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Stake: CD


Stewards: Pat Herbert, Anne Thorpe and Sheila Watts

Many thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge.  Thanks also to Lindsey Poole, Trials Manager, who as usual ran a good trial; to Brian Riste for running the base, and to everyone who helped with the catering.  Also thanks to my three stewards, Anne and Pat for the squares, and Sheila for stewarding the control.  To have three excellent stewards was wonderful.

I tried to set a round that was straightforward, as I wanted to encourage any new handlers.  The search articles were a dolly peg, a rectangular piece of vinyl and a square piece of underlay.  I decided to do the sit stay individually after the search and retrieve.  I believe that this worked, as all the dogs did the stay.  Only 3 dogs worked, with 2 qualifying, and the other just missing out, with only 1 article out of the square.  I feel all these dogs should do well in Championship CD.

Lastly, thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.

1st  Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG (BC).  A lovely round from this young dog.  Good luck in the future.  88.5 pts, COM.

2nd  Marney Wells and BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD (SBT).  Another good round with only half a mark separating 1st and 2nd.  88 pts, COM.

3rd  Jeanette Davies and ANNA COURT LUTHER (GSD).  A good control round, but only one article out of the square cost you the qualification.  You should be pleased with your first attempt at trials.  72 pts.


Stake - UD


Steward: Julie Atkins

Tracklayers: Linda Reynolds and Gary Atkins

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the Utility Dog stake at their Open Working Trial, held on 19th and 20th August 2006.  The trial was run like clockwork by Lindsey Poole and her very experienced team.  Thanks to Barbara and Sheila for the breakfasts and lunches.  Thanks very much to my very experienced UD team, square steward Julie Atkins and tracklayers and control stewards, Linda Reynolds and Gary Atkins.  Quietly supportive and good fun, thanks very much.

Conditions were really excellent, fresh green grass rich in clover exactly the right length.  The weather was sufficiently overcast for every competitor to come away feeling that the weather was on their side.  Evidence of the excellent conditions is that almost every competitor qualified the nose work.

To everyone that did qualify, congratulations.  Those that didn't were very close and I am sure will qualify before long.  Well done to my competitors.

1st           SPROLLIE DOLLIE, CDEx, Crossbreed (B),  Handler J. Stamp.  Track 83, Art 20, Search 35, Control 34.5, Agility 15.  Total 187.5 COM.  Full mark Square and good control won this team first place.

2nd         WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD (D), Handler G. Haim. Track 84.5, Art 20, Sq 33, Control 28, Agility 20.  Total 185.5 COM.  Won second place following run off with next dog.  Lovely attitude from dog and handler.

3rd          LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, Crossbreed (B), Handler M. Shepherd.  Track 86.5, Art 20, Search 28, Control 32, Agility 19.  Total 185.5 COM.  Another super keen dog.

4th          GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter (D), Handler B. Riste.  Track 88.5, Art 20, Search 31, Control 27.5, Agility 15.  Total 182 COM.  Exceptional Track from Bennett.  Well handled to produce solid work throughout from this unlikely breed.

Also Qualified

SPARKY OF WESSEX, WSD (D), Handler; Frances Stoneley.  Track 86, Art 20, Search 25, Control 31, Agility 19.  Total 181 COM.  Well Done.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Anne Thorpe, Arthur Jeal

Steward: Marney Wells

I would like to thank The Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the Open TD stake at their trial.  They very kindly ran TD on Friday and Saturday so that I could return home ready for Hampshire’s Championship Trial starting on the Monday.

I had a lovely 2 days in Wales, especially with Marney as my steward – there was never a dull moment!  Thank you, Marney, you were good company, as were my three very efficient tracklayers.  My thanks to Pat, Anne and Arthur for all your hard work.

Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen, who worked so hard, and to Brian for sorting all the paperwork out at base.  Lindsey, as usual, ran a great trial, ably assisted by Linda (Splat!) Reynolds.

There were 17 dogs entered, 12 worked.  We started with control, which was a bit iffy on Friday, but was followed by some really good tracks.  Saturday saw the reverse, with some nice control rounds, but not such good tracks.  I ended up with two qualifiers.

1st           Carla Morris and AZI AZA KITE, Crossbreed, D.  Well done, Carla – a very nice track with 3 articles and 3 out of the search square.  Q, 185.5.

2nd         Nicky Prescott and DUNSLAYNE DOVE, WSD, B.  Well done, Nicky – 3 articles off the track and 2 out of the square.  Q, 178.

3rd          Pat Werner and CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Kelpie, D.  It was a shame about your control, as Dingo then went on to do a good track, with 3 articles, and 3 out of the square.  177, NQ.

4th          Pippa Bentham and LA BELLE KIRI, WSD, B.  Your control was costly today, Pippa.  Good track with 3 articles and 2 out of the square.  176.5, NQ. 

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