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Tracklayers: Belinda Frakes, Mark Lewindon, Ron Jaques, Mick Head

Steward: Rita Banfather

Jan ran the trial, as always, to perfection and was able to add the extra touch of thoughtfulness to the competitors who needed this so they can still enjoy the sport.  She was also there when the judge had any queries.

A very special thanks to the farmers, as without them there would be no trials.

With tracking over 3 days the weather varied, with driving rain and strong winds on Friday, wind on Saturday, with rain for the last track of the day, and then on Sunday, sunny with light winds.

The growth in the field was good, so I chose articles which could be found by the dog or the handler, and, if necessary, the tracklayer.  Tracking was very good, just the odd hare to cause problems – those who trusted their dogs did it easily.  Most dogs got all four articles from the square, no one article causing overall problems.

I had 29 entries, 27 worked, with 21 qualifying on the nosework and 9 qualifiers overall.

1st Andy Baker with SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER.  Full mark track and square, worked with my favourite style.  Everything about dog and handler was a joy to watch.  Lovely to see you back.  192.5, Q

2nd Len Newman with SALLY BELL.  It was lovely to watch you work out what must have seemed a strange track pattern.  Again, in the square, you thought where the articles might be, instead of leaving it to her.

3rd Penny Bann and JENNALINE QUACKIN UP WISUKI.  Well done.  A well deserved 3rd place, but the parcel he left was costly.

4th Steph McBride with SMALE CALYPSO.  Super lab who didn’t let Mum’s limp bother her.




Stewards: Jan Sewell and June Hines

Tracklayers: Jim Sewell, Friday – Sunday; Len Newman, Friday; Jane Gray, Saturday and Sunday

Thank you to West Herts committee for asking me to judge.  Thanks to Jan Vallack (mum) for running such a friendly and well organised trial at a wonderful location, owned by Bob Fiddaman; also to Jenny, his wife, with a few other helpers, for all the food - it all hit the right spots.  The income from all the food that was bought and the raffle was donated to a children’s charity – I spent a fortune!

Thank you to my three tracklayers and two stewards - you were great company, and all very experienced, which makes judging so much easier.

Friday was a short day, fortunately, as the heavens opened and the wind blew, Val King with her GSD, Tikki, did a storming track, only stopping once so Val could take her glasses off!!  Saturday and Sunday were very windy but not too much rain. 

I designed a straight forward track in the shape of an ‘H’ and most dogs made a fair attempt at it.

1st STARNIAS SPECKLED WOOD, BC, D, (Tolly), Handler, Keith Gillett.   Track 85, Articles 20, search 4 – 30.  Well done, Keith.  Tolly is a lovely dog - with more confidence from you, you will both go far, ignore the peer pressure. Total 185.5, Qual.

2nd STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, (Quincey), Handler, Ann Clarke.  Track 85, Articles 20, search 3 – 25. Well done, Ann, not an easy dog to read in gamey areas, but I’m sure with your expert handling he will go far. Total 180, Qual.

3rd BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, CDEx, GSD, B, (Banjo), Handler, Sandra Lewindon.  Track 85, Articles 10, search 3 – 26.  Well done; very patient handling from Sandra as Banjo had a breathing problem when tracking. Total 171, Qual.

4th LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, GSD, B, (Tikki), Handler, Valerie King.  Track 87, Articles 20, search 4 – 30.  The best track in the worst conditions - I thought you were going to be my winner.  I was very sad to hear about the control round.  Better luck next time.  Total 171, NQ.

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