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 Another trial safely completed, despite every sort of weather thrown at us. As usual this trial is successful because of all the help that is given. Thanks to farmer and wife, Bob and Jenny Fiddaman, who every year let us take over their farm. To Jenny, who, with help from friends Valerie King, Caroline Martin and others, prepared the lunch boxes, jacket potatoes and sandwiches which were much appreciated. To Jan Sewell, Penny Bann and ‘The Apprentice’ Caroline, who manned the base. Thank you also to Nigel and June Hines, who every year with Malc and Joan Snowden travel down from Yorkshire and Lincoln to help make this a happy and successful trial.

To all of the track layers and stewards, like Paula, who didn’t compete as I needed a steward, my grateful thanks. What would I, or more importantly, the competitors do without you? The ‘A Team’, plus some.

To all of the judges for their commitment to trials, giving up their holidays and time, as a trials manager I consider myself and the club, very lucky to have you all. Especially Penny Bann for printing all the report sheets, catalogues and for just being a very good friend. And to Mick Head for his help before and clearing up after the trial, my grateful thanks.

And to Valerie for playing hostess to helpers and generally running around as only Valerie can!





Steward: Jackie Sears

I would like to thank West Herts WTS for their invitation to judge the CD stake. Thank you to Jan Vallack, the trials manager, and her team for making this such a good trial, and to the farmer and his wife for making us so welcome. A very big thank you to Jackie for stewarding for me, and being such good company.

Six teams worked, and the standard was, on the whole, very good, especially the squares and sendaways.

1st Teresa Palmer with DRAMBORO JEDI, BC, Q, 97. A very confident pair, with super nosework and control. A well deserved win. I shall watch their progress with interest.

2nd John Palmer with DRAMBORO VALDA, BC, Q, 88. very good search and retrieve. Second attempts were needed for the clear and long jumps, but a perfect scale gained enough marks to qualify in the agility.

3rd Carole Burgess with CAROBILLS SIENNA LACE, Min Poodle, Q, 80. Lacey decided not to do the sendaway or long jump, but did everything else very well.

4th Colin Rees with HEELAKEARY FLAME, GSD, NQ, 74. Unfortunately, Rio sat up immediately he was left in the down stay, but he showed us all how the scale should be done.

Congratulations to those who qualified, and to all the others – you are nearly there. Thank you all for entering under me and giving me the pleasure of judging your lovely dogs. Good luck to you in your future trials.




Tracklayers: Rita Banfather, Belinda Spensley, Mick Head

Square Steward: Paula Jacques

Base: Jan Sewell, Penny Bann, Val King

Kitchen:, Caroline Martin

I would like to start by thanking Jan Vallack and the West Herts Committee for the invitation to judge the UD Open nosework. When I first got the call to judge I thought that they had the wrong Lewindon; I was both surprised and honoured to be asked. I would also like to thank the team that I had in the field with me for being such good company and laying tracks and squares exactly as I had asked. Thank you also to all the people working in the background for looking after me, and a big thank you to the competitors for entering under me.

I set a test which I would have been happy with if it was my first dog or a young dog’s first outing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work. I saw some really lovely work by new teams and experienced handlers with their young dogs. Tracking was on winter wheat, quite sparse and approximately 5 inches in growth. We had 3 very different days weather-wise, day 1 being on very dry ground with a strong wind, gusting on occasions; day 2 benefitted from overnight rain, but still with a strong gusting wind, rain hail and even a little snow; day 3 started with a very mild frost on a day which developed into sunshine and no wind.

21 teams entered and 16 ran.

1st Di Cottrill with SANDY’S OAK, 192, Q. One of the fastest tracks I’ve seen, Di jogging around the track behind Simba to keep up! A near perfect track following by a good square. A very good team who are working well together. Congratulations on your win.

2nd Norma Ansell with GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, 190.5, Q. Spud tracked well, the gusting wind occasionally challenging him, but, Norma, he’s a super dog. Congratulations on qualifying today and good luck in agility.

3rd Jane Clarke with CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX, 183.5, Q. I know that it’s been a difficult journey for this team on occasions, but they have got their act together now. Well done Jane on your second UD open in as many weeks.

4th Megan Jones with PRINCESS MILLIE MOO, 182.5, Q. A super little dog with a nice happy attitude. Congratulations on qualifying today.

Also qualifying:

Paul Merritt with VONGRAF MELCHI, 178.5. Congratulations on a very nice nosework round. Unfortunately missing the first article kept Yentz out of places today.

Two non-qualifiers I would like to mention. Kelly Chapman with KAI, a super round dropping only a couple of marks in nosework and control, unfortunately broke stays. Kelly, she’s great, and it will all come together soon. Paul Thornton with TROJAN, Paul’s very first trial. Welcome to trials, he’s a smashing dog - better luck next time.

Finally I would like to wish all competitors good luck in future trials.




Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Jim Sewell and Jan Vallack

Square Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to Jan Vallack and the West Herts committee for the invitation to judge the WD nosework. This is always a friendly event with a willing band of helpers and great entertainment in the evenings. Tracking was on fairly lush winter wheat. As far as the weather was concerned, it was definitely a trial of three days – dry on the Friday, wet and windy on Saturday and fine with a damp start to the day on Sunday; probably the best conditions for tracking. The three very experienced tracklayers, and June (who has probably laid more squares than I care to think about), did their jobs perfectly, and they were all great company throughout the weekend.

The only flies in the ointment were the regular dog walkers around the land, on a couple of occasions delaying the starts of tracks as their “he’s really friendly” dogs could have provided distractions for competitors. Fortunately we only lost one track on the last day when one man decided to take a short cut with a dog across the end of a track.

In the end there were 20 entries, of which 16 ran. On the first day, unfortunately, none of the teams got past the angles on the 7th and 8th legs. Day two, probably the most difficult day with the gusting wind, saw the first nose-work qualifier with the experienced Polly Thomas and Maggie, and then later, Ian Brown with Brecon. On the Sunday, four of the six teams qualified. Of the six nose-work qualifiers, four also qualified in the control & agility.


Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Fiddaman, who really make us welcome on the farm, Caroline in the base and the kitchen team. The jacket potato at the end of the day was most welcome.

1st Chris Gregory with CASSOP DANNY, CDEx, (Fred), GSD, D, 191.5, Q. Well done, Chris. An experienced handler with a good strong working GSD.

2nd Gennie Chapman with BUSBY BARKLEY, CDEx, UDEx, (Busby), WSD, D, 191, Q. Gennie achieved one more mark than Chris on the nose-work but scored less on the control field. The track (last of the competition) was a pleasure to watch and worth waiting for.

3rd Polly Thomas with POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, (Maggie), Lab, B, 180, Q. Worked on the second day when it was gusty but made it look easy. Only three out of the square made the difference between 2nd and 3rd placed teams. Well done, Polly.

4th Ian Brown with TRI ONE JETRIL, (Brecon), WSD, B, 174.5, Q. Another good track in the windy conditions on day two. Again missing one from the square. Well done, Ian.




Steward: Frances Ball

My thanks to West Herts WTS for inviting me to judge to Control and Agility at this trial. Trials Manager Jan Vallack did another good job – thank you for all your work before and during the trial. Frances came and stewarded for me and was able to keep the competitors at ease and guide them through the test.

After the speak or retrieve a long straight walk to the sendaway upset several dogs who either lost interest or did their own thing. The sendaway itself was, on the whole, quite well done. More heelwork took them back to the jumps. I hope you all enjoyed the test.


1st Di Cottrill’s Labrador, SANDY’S OAK, 192, Q. Simba worked very hard today. Full mark heelwork – he really wanted to work.

2nd Norma Ansell’s GSD, GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, 190.5, Q. Spud worked well and enjoyed his C/A.

3rd Jane Clarke’s BC, CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX, 183.5, Q. Flynn worked well and deserved his certificate today.

4th Megan Jones’ WSD, PRINESS MILLIE MOO, 182.5, Q. Millie didn’t find this test easy but a good sendaway at 9.5 got her through.


1st Chris Gregory’s GSD, CASSOP DANNY, 191.5, Q. Freddie didn’t like the heelwork today, but the rest he did well, with full mark retrieve and sendaway. Well done.

2nd Genni Chapman’s WSD, BUZBY BARKLEY, 191, Q. Full mark sendaway and jumps helped after a poor retrieve and heelwork.

3rd Polly Thomas’s Labrador, POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, 180.5, Q. Maggie needed some extra commands on the sendaway today, otherwise a good round.

4th Ian Brown’s WSD, TRI ONE JETRIL, 174.5, Q.

Only lost one mark with me – must have been that nosework judge who deducted those marks!!


1st Lauren Marlow’s Malinois, JOTUNHEIM KID, 214, Q. Dennis really enjoyed my round, only losing 0.5 on heel free and 0.5 on the sendaway. Very nice and well done.

2nd Anne Clarke’s Labrador Retriever, STYPERSON QUINCEY, 203.5, Q. Quincey worked nicely, only losing marks on the sendaway. Well done.

3rd Vana Moody’s BC, GLENALPINE SHEP, 203, Q. Ziga didn’t like the heelwork test today, but a good sendaway for 9/10 and full mark jumps really brought the marks up.

4th Yvonne Carpenter’s BC, HEX AT CARFELD, 200.5, Q. Hex also didn’t like the heelwork, but a good speak and sendaway and full mark jumps pulled her through.

Also qualified:

Rob Willatts’ Flat Coated Retriever, MOORHILL NILANDU, 200

Graham Brumpton’s XB, TAFFY GO LUCKY , 197.5

Maggie Moran’s BC, ALTRICIA TODDIE, 195.5

Paul Adams’ BC, GLENALPINE MEG, 191.5

Barry Gilbert’s Standard Poodle, IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, 182.5

Thank you for three good days at Hemel Hempstead and the use of the barns at Bob Fiddeman’s farm for our caravan




Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, Gary Martin and Jim Sewell

Steward: Joan Snowden

A big thank you to West Herts WTS for asking me to judge the TD nosework; I must say that this is one of my favourite trials. Many thanks to a lovely bunch of helpers, and special thanks to Jan Vallack for her hospitality.

Tracking was on well-grown crop, which proved to be successful over the three days. Many thanks, Nigel, Gary and Jim, for tracklaying and for your company, and thank you to Joan for laying the squares.

1st Lauren Marlow and JOTENHEIM KID, Mali, Qual, 214. Outstanding nosework, and a well deserved win.

2nd Vana Moody and GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, Qual, 203. Again, another excellent track. Well done.

3rd Yvonne Carpenter and HEX AT CARFELD, BC, Qual,200.5. Just a couple of small hiccups, but you sorted them out. Well done.

4th Robert Willatts and MOORMILL NILANDU, FCR, Qual, 200. Well done.

Also Qualified:

Graham Brumpton and TAFFY GO LUCKY, X-Breed, 197.5

Maggie Moran and ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, 195.5

Paul Adams and GLENALPINE MEG, BC, 191.5

Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, 183.5

Barry Gilbert ansd IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Std Poodle, 182.5

Well done to all, and thank you for entering under me. Good luck in your future trials.

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