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Trials Manager’s Report

Following three days of training with Moira Rogerson and Bill Richardson our sixth trial took place.  This year we added a tracking stake.

We had a scorching hot week with some dramas along the way; firstly, I lost all the land that I was expecting and at the last minute had to go and plead with neighbours.  They offered some land but it was going to be very difficult to use for tracking.  However, a C/A field was found, then suddenly some fields were cut for silage and enough tracking land was found - level, some growth but very dry.  Then someone on the course fell and broke her wrist and an ambulance had to be called; this was followed by another 999 call the same day, after my 97-year-old father had a bad fall (there might still be a few out there that remember Austin in trials with his lurcher, Bob?!).  He is still recovering in hospital but well on the mend and complaining to me that the wine I sneak in for him is the wrong temperature!!

Mental breakdown averted ……

Dave Warrick, ably assisted by his wife Sandra as steward, judged the Introductory and CD stakes, 5 entries and 6 entries respectively, and all ran.  Thank you for your consistent and friendly judging.

Moira judged the UD C/A and Bill the nosework – 9 entries, 6 ran.  Mark Gardner and myself tracklaid and Liz Blanche search stewarded.  Thank you all.

A big ‘thank you’ especially to Jayne Douglas, who manned the base, wrote up the master score sheet, dished out the food, and I just couldn’t have managed without you.  And thanks to Hilary Mercer for electing herself a 'go between' - and we certainly needed it!

My wonderful neighbours, the Evans family and the Gethin family, for the use of the land, thank you, and finally, the competitors - thank you for entering.

Gail Gwesyn-Pryce

(Many of you will have seen on Facebook pages of the death of Vic Donocik (another competitor from the past with his GSD DEGS SHADOW LANCER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx).  He had a young GSD of my breeding which I had homed with Suffolk Police; unfortunately, the handler managed to over exercise him and strained his back so he came back here having been taken off his course.  I am so pleased that Mark Gardner has taken him on, returning here the week after the trial to collect him.)


Stakes: Introductory and CD


Steward: Sandra Warrick

Many thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge at this friendly open trial.  Special thanks to Gail Gwesyn-Pryce for organising and managing this trial and the use of her facilities as a base.  Thanks to my wife, Sandra, for stewarding for me and putting competitors at ease – especially as some of them were first time trialists.  Thanks also to Hilary Mercer for all her help in making sure the competitors got onto the field on time, looking after their dumbbells between exercises, etc.  I also would like to thank the Gethin and Evans families for allowing us to use their land for the trial, and of course the competitors for entering.  I saw some very good dogs working and hope to see some of you at future Trials.

Introductory Stake:

5 entries 

1st           Jackie Nicholas with CORIES MAGGIE, Kelpie, 89, Q.  Nice dog – worked well and thoroughly deserved to qualify.

2nd         Emma Goodwin with RIZZO RATTUS NORVEGICUS, BSD x GSD, 83.5, Q.  Good sharp working dog.  Should do well at future trials.

3rd          John Missin with BEESTING SAMBA, BC, 82, NQ.  This dog’s nosework really impressed me.  I couldn’t fault it and gave her full marks.  Unfortunately, heelwork and the down stay let her down today.  Sort this out and you will go far.

4th          Anita Baggie with STARDELL NEREID, BC, 79.5, NQ.  Really good dog – would have won if not for the jumps.  Anita knows she has a problem with these and is working to sort it out.

CD Stake:

6 entries

1st           Vivienne Green with ANNACOURT INKA, GSD, 81.5, Q.  Inka is a lovely GSD bitch who did a nice steady round, which proved to be the winner.  Well done!

2nd              Pat Antrobus with TRISANT BECCA, Cocker Spaniel, 81.5, NQ.  This dog is a joy to watch.  All she wants to do is please her handler.  This is Pat’s first working trials dog and she has only been doing trials training for about 3 months, and has come on in leaps and bounds.  Unlucky not to qualify.

3rd          Jackie Nicholas with CORIES MAGGIE, Kelpie, 78, NQ.  Nothing wrong with the way this dog works.  Just the down stay that let her down in this class.

4th          John Missin with BEESTING SAMBA, BC, 75, NQ.  Did not work as well as she did in Intro but would have qualified if not for the down stay.  One to watch in future trials.    

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