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Trial Manager’s Report

Following a great three days training with Moira Rogerson and Bill Richardson in glorious weather we again held our little trial here.  My wonderful neighbours came up trumps with as much land as we could possibly want, with parking for the cars, so all we had to do was walk across the road to work each dog.

Dave Warrick did a great job judging with consistency and fairness, ably assisted by his wife Sandra, who stewarded for him. Thanks must also go to Veronica Hanson, who kindly lent her portaloo and tent to save people having to drive back to the base, quarter of a mile away, when nature called.

We had a reasonable entry of 4 in Introductory, with one qualifier, and 7 in CD with two qualifiers; the two winners narrowly missed out last year so it was especially pleasing to see them do so well.

Mid Wales is nearer and more accessible than many people think, being only about 30 miles from the English border in Shropshire, so hopefully, if we hold this event again next year, we may see more people coming to savour the delights of ‘Gods Own Land.’  We may be the other side of Offa’s Dyke but we are very welcoming.

Gail Gwesyn-Pryce



Steward: Sandra Warrick

My thanks to WKC for inviting me to judge and especially to Gail Gwesyn-Pryce for all her hard work as Trials Manager, secretary, gate steward and caterer. I would also like to thank my steward, Sandra, for all her hard work and help in setting out the search squares and putting the competitors at ease.
This is a very friendly trial and we had some great fields to work in, so my thanks also to the Gethin family, who farm this land, for allowing us to use their fields. Thanks also to the competitors, who were all very nice and accepted my decisions with good grace.

4 entries:

1st COLONEL HERBERT, ESS, D, handled by Sarah Rathbone, 90, Q. Nice dog, well handled. Thoroughly deserved to qualify - could easily do well in CD.
2nd CORRIES MAGGIE, Kelpie, B, handled by Jackie Nicholas, 83 marks, NQ. Good steady round with nice heelwork. Just lost out by failing the scale.
3rd ANNACOURT INKA, GSD, B, handled by Vivienne Green, 76, NQ. Heel on lead needs work, but I do know she can do it! Also let down by the sit stay today.

7 entries.
1st CASPERS DREAM, Border Terrier, D, handled by Dylan Collard, 88, Q. Best heelwork of the day. Cheeky little dog, flew over the scale with ease. Nice sendaway but finished 4 feet short of the pole. Well done on qualifying.
2nd AME MAGNANIME DIDIER DE TITAN, Beauceron, D, handled by Kathy Williams, 84, Q. Big laid back dog who did a good steady round. Fantastic sendaway, sat between the cross poles! Scared everyone by balancing on top of the scale, but pulled himself over and bravely made the return. Well done.
3rd BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWHV, B, handled by Jennifer Le Mesurier, 69, NQ. Heelwork needs improvement. Angel is pregnant so decided not to do the long jump or scale today.
4th ANNACOURT INKA, GSD, B, handled by Vivienne Green, 61, NQ. Again, sit stay was her downfall, also heel on lead, but heel free was much better. This was Inka’s first time in CD.

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