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Trials Managers Report

With 36 entries in TD, I decided to run the trial over three and a half days.  My land scouts - Caroline Morton and Linda Reynolds were dispatched with instructions to find grass for TD and whatever they could find for UD.  As always, my farmers came up trumps with lush grass for TD.  Unfortunately, UD had to cope with pretty bare winter wheat - which a lot of the younger dogs struggled on.  My thanks go to Caroline and Linda for keeping in touch with the farmers on my behalf, before and after the trial.  

Having booked John West to judge the TD, I also gained the services of Jacqui.  I did offer her the chance to have an 'outside' job, which luckily for us all she refused.  This meant we were really well looked after in the food and drink department.  Thank you Jacqui.

Likewise, having both the Riste's as my other judges meant I had Brian to help me in the base, before and after his stint as CD judge.  All three judges behaved themselves impeccably. I heard nothing but positive comments from the competitors about how friendly they all were and how relaxed they were made to feel.  So thanks to John, Barbara and Brian.  I will leave them to name their individual helpers, but a general thank you to everyone who helped and supported me with the trial.  Thanks to Marney for being my 'assistant', for the first time - what a combination!

I hope everyone who attended the trial enjoyed it as much as I did.



CD Stake


Steward - Perite Wadham

Many thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake.  A big thank you to Lindsey and her team of very experienced helpers for a very well run trial.

Thank you to Jacqui West for a well run kitchen - we were kept well fed and watered.  Finally thank you to Sheila Watts for the superb B&B.  Barbara, myself, and our dogs were made very welcome.

There were only two entries, both ran but unfortunately the sit stay stopped both of them from qualifying.

1st           Julie Luker with BELMARLEY TRY ME - 76 marks (NQ). A very nice round, calmly handled with confidence. 

2nd         Paul Cousins with MOORTIME FOREST FERN - 72 .5 marks (NQ). Another nice round, well handled from a nervous Paul.

Better luck to you both on your next time out , with the sit stay.


UD Stake


Tracklayers - Anne Thorpe & Pat Herbert

Square Steward and C&A scribe - Sheila Watts.

Thank you Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the UD Open at your recent trial.  Friendly and well run with Lindsey as Trials Manager, Brian at base, Jacqui West in the kitchen keeping us well fed and watered - a great job, thank you Jacqui.

To Pat and Anne (The 'A' Team) a big thank you - I could not have had better, also great company.  To Sheila another big thank you, for laying all the squares (all competitors got four out), for scribing for me in the C&A and for allowing Brian, dogs and myself in your lovely home.  We could not have been made more welcome.  Also for being great company throughout.

1st           CoM - Liz Hickman and WOLFROCK INDIANA MISCHIEF (GSD) - 172 ½ marks. Gave us a few anxious moments on the track, but kept it together.  Finished with both articles.  Qualified - very well done Liz and Indi.

2nd         NQ - Philippa Coggins and MIDSUMMER EVE (WSD) - 162 ½ marks. Best track and control - shame about the jumps.

3rd          NQ - Pauline Pearce and DUSTER'S RAGAMUFFIN (WSD) - 151.5 marks. No articles from the track.  Qualified in all other sections.

4th          NQ - Barry James and TYTRI KAY (BC) - 139.5 marks.Qualified in all sections except for the track.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Marney Wells, Gary & Julie Atkins

Square Steward: Linda Reynolds

Control Steward: Linda Reynolds

Thank you to The Welsh Kennel Club Committee for the invitation to Judge the T.D. stake. I would just like to inform the W.K.C that Lindsey Poole is only on loan as she makes a great trials manager but also a great secretary for Wessex. A special thank you must also go to Marney Wells as she continued to lay a track in a very violent thunderstorm and the track did not end up like the mark of Zorro!  IT MISSED.

I must also thank Linda Reynolds for laying all my squares and control stewarding for all the competitors.  Both were done with efficiency and accuracy putting all competitors at their ease, which always makes for better handling. Thanks to Julie & Gary for their usual good company and good track-laying.  By the way Gary (NICE SUNTAN). Thanks finally to the kitchen run by Jacquie West & assisted by Lindsey between her other jobs. 

Other than this one hour of stormy weather it was fine.  Tracking was on long grass which was made to look easy but had the problems of locating the articles.  Although 3 off the track and 4 out of the square were recovered, regrettably this was not by the same dog, resulting in the winning team only retrieving 3 and 3.

1st           Susanne Jaffa with ACCRA EAZEL BOB  CDex-WDex     ASD.(D)       205 Q

The Quality of this team showed as GOB had second attempt marks on the

clear jump but still won by 12.5 marks. I look forward to watching you in ticket.

2nd         Nicky Prescott with SKIPAWAY  FORTUNE Crossbreed  (B) 192.5 Q

Very neat control round, the third article on track would have made it a lot closer.  Good luck for the future.

3rd          Pat Williams with SUNSHINE JED  CDex-WDex  Labrador (D)  191 Q

Excellent Track, Good Square, more work on the control round and a ticket dog could be there. 

4th          Maureen Regan with KENMILLONE FRASER  CDex-WDex   GSD. (D)    183 Q

Every time I've seen this team there has been an improvement and this was no exception, for a two year old GSD you have a good future.

Also qualifying: -

Eric Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI. CDex-WDex  BC (D)  181.5 Q

Another dog with an accurate track but articles on track & square eluded you.

Nearly didn't qualify until I checked my adding up. Sorry Eric! But we got there       in the end.

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