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Stakes: Introductory and CD


My thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the judging invitation.  Also thanks to Lindsey Poole and Ruth Cahill for organising the trial, Brian and Barbara Riste, Brian for being base steward and Barbara for running the ‘Master Chef’ kitchen and her commi chef, Elaine Adams.

That only leaves me to say big thank you to my search and scribe steward, Janette Hickson, for both stakes; you never put a foot wrong and great company!

We had 2 entries in the Introductory stake, and both dogs had full mark squares and good retrieves.  I was very impressed with the jumps, but Helen and Amber need a bit more work on the heelwork and sendaway.

1st                Val Corgan with her beardie, MADSWAY PURPLE SAGE, 84, Q.  Lovely round!  Good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd              Helen Kirk with her Labrador, HESKETHMARSH SAFFRON, 71.5, NQ.  Well done, Helen, for holding it together when Amber decided to do her own version of heelwork and needed a bit of help for the sendaway!!

Sadly, there is no report for CD as only 2 of the 6 entered actually worked and both scratched for different reasons.

My thanks to the competitors in both stakes for accepting my decisions and being such fun!  It’s all character building!!!


Stakes: UD and WD


Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge, and to Lindsey and Ruth for the organisation and back up, to Brian for running the base and processing marks and Barbara for the bulging food boxes even though on one occasion the Mars bars disappeared!!!

UD Stake:

Tracklayers: Ann Clarke and Maurice Millington

Square Steward: Ann Clarke and Maurice Millington

C/A Steward: Maurice Millington

Grateful thanks to Ann and Maurice for laying tracks and squares, as well as being good company, and organising the land to the best advantage of all the competitors.   

There were 5 entries and 3 ran.  The weather was cloudy and cold, and tracking was on grass.  All teams completed the track well.   Final results were:

1st           Anne Ketteringham with DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY, CDEx, BC, B, 186, Q.  Nice round from a willing happy little dog, a well-deserved qualification.

2nd         Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with ZAVI JAVA AT CONCENN, CDEx, GSD, D, 181.5, Q.  Rav got it all together today, though he really wanted to do everything at 100mph, which is somewhat faster than his handler would like!    Well done, Gail, for managing to stay pretty much in control!

3rd          Sandra Warrick with ZEPHRAM AMPELUS AT CONCENN, GSD, B, 156, NQ.  Quest did a beautiful track but sadly came to grief on the stays.                                               

Thank you to the competitors for your entries and for accepting my decisions.


WD Stake:

Tracklayer: Ann Clarke

Square and Control Steward: Le Newman

Thanks again to Ann for laying all the tracks just as I wanted, and many thanks also to Le for laying the squares, and stewarding the control.  You were a great team and you both worked hard to give the competitors the very best chance to qualify.

There were 10 entries and 9 ran.  Tracking was on grass pasture land, and the weather was warm and sunny on the first day and cold and cloudy on the second.  Final results were as follows: -

1st           Ruth Cahill with RASSAU LARA OF VOMKYNA, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 191.5, Q WDEx.  Steady accurate and willing work from this experienced team.   A worthy winner and well-deserved qualification.

2nd         Gary Haim with LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, D, 189, Q WDEx.  Enthusiastic work from the lovely Buzz - he and Gary are becoming a great team.  Well done.   

3rd          Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, G Ret, B, 186, Q WDEx.  Consistent and accurate work, another well-deserved qualification.  Well done.                                                    

4th          Tony Lockyer with ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, B, 157.5, Q WD.  Tracked on the first day when conditions were very different.  Abbi worked and worked at the track, but just missed the last box, which meant sadly, she missed out on the Ex.        

Thank you to competitors, for participating.   I enjoyed meeting you all and watching your dogs work. 


Stake: TD


Search Steward: Ruth Cahill

Track Layers: Len Newman and David Barker.  David also laid 3 run-off tracks on Sunday

C/A Steward: Len Newman

Stay Steward: Len Newman

Kitchen Staff: Barbara Riste and Elaine Adams

I would like to start by saying thank you to Lindsey Poole and the committee of WKC for the invitation to judge the TD stake at this trial. There was a time that it was thought that the trial would not run however thanks to the incredible work of Lindsey, Ruth and Brian it did and despite a few problems it ran pretty good.  Lindsey has a pretty good relationship with farmer Mike Rees and he came to our rescue and allowed us to run the trial, so you can imagine how Lindsey felt when walking the exercise field with her own dogs she came across 5 lots of dog poo that some kind working trials competitor couldn’t be bothered to pick up. If you are reading this and you are one of the lovely people who couldn’t be bothered, then I hope you apologise to Lindsey, trials need every bit of land it can get and what chance do we stand if trials abuse the farmers generosity.  I was speaking to Mike Rees on Friday evening and he said if people respect the country code and pick up after their dogs then he welcomes us on his land.  An apology to Lindsey would be nice.

The Welsh Kennel Club TD Track

Trials Manager Brian Riste ran the base and scores, including Sunday morning sat in my car doing the final ticket score – thank you.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping me and my team fed and watered.  To my 2 track layers, a big thank you for doing a splendid job and also picking up a few articles.  David, thanks for laying the run-off tracks on Sunday.  Thank you to my search steward, Ruth, for her first class square stewarding for the 3 days and well done on winning the WD stake on Sunday.  Thank you to Len for stewarding the C/A on Sunday, which he did very clearly and made sure everyone understood what was required; Len also stewarded the stays.

20 entered but 3 scratched, 17 worked but only 6 completed the track.

Tracking land was 12.6 miles away from the base and I am sure not one competitor would have found it if it was not for the fact that Lindsey did all the escorting, so I hope everyone thanked her.  Tracking was on grass fields, which had all been sheep grazed and were pretty short but the same for everyone.  The weather was dry every day, sunny Thursday and Friday but very cold, Saturday was also cold but was overcast and proved to be the better day.  Control day was dry but very cold.  Every day we had a fairly strong wind.

Everyone made a good attempt at their track but sometimes I feel the weather conditions beat them.  On Thursday we had 6 teams work and only 1 did the track and that was Maurice Millington and Judd; he worked so hard and although he was getting near to using all his time up I decided to let him finish, but no sooner was he was on the last leg than Judd decided to turn around and back track.  He was probably 20 yards from the end, so disappointed for him; he then followed his great performance with 4 from the square.

On Friday we had more of the same - 5 teams worked and only Mike Williams and Marina managed to get round, but again struggled, but followed the track with a full mark square.

Saturday what a difference - again 6 teams worked, but this time 4 teams were successful; that’s why we were there, to watch good tracking by good dogs.  It’s just a shame that so many good dogs struggled with the bad conditions, but I guess that’s trials.

Control day saw 6 nosework qualifiers and 2 non qualifiers.  I started with a speak and Len held the dog on a lead and the handler joined me 25 paces away, with their hands on a tracking pole facing their dog, and I asked for 10 barks, stop, 10 barks, stop.  We went on to heelwork with change of pace on the move, and we then moved onto the sendaway, which was 160 pace outrun, recall, stop the dog, and then redirect right or left, your choice, but tell me before you do the outrun.  I had put a yellow flag pole in the hedge as the sendaway point and halfway 75 paces to the left and 75 to the right I placed 2 more flag poles for the redirection; the side poles drew a couple of dogs but mainly they were ignored.  We then went onto the jumps - clear, long and scale, and then the stays.  Then, although there was no need to check with Brian, who was doing scores, I still did.  I then congratulated the winner.

1st                Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D,  217/220, Q TDEx, and winning the TD Ticket.  Pat and Shadow did a brilliant track and search square, only dropping 3 marks on the track, they then went on to do a faultless control round and showed everyone how to do it in style.  I know this is only the first of many TD Tickets for you and Shadow.  Good luck, Pat, at this year’s KCC’s.  Well done, Pat and Shadow.

2nd             Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 210/220, Q TDEx, and winning the Reserve TD Ticket.  Barry and Cossie only dropped 3.5 on the track and followed with a full mark square; however, unusually the sendaway didn’t go to plan, and also the long jump went wrong, but even so they still ended up with the reserve.  Well done, Barry.

3rd               John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D,  208.5/220,  Q  TDEx.  Did a good track, followed by a full mark square, also did a good control round.  Well done, John.

4th               Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, CDEx – TDEx, X, B, 202.5/220, Q TDEx.  As you expect from Mike, a professional performance all the way through the test.  Well done, Mike.

A big thank you to Jane Clarke and Fay Rae; although both failed the nosework asked if they could do the control as non-qualifiers, which indeed was a big help to me, and also both ladies did very good rounds, and would have qualified the control and agility - good luck to you both in the future.

Once again thank you Lindsey (Trials Manager), Ruth and Brian - you were all great.

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