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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 09 February 1997


This must be the first trial ever to have a bomb scare - just when I thought everything was running smoothly I Jell the base to collect marks from the judges and on return found myself on the wrong side of a police barricade after an incendiary device was found on the Police Club site. I apologise to any competitors who also prevented from returning to the base at Sunday lunch-time. Thankfully everything seemed to go off oaky in the end (apart from the suspect bomb) and we finished in reasonable time. Thanks to everyone who helped at the trial, especially Jeff and Lindsey Poole for their hard work over three days and also thanks to Burt - food and secretarial work, and Marney Wells - All round <gopher' and dogsbody.





Steward: Chris Young

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge. This is a lovely venue and a very friendly trial with Ruth Cahill at the helm. Thank you Ruth for your efficient organisation, especially for managing to do an early presentation in spite of being 'locked out' of the base due to a bomb scare! Thank you also to Burt for some very nice lunches and Marney Wells for being my 'gofor'. There were twenty-six entries and twenty ran. We had a lovely mixture of breeds, including a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a Boxer, a Giant Schnauzer, a Lancashire Heeler and a Staffie, sorry: S.B.T. (guess who!). They were all capable of doing the test and had very nice and enthusiastic handlers. Unfortunately we only had three qualifiers, most of the dogs going out on the agility or the stays. We had beautiful sunny weather on the Saturday and the most awful stonns on the Sunday. However, the weather did not seem to deter the dogs as they seemed to work better on the Sunday. A big thank you to my steward Chris Young who did a sterling job on both days, - I hope you do well with your Sheltie soon. Hard luck stories of the trial were: Mr J Newman and his W.S.D. Robert of Gors were in the lead when they both lost their concentration and failed the sit stay. Mr Dave McIver and his lovely GSD (who says I'm biased!) Ankiern Noah Nobleman were doing very well when Bruce anticipated the down stay during the sit stay! Hope you will both soon qualify.

1st Mr Tony Lockyer and HARTSHILL RANGER (GSD) (GSD) D. 91.5 pts. Congratulations Tony, - a good start to what looks like another promising career!

2nd. Mrs Maureen Regan and HARTSHJLL KIRKY GIRL (GSD) B. 88.5 pts. Almost beat her litter brother but for a few hiccups in the agility! Well done, Maureen. may your success continue.

3rd Mrs L Cousins and GLARENMOSS TWISTTE 'N' SHOUT OF MOORTIME (ASD) B. 86 pts. Young Bramble really enjoyed herself and was the only dog to get full marks on the sendaway. Well done

4th. Mrs Marney Wells and CYCLONE SWEETHEART OF COPYHOLD (S.B.T.) B. 79 pts. (CD only). I have never seen a handler look so surprised- when Bertie did a nice sendaway! Another article in the search would have qualified this team. It was a pleasure to judge you both. Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for being such good sports. All your dogs had lovely attitudes - keep enjoying them and success will follow soon. 

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