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Stake: CD


Stewards: Dean Woodcock

My thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Championship trial. Thanks also to Lindsey Poole, Trials Manager, and her many helpers, but especially to Brian and Barbara Riste who helped run the base and did the bulk of the kitchen work.

The weather was very kind to us for the time of year, the field was nice grass and very big - a bit barer than I was expecting - and the handlers and dogs were lovely. My steward, Dean, did a great job - thank you for a job well done and for your company (and well done on your UD Ex).

The test commenced with the search in which all dogs worked extremely well. Stays followed and unfortunately we had one casualty. Before starting the C & A Dean took the 'send from' pole down the field, and I most confess I chuckled when I heard that some competitors thought it was a 'send to' pole and that the sendaway was to be in excess of 200 yards!! We then did the retrieve, heel on lead down the field, sendaway 80 paces to the hedge, heel free back up the field, recall 25 paces followed by the clear, scale and long jumps. The scale claimed three more casualties - although all three could actually do the jump - leaving me with four qualifiers.

1st           Sue Jones with WSD DURSTONE MELODY. A lovely round from this very nice young collie. Well done, Sue, and good luck in the higher stakes. 94/100

2nd         Dave Edmunds with GSD PEPNICK HALFPENNY. Another nice round from this very exuberant GSD. Well done. 90.5 /100

3rd          Marjorie Lee with WSD LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER. Just little bits of untidiness here and there - but all the basics are there. Well done. 89.5/100

4th          Val Isherwood with GSD BAYRIVER ADVENTURE. What can I say but 'Well done'. Thirteenth time lucky, I understand, but you (and Schafer) well deserved your CDEx! 85.5 /100 (yes, I'm sure!)

Thanks again to the Welsh KC for your hospitality and to all the lovely competitors and dogs who made my weekend such an enjoyable one.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Caroline Morton, Anne Clarke, Lindsey Pool, Linda Reynolds

Stewards: Sheila Watts (search), Linda Reynolds (C&A)

I should like to say thank you to the Welsh KC for the invitation to judge the UD Stake and a special thank you to Lindsey and her gang for all the hard work before and during the trial, necessary to make things run smoothly.

My tracklayers, Caroline, Anne, Lindsey and Linda did a great job, as did my search steward, Sheila, and C&A steward Linda. Thank you all.

The weather over the two days was good. Tracking was on good grass fields which resulted in some lovely tracks and good control for the C&A.

1st           Tony Lockyer with WSD DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL. As expected, a 'double top' with a very good round from another young dog guided well by Tony. Will soon be in TD. Well done. 196/200 Q Ex.

2nd         Dean Woodcock with BC LEATERE LEFT IN THE DARK. Not 'left in the dark' today, a good round from a dog wanting to work. Completed the round very quickly and happily. Well done. 191.5 /200 Q Ex.

3rd          Sue Pickering with GSD NIKONIS QUIET RIOT AT HOBHILL. Rio left it to Mum to find the end article, but otherwise another nice round. 183.5 /200 Q Ex.

4th          Maureen Capes with BC WHITE ROSE HOLLY. Holly didn't like my gun and left an article in the square. A lively spell in the heelwork but a good sendaway saved the day. 180.5 /200 Q Ex.

Also qualifying:

Nicky Prescott with WSD DUNNSLAYNE DOVE 176.5 /200

Marjorie Lee with WSD LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER 174 /200

I hope you all enjoyed the test. I enjoyed judging some nice dogs and competitors at a good, happy trial.


Stake: TD


Search Steward: Marney Wells

Tracklayers: Julie and Gary Atkins, Lindsey Poole and Martine Taylor

C&A Steward: Gary Atkins

I would like to thank the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge my first TD ticket.  Thank you must also go to Lindsey and her helpers for another well run and friendly trail.  

I was fortunate to have a first class team, Gary, Julie, Lindsey and Martine tracklaying and Marney looking after squares - all very professional and excellent company.  To you all a really big thank you.

Wales wasn’t its usually stormy self this year, for once the weather was kind to us.  The tracking land had a good covering of wheat which produced some really excellent nosework.

The C& A started with a speak on the move, followed by heelwork, then on to the sendaway and finally the agility.  Thank you to Gary for guiding everyone so beautifully through the round.

And so to the results:

1st           Stevie Boyall with STYPERSON LOMOND (Lab). Impressive nosework followed by a polished control round.  Worthy winners of the CC, well done - 205.5

2nd         Jane Webb with FLYNNTASTIC WININ VENTURE (WSD).  Very workman like nosework followed by a good control round.  Winners of the reserve CC, well done - 205

3rd          Anne Fowler with WTCh Waggerland Floss (BC).  Another excellent nosework round, topped off with good control, well done- 204

4th          Anne Bussey with WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE.  Once again lovely nosework and good control, well done - 202 

Also qualifying TDEx:

Barry Gilbert - WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU (BC) 198.5

Sheila Tannert - WTCh STYPERON TERN (Lab) 197.5  

Maeve Weselby - STYPERSON TAY (Lab) 195.5  

Tony Lockyer - HARTSHILL NUTMEG (WSD) 193

Rod Roberts - WTCh LITTLE BART (X) 192.5  

Pat Middleton-Smith - SLIEVE CHANCE (BC) 187

Liz de Unger - BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY (Lab) 184.5  


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