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Companion & Introductory

Judge Le Newman
Steward Ann Clarke
I thought I was going to Welsh Kennel for a bit of a holiday, no such luck! Unfortunately Kate Wykes was taken ill and unable to judge so at the last minute, I offered to take over the appointment. It was really strange as I judged the same two stakes last year for this trial!! I enjoyed it just as much and was lucky enough to have Ann Clarke offer to steward for me. We shared everything! Judging, stewarding, constructive criticism (we hope) and the rain! Thank you Ann you were great company. Thanks also to Lindsay and Ruth for all their organisation and not forgetting Brian and Barbara running the base and kitchen.


3 entries
1st P Baylis- Betman Blue of Kingscote B.C. 84½ Q
Well done, Cracking collie! Lots of potential but handler needs more experienced help.

2nd M Morphet- Razeralich Coda GSD 63½ NQ
A lovely German shepherd. You both just need lots more experience. Good luck.

Companion Dog

8 Entries
1st J Baker- Oakapple Gwinear of Jaby G.R. 94Q
Beautiful round well deserved qualification.

2ND J Quick- Falkenwald High Places GSD 90½Q
An excitable dog very well handled by Jo. Well done.

3rd B Price- Glenalpine Morning Mist B.C. 88½Q
Another good round by a very confident young handler

4th S Main- Astra Tam B.C.85Q
Well done Sue, good to see you back in our sport again.

Thank you to all the competitors for putting up with Ann and I and on occasion, accepting our heartfelt advice. To those who qualified, good luck in the higher stakes and to those who didn’t, remember there is always another trial!


WD and UD Stakes

Judge: John Wykes

C&A Scribes: Ruth Cahill and Sue Main

Square Stewards: WD: Sue Ashby and Martine Taylor
UD: Sue Main, Ruth Cahill and David Barker

Tracklayers: WD: Sue Ashby and Martine Taylor
UD: Sue Ashby, Ruth Cahill and David Barker

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge. It’s a lovely trial both to judge at and to compete at and it’s such a shame that we’re going to lose it Even the farmer whose land they use was sorry to hear that it was the last one and on the Saturday evening meal he made a presentation to Lindsey for all the good times they’d had.
Lindsey ran it in her usual laid back way (not appreciated by everybody) but still got everything done. She was ably assisted by Brian in the base and all competitors seemed to arrive at the right place when required.
The tracking was all on very nice grass with some very nice nosework seen in both stakes. Unfortunately, the C&A was a different story, the ragged rounds seemed to take over with nerves getting the best of quite a few of the handlers both for the control and the jumps causing dogs to get it wrong because they were either given the wrong command or set up differently to normal or just plain panic set in. However, despite all that no one really disgraced themselves and we all live to fight another day. Remember there’s always another trial and next time luck may be on your side.
To all those who qualified congratulations, to those who didn’t better luck next time.

WD Results:

1st Nicky Prescott with Waggerland Twinkle, WSD (B), 180½, Q.

2nd Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo CDex-WDex, X (B), 179½, Q.

3rd Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leia CDex-WDex, Lab, (B), 178½, Q.

4th Andrea Lynd with Seldomseen Jet, Lab, (B), 163½, Q.

UD Results:

1st Jo Quick with Falkenwald High Places, GSD (D), 196, Q.

2nd B Sharkey with Go Bellistic CDex, GSD (D), 194, Q.

3rd Liz Hickman with Wolfhart Tamarisk CDex, GSD, (B), 192½, Q.

4th Sandra Jones with Bricklehampton Bess CDex, WSD, (B), 191, Q.

Also qualifying:

Martine Taylor with Glenalpine Valley Floyd CDex, BC, (D), 180½, Q.


Stake: TD 

Judge: Nigel Hines
Tracklayers: Len Newman, David Barker
Steward: June Hines

Firstly, I must apologise to the Welsh Kennel Club and the competitors for the lateness of this report. I fully intended to write my report earlier and I have loads of excuses as to why I haven’t, but none of them are good enough. Please accept my apologies.
I would like to thank the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their Championship Trial at Laleston. It was the first time that I’d been to this trial, which was overseen by Lindsey Poole as Trials Manager. I would like to thank Lindsey and all her helpers for running this trial that wasn’t easy for them. Brian Riste was the Base Steward and Barbara managed the kitchen and refreshments. Thanks to both.
The TD tracking land was 12 miles away from the base and the competitors had to be escorted – no easy task when taking a group at a time and trying not to lose any of them in traffic on the way.
Thanks also to the farmer for the land which he allowed us to use for the tracking. They were good grass fields, although a little wet. Thanks to my tracklayers Len Newman and David Barker who both did an excellent job in laying the tracks just as I wanted and were also good company. June square laid and stewarded the control in her usual consistent way and kept me in line as well.
Although the ground conditions looked good, we were surprised at how difficult the competitors seemed to find it. Quite a few marks were lost on the nosework due to the breeze and wet conditions but it was good to see how the dogs persevered and tried their hardest.
The control round was straightforward, with the sendaway to a hedge at a slight angle and the redirection across the field to another hedge. Overall, most competitors did well and earned their qualifications.
This was Lindsey’s last year as manager at this trial and it was nice to see her receive a gift from the farmer marking all the years of running the trial. I hope someone comes forward to run future trials here as it is a super venue – and it would be shame to lose yet another trial from the calendar.
1st Gary Atkins with WT Ch Glenalpine Pete CDEx – TDEx BC D 208 marks Q Ex
Well done, Gary. As you’d expect from this team, consistency in both nosework and the control made Pete a worthy winner.

2nd Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg CDEx – TDEx BC B 206 marks Q Ex
Well done, Julie for securing the Reserve after a run off. Peg works so well for you.

3rd Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Velvet Lab B 206 marks Q Ex
Congratulations Sarah, you were so close to the Reserve ticket.

4th Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen CDEx – TDEx BC B 205.5 marks Q Ex
Again, a lovely round from Fen and so close to the Reserve and third placed teams. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Chris Gregory with Thriftwood Allegra CDEx – TDEx G Ret B 201.5 marks Q Ex
Margaret Robinson with WT Ch Just Arran at Trentvalley CDEx – TDEx WSD D 193.5 marks Q Ex
Gary Haim with Lupitoonz Space Ranger CDEx – TDEx WSD D 192 marks Q Ex
Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor CDEx – TDEx Lan B 177.5 marks Q Ex

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