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CD & PD Stakes


Many thanks to the WKC for the invitation to judge and especially to Lindsay Poole for all her hard work in organisation. This is always a very friendly well organized trial and on this occasion was blessed with  sunny weather.

CD Stake

Steward  : Perite Wadham

We had 4 dogs work in this stake, thanks to Perite for stewarding and ensuring everyone enjoyed themselves.

1st           Marney Wells & BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD (SBT) D.  Good nosework though a little distracted  by the tasty grass . Super C&A and Busby was not put off by the buzzard circling above him during the stay , though it made it an entertaining ten minutes!  Winner, rather appropriately, of the Biggles Trophy. Well done. 93.5. COM

2nd         Rachel Henderson  & HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE AT STRATHLEADER (GSD) B. Good attitude with nosework, nice and enthusiastic control round. Just needs more confidence with the jumps. 75  NQ

3rd          Sue Martin & INUHAUS GOLLAM (GSD) D.  Needs more motivation to search in the square and was a bit insecure with the stays, loves his mum too much! Made up for it with a near perfect C&A which was lovely to watch. 70 NQ

4th          Vicky Wilford & RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS (Pyrenean Sheepdog) D.  Happy little chap with great fun and enthusiasm that just needs to be channelled towards the jumps and on this occasion the square.  Nice solid stays and a super sendaway. 65 NQ


Stake: UD


Steward (search & C&A): Linda Reynolds

Tracklayers: Pat Herbert & Anne Thorpe

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge. Many thanks to Lindsay Poole for running a well organised and friendly trial. It had been year or two since I have judged a UD open and I really enjoyed being able to watch some up and coming young dogs. Weather conditions were very hot for the nosework and the tracking was on good grass, but after a spell of sunny weather was very dry.  I saw a couple of the dogs do some nice nosework, but unfortunately we didn't get any qualifiers as we lost them in the C&A, the heat of the day taking it's toll in the stays.

1st           Mrs M. Capes - WHITEROSE HOLLY (BC) -  173.5 NQ. The first trial for both the dog and the handler.  A very enthusiastic young dog with good attitude.

2nd         Mrs R. Price - MARLISH CADEAU (GSD) - 164 NQ.

3rd          Mrs. S. McIver - NIKONIS VITA (GSD) - 89 NQ.

4th          Mrs. F. Veasey - VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER - (BSD - Groen) - 59.5 NQ



PD Stake

Patrol Steward : Gary Atkins

Search & C&A Steward, Criminal : Maurice Millington

Tracklayers & Criminals : Charlie Taylor, Dean Woodcock

9 entries, 7 worked in hot and sunny conditions. To assist with the running of the trial, the patrol round was first, followed by the C&A then nosework. Tracking was on stubble. Thanks to all my helpers for carrying out the test as requested and agreeing not to bore us with talk of football!

Welsh PD Open Lorna Cottier small

The patrol round started with the quarter and a search for two hidden persons .When located by the dog, the handler dealt with the situation, searching both criminals and hide. During the hide search, one criminal gave a definite movement as if to make off and was to be detained by the dog. The escort of these two criminals followed during which a third criminal walked over , objecting to the treatment of his friends. Dogs were to remain under control and this criminal joined onto the escort thereafter providing the attack on handler.  The chase and recall followed, finishing with the test of courage which was an loud aggressive criminal shaking a metal bin containing stones. 

The performances in the patrol round varied. The quartering was quite good but locations  poor.  A few missed the scissors in a criminals pocket  and car wrench in the hide.  Most dogs detained the criminal making off from the hide , and the escort and attack on handler was also well done.  The chase was done better than the recall, only 2 dogs came back! The test of courage was in general no problem

With more work and experience, most teams should qualify in future rounds. The two qualifers gave excellent all round performances. 

1st           Mick Tustain & JOTUNHEIM VIP (Malinois) D.  A real exciting prospect for PD, Ike gave a motivated , confident patrol round . Good control except at the hide where his enthusiasm  for the bite got the better of him. Excellent nosework and C&A  though needs to work on the speak. Well done.  292 COM

2nd         Dave Marchant & WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD) D.  First time in PD for a very young dog  and what a cracking round. Other than a touch of selective deafness at the recall, Murphy only lost 2 marks in the patrol round. Near perfect C&A , tracked confidently in a difficult field and a good search, only blip being his reluctance to bring out the metal. Another one destined for the highest honours. Well Done  274 COM.

3rd          John Reynolds & JACK THE LAD AT VALGRAY (WSD) D.  There's a lot more to Jack than meets the eye ( a bit like his handler!), he gave a good confident performance in the patrol round, only real blip being his confusion with the recall. Good solid bites throughout the round, just needs better attention to the criminals at the hide. Excellent C&A and search, another that did nosework in a difficult field and was very unlucky not to complete the track.   238 NQ

4th          Richard Cornwall & KAUFENBURGER GRUBER (GSD) D.  A good solid patrol round by Gruber, most marks lost were for the location, or lack of it. Good control and quarter gave him the best patrol round. Unfortunately then toiled in the heat and the jumps and track suffered accordingly. 230.5 NQ

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