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CD Stake


Steward: Linda Reynolds

Escort: Sheila Watts

Many thanks to Lindsey Poole and the Welsh team for this invitation to judge the CD stake. The food was super and copious- many thanks to all involved. Thank you to Sheila who spent all day organising the competitors and ensured everyone was where they should be at the appropriate time.

Thank you Linda for stewarding so efficiently and putting the competitors at ease. You did a brilliant job. Search squares were laid just right which enabled all competitors to succeed in this exercise. All dogs got three out of the square, but most lost marks for mouthing and/or dropping. The articles were a wooden dolly peg, a piece of green carpet 2.5 x 3 inches and a black plastic film canister.

The weather was better than it could have been! We had some sunny spells and it was mainly dry for the control. However the skies opened towards the end of the sit stay and I decided to wait five minutes or so before attempting the down. By this time the dogs were wet through and the rain became bearable. The dogs were brilliant! Well done you trainers!

C. D. STAKE:  15 entries, 10 ran.

1st           Stephanie McBride and Staftly Thunderbolt (Lab.) It was lovely to see Steph back in trials. A super young dog who is well trained - as one would expect. Jack produced some lovely work including the only clear search square of the day. Congratulations on this win Steph. 92 marks. CDX

2nd         Jefferson & Hornsby's Jakovell Midsummer Moth for Laetare (B/C).  Siobhan and Moth turned out a really professional round after overcoming some early nerves.  Moth is well trained in all exercises and was a credit to you Siobhan. Well done! 90.5 marks. CDX

3rd          Carol Wood and Pixham Pretty Lady (Sheltie) This tiny dog put together a workman like round in spite of looking as though she could be blown away by a puff of wind. She endured the stays (to my surprise!) and produced good work all round. Very well done on this achievement Carol.  82.5 marks. CDX

4th          Pauline Hewson and Janalian Zapateado (Groendael) JAZZ is a very stylish dog who I am sure will do well in the future. Super heelwork, clear sendaway and recall. She was unfortunate to narrowly miss qualifying today because of a slight mishap in the agility section. So sorry you missed out today Pauline your day will come! 84.5 marks. NQ

I must just mention Marney Wells and Bereka Hurricane of Copyhold (SBT). This was Busby's first competition and he was impressive - for a Staffie! He qualified in all sections until Marney withdrew from stays. This was a gallant gesture to avoid any vindication as Marney is not only a friend but trains here and does a lot of work for me. I am sure he will be qualified before this goes to print.

Thank you to all my competitors who took my decisions and comments in good humour. I saw some super dogs who will go on to do well. As handlers you were all brilliant, enjoying your day with your dogs even when things did not turn out quite as we would have liked.  Good luck to all of you for the future.


Stake : WD


Tracklayers : Pat Herbert, Ann Thorpe, Ann Clarke

Search Steward: Marney Wells, Caroline Morton

C/A Steward : Marney Wells

My thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the WD stake and to Lindsay for running such a well organised and happy trial.

Thanks to my track layers Anne Clark, Ann Thorpe and Pat Herbert for laying the tracks in the rain, wind and hail - you did a perfect job.

Marney Wells laid the squares on Friday and Sunday, Caroline Morton on Saturday.  What great company.  Marney was also scribe for these days.  Thanks again.

Barbara was in the kitchen making sure we were all well fed, thanks.  I felt sorry for the competitors having to work in the atrocious weather, they all took it well with no complaints - well done.

1st           M. Tustain with JOTUNHEIM VIP (MALINOIS) (D) Q190.  Full marks search and good control.  Well done Mick.

2nd         K. Astbury with ANGEL IN DISGUISE (CROSSBREED) (B) Q169.5.  Worked in high winds, the only one on Saturday to do the track.

3rd          R. Cornwell with KAUFENBURGER GRUBER (GSD) (D) Q169.  Good track only went wrong on the last bend.

4th          S. Watts with MAES LLOI MISCHIEF MAKER (ESS) (B) NQ.  Shame about the stays.

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