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Tracklayers: Dave Self, Joan Snowden, Len Newman, Paul Morling and Winston Cadogan

Steward: Sam McGrath

 I would like to thank West Herts Working Trials for asking me to judge UD open nosework. Penny Bann as trials manager made sure everything ran smoothly. Her team, Maura Lucey, Carole Crouch, Peter Dyer and Valerie King, made sure I was fed and watered, thank you.

Wood Farm is only 15 minutes from my home, making the early starts very easy. We had competitors for three days, starting on the Friday. On Friday I had three tracklayers, Dave Self, Joan Snowden, Len Newman; on Saturday Paul Morling and Winston Cadogan, and on Sunday Paul Morling and Joan Snowden. Square stewarding was Sam McGrath, her very first time at a trial; good luck, Sam, when you get your trials dog and compete. The weather was very kind to us, dry and warm for March.

1st Jenny Olley with Archie, STARDELL ARCHE, BC, 193.5, Q. Excellent track only losing half a mark as Archie stopped and for some reason scratched the ground, before carrying on again. He slowed down on his search square, but still brought out all four articles nicely. A dog and handler to watch. Very well done.

2nd Vana Moody with Risa, GLENALPINE RISA, BC, 192, Q. Another near perfect track - such a happy little dog, losing half on the track and perfect square. Handled so nicely, Vana - good luck with this lovely little girl.

3rd Sue Zackheim with Flook, COOL HAND FLOOK, X-breed, 189.5, Q. Sue handled this young dog well. Nice track, losing a few marks at the end, but going on to do a very good square. Well done.

4th. Emily Mayer with Mauser, VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS, Mal, Q, 163. Emily is very new to trials, it was nice to watch dog and handler working it all out together. Keep it up and enjoy it, very pleased and well done.

 Thank you all the competitors who entered under me, and all the very best in trials.

 This is being repeated as I used the wrong version of Rita’s report for last month, and left off Emily’s 4th place. This was Emily’s first ever qualification, so it was an unforgivable mistake. Many apologies, Emily. Very well done and good luck for all your future competitions. Judy




Tracklayers: Mick Head (Fri, Sat and Sun) and Joan Snowden (Sat)

Square Steward: John Turtill


Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge. Thank you to Penny and Jan for a well-run trial and ordering nice sunny weather. Thank you to John for laying the squares and acting as my taxi driver, and to Mick and Joan for laying the tracks as they should be. Thank you to Pete, Carol and Valerie for feeding and watering me out in the fields, and to Maura for running the base. Lastly, thank you to the farmers, without whose land we wouldn’t be able to run trials.

Most of the competitors did some great tracks and squares and gave me little cause to take marks away. All the nosework was on winter wheat.


1st Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, WSD, D, 188, Q. Margaret and Arran did a very good track with 89 and 10 for their article, then 35 for their square.

2nd Sheren Perez with KAFFER KAL, WSD, B, 187, Q. Sheren and Kalli did a very good track with 87 and 20 for their articles, then 31 for their square.

3rd Pete Dyer with CARMELITA ELITE OF KIRKVIEW, GSD, B, 185.5, Q. Pete and Jez did a very good track with 86 and 20 for their articles, then 31 for their square.

4th Yvonne Carpenter with DRAC AT CARFELD, BC, D, 181, Q. Yvonne and Drac did a very good track with 88.5 and 20 for their articles, despite Yvonne having a bad back, then 27 for their square.


A special mention for Wendy Beasley and Venus. Unfortunately, their marks do not reflect how hard they worked as a team and Venus did not give up until finally turning the wrong way. A credit to how hard she grafted.

The 1st and 2nd placed dogs are litter brother and sister and offspring of Jaff. Way to go, kids.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions. To those who qualified, well done; to those who didn’t, better luck next time.


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