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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 08 February 2004

Trials Manager’s Report

Thanks to all who worked hard to make this Trial a success, from the seasoned experienced helpers who can do any Trials job to the very nervous beginner Track-layer you were all great. The Judges were all Welsh Kennel Club Members and thanks to lots of local assistance and support from other W.K.C Members this is probably the least expensive Trial I have ever run – we might have managed to break even for the first time in many years! 

Thanks to my Judges: Julie Atkins TD, Caroline Morton UD and Linda Reynolds CD for a problem free Trial, I know you will thank your own teams in your reports and I’m sorry you had such awful weather for most of the week. Interestingly the Ticket winner Jolly Jill, Pat Herbert’s young dog, worked in such bad conditions that having driven up to watch some dogs track I refused to get out of my van until the rain decreased! Fortunately Jill had more determination, well done Pat.

Special thanks to Lindsey Poole who accepted all the entries because I was moving house when the advert went in, produced the catalogues, TD Track-layed, and had all the hassle of hiring a temperamental van to take her and her dogs to Bridgend for the duration. Lindsey you are wonderful and I will kill anyone who disagrees (just don’t tell your bosses I said that). Thanks to Sheila Watts who allowed me and my dogs to stay in her lovely house and whose first words to me each day were “Ruth, is there anything you would like me to do?” And she was TD Search Stewarding each day too - wonderful attitude! Finally thanks to Frances Stoneley who phoned up just to scratch her in season bitch from CD and kindly offered help – your hard work in the Kitchen on Saturday was much appreciated.



C.D. Stake.


Steward, Yvonne Filleul.

Thank you to the W.K.C. for the invitation to judge my first championship stake ,which I really enjoyed, thanks to Ruth and Lindsey for running the trial. A BIG thank you to Lindsey who offered to step in for me if I wasn't well enough to judge, thanks. Thanks must also go to the competitors for being a friendly bunch and not keeping me waiting, and Yvonne for stewarding and being good company.

We had 16 entries, 15 ran and we finished with 6 qualifiers, the standard was very good, no one exercise, causing a problem, stays and jumps on the whole were good. Congratulations to those that qualified, to those that didn't you're nearly there, keep at it and good luck to you all in future trials.

1st           99.5 J. Hinds, DUNNSLAYNE CAP (B.C) The marks say it all, Cap worked really well, was nicely handled by John, well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         97.5 P.Coggins, MIDSUMMER EVE (W. S.D.) Well done Phihipa, good handling and keeping your nerves under control, bought out the best in Evie.

3rd          95 J. West, FULMAY FIRST CHALLENGER AT SHEPALIAN (A.S.D.)Well done John, mason got his act together, and worked well, good luck for the future.

4th          Jefferson /Hornsby, BEKKIS VIRTUOSO (B.C.) Woody worked really well for you Jenny, well done and good luck in future trials.

Also Qualifying

93.5        Richard Cornwell, KAUFENBURGER GRUBER (G.S.D.)

91 Nicky Prescott DUNNSLAYNE DOVE (W.S.D.)




Tracklayers Charlie & Perite

Squares Maurice

Thank you to the committee to ask me back to judge on home turf again, even if it is because I’m the cheapest option!!

The 8 competitors who braved crossing the border were Penny, Lynne, Jean, Janet, Pauline, Shirley, Sue and, Gavin all set a great example of enjoying working their dogs in this sport. No matter what antics the dogs got up to all were treated with empathy and enthusiasm.

Big, big thanks to the UD team of Charlie, recovering from the stress of remembering to bring the sandwiches from home, Perite who had 100% success track laying was rewarded by stewarding the control, and Maurice for search squares.

All dogs qualified in the track, 1 dog failed the search, 8 dogs jumped gaining 159 marks (160 max) and just when we thought we were on a role, 4 naughty children moved in the stays!!

The winner of the stake received a sack of Dog Food from Genesis who kindly sponsored their first working trial.

1st           Jean and Mac A Young lad and loving the fun of all parts of trials test UD ex 183

2nd         Lynne & Coda A very smart track from focused young lass UD’ex 183

3rd          Gavin & Chester You both did very well as a new partnership for today’s trial. UD’ex 168

4th Shirley & Misty Lucky that Misty found you as her new home, you work well together. UD only


TD Stake


Tracklayers:Lindsey Poole, Marney Wells, Gary Atkins

Square Steward:Sheila Watts

Control Steward:Gary Atkins

Thanks to WKC for the invite, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thanks to Ruth and Lindsey who ran a super trial between them with help from the locals, Linda and Caroline who keep the farmers happy and sort out the land!

We love this area and have helped at Wales for a number of years now, so I felt that I knew the land and the possible conditions that could be thrown at us and set my test accordingly. I felt happy at the end of the trial that I had got it right and the test worked out just as I had hoped it would with the conditions unfortunately beating some very good teams-it is not called Stormy Down for nothing! There were some great efforts but the one that really sticks in my mind is Barry and Lowry on Saturday afternoon. If I could have given them more time I am sure that they would have completed the track, Lowry would not take Barry wrong he just kept on working-I know Barry was very proud of him and rightly so, he worked his socks off!

The helpers were brilliant and gave every one a fair chance so a big thanks to Sheila, Lindsey, Marney and Gary for your hard work and good company out in the fields and Tine for the scores and certificates on Sunday. Thanks to Charlie for the spare on Saturday which we didn’t need but he had to wait all day to find that out and to Lindsey for laying the run off tracks which we didn’t need to use on Sunday.

There were 11 qualifiers after the N/W, 10 worked the control and 8 qualified overall. The standard was excellent and the competitors super so thanks to them from me for a really great trial.

1st           Pat Herbert’s Jolly Jill WSD(B) What a way to get your first TDex at your first attempt! I cannot say how much we both admire Pat as a handler and were delighted that she won. They were the only team to qualify on the Wednesday in horrible conditions-wet and windy and what a way to do it 3 & 4 and were in the lead by .5 at the end of the N/W. Lovely round of C & A losing just 3 .5. Well done Pat and Jill but could you just lay off the training for a bit now and give everyone a break? 209

2nd         Tony Lockyer’s W.T.Ch HARTSHILL  ROB WSD(D) Tony and Rob-what a team, one of the best ever and I was proud to judge them. Rob like his daughter, the winner, the only qualifier on his day, Saturday, in very windy conditions. He put his nose down and just worked his way round very tidily and they ended up 1 mark behind Pat and Jill. A beautiful C & A round losing 1 on the S/A and 5 at the return on the scale. So, 2nd place but I know Tony was proud to see Pat and Jill win. A great competitor who is always the same win, lose or draw!   205.5

3rd          Linda Newbold’s LITTLE BRADLEY XB(D) A lovely nosework round and lying .5 a mark behind Pat and Jill. Good control round, losing 5 and unfortunately failing the long jump. Another great team who were a pleasure to judge-well done.  202

4th          Ann Fowler W.T.Ch. WAGGERLAND FLOSS BC(B) Ann and Floss are one of my favourite teams-they both make me laugh. Lovely N/W with best track mark but unfortunate to miss an article. Another great C & A round losing 2.5 on the control and 3 on the jumps. 197.5

Other Qualifiers:

Alison Tohme’s Fursdon Twylyte Tramontano-the only other 3 & 4-a very nice team! 196

Ann Clarke Tarnedge Solar-Fastest square and 34 for the control-a super performance!      192.5

Ann Bussey’s Romeno IF SIX WAS NINE-Worked hard on the track and only 2.5 lost on the C & A! 190.5

Ann Collen’s TESSA OF TANTRUM Cross-Worked well, I am glad you made the trip over! 186

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