing.  The hard work is paying off though, and he put in a solid all round performance to win a very worthy first PD ticket.  What a great character and temperament this dog has. Best of luck at the KCCs. (110.5/115 nosework; 51/55 C/A; 113/150 patrol) 274.5 Ex.

2nd         Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D.  Always a quality team, Murphy battled hard against the snow blizzards to complete the track and recover all the articles.  The quarter and escort weren’t to his usual high standard and proved costly, as the rest of his patrol and C/A were excellent.  Hard to believe that Murphy is still less than four years old, his performance is so polished.  (91/115; 53/55; 127/150) 271 Ex

3rd          Lee Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN, WSD, D.  Another dog that has progressed really well, Buzz put in a good all round performance, though cut it a bit close with the C/A.  The best quarter by far, however had no actual bark on the location, and a slight hiccup on the attack on handler, but the rest of his patrol work was very good. (106/115; 43/55; 118/150) 267 Ex

4th          Judith Owens-Poole and FIRCROFT DOON, BC, D.  Tracked in heavy rain and Brodie had to work very hard to get round.  Untypical of him, he objected to the weather during the stay and decided it was better to get drenched whilst sitting.  Confusion in the chase marred an otherwise good patrol round, his search, escort and attack on handler were the only one done well.  (90/115; 37.5/55; 72/150) 199.5 NQ

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