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Trials Manager’s Report

This is a long report as I have so many people I would like to thank who made this a happy and successful trial.

First our farmer, Bob Fiddaman, MBE, for opening his farm to us, the land, barns and all the facilities he provides; he is a really good friend to trials.  His wife Jenny, who with her other domestic goddesses, Sandra Lewindon and Valerie King, who prepared all of the food for judges’ lunches and competitors’ refreshments, and between them made up all the bags to send out to the fields for the judges and helpers.  What a super team.

TD Stake – Judge: Lee Payne, Steward: Manda McLennan.  Gary Martin laid the earlies Friday, Saturday, Sunday (he’s always happy to help with anything) with Mark Lewindon on Friday.  TD Escort every day was Caroline Martin - we thought about hiring a submarine for her on Friday and Saturday.  Saturday and Sunday, Gary with Nigel Hines, he and June came down from Lincoln especially to help us.  As did Jim and Jan Sewell - where would we be without dedicated folk like these?

WD Stake – Judge: Ruth Payton.  Stewards Jan Sewell and June Hines.  Tracklayers: Friday – Jim (Bring it on) Sewell with Len Newman, who changed his day to work to help me out on a deep hole. Thank you.  Saturday and Sunday - Jim Sewell and Jane Gray.

UD Stake – Judge: Ann Wright and stewarding for the first time, and hot foot from Tewkesbury, Rita Banfather laid squares every day.  Tracklayers Friday – Belinda Spensley and Michael Head (he’s coming back into trials after years as a police dog handler) and Ron Jacques after working his dog Jaq in TD.  Saturday and Sunday - Ron Jacques, Michael Head and Mark Lewindon.  It was very hard work for all in the UD stake with the big entry and bad weather.  A great effort from all of you.  Thank you.

Control and Agility - Judge: Penny Bellis with the most efficient and cheerful steward even when dripping wet!  Paula Jaques - it’s amazing what she will do for a few mini eggs!

CD - Judge: Jackie Sears with Valerie King stewarding.  What can I say about these ladies, they are always willing to help with anything and are wonderful, loyal friends.  Valerie and her husband also played hosts to four of our helpers. 

Base Stewards:  Jan Sewell, who did the scored, marked catalogues etc. and was there when needed and Penny Bann - what would I have done without you Penny!  She has been there for me, doing the catalogues, score sheets, setting up the base every morning and always there to help with any job.  She kept me going when I felt like giving up.  A true friend, thank you, Penny.

As I said before, Caroline Martin escorted TD competitors every day and was always cheerful and smiling.  And newcomer to trials, Maggie Moran, escorted UD and WD competitors.  Well done, I hope you enjoyed the experience.

To everyone who bought the refreshments, the proceeds from this and the raffle at the Enfield trials were donated to a children’s charity that is desperate for funds; they are very grateful for your generosity.  And last but never least my husband Brian for his help and support, before, during and after the trial. 

The weather all day Friday and Saturday morning was horrible, but lovely on Sunday.  A Trials Manager is responsible for lots of things, but surprise, surprise, the weather isn’t one of them.

I make no apologies for the length of this report (thanks to my daughter, Lindsey for typing it!!), but I wanted to put my sincere and grateful thanks in writing to all of those mentioned, who I consider very good friends.  Most importantly they are the stalwarts of trials; without them and their like our sport will fade away, so look after them.  And thank you to those who also offered their help.

I hope you enjoyed our trial and good luck to you all for the future.

Jan Vallack


Stake: CD


Steward: Valerie King

Thanks to Bob and Jenny Fiddaman, the farmers, for the use of their farm, a super trials venue.  Also, a big thank you to Valerie, my steward.  Well done, West Herts, on another successful trial.

There were 5 entries, 2 cancelled and 3 ran.  There were no qualifiers, I’m afraid, among these lovely dogs and handlers, all real beginners, but I’m sure they will all go on to succeed in their new sport.

1st G Guinan, ROTUR CELTIC COMMANDER, Smooth Fox Terrier, D.  So nice to see a different breed coming I to trials, and a good one at that.  Very well done on your first attempt – a super dog with great potential.  60.5, NQ.

2nd D and J Self, TREGONHAY THORN, ESS, D, handled by Dave.  Too many other smells in the square area today, but a good prospect.  Well done.  56.5, NQ.

3rd G Chapman, BUSBY BARKLEY, WSD, D.  I think nerves on the handler’s side played a big part in your performance today.  We have all been there, and it does get better!  Well done on trying.  50.5, NQ.


UD, WD, TD, Control and Agility


Steward:  Paula Jacques

Thank you, West Herts Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the Control and Agility for the Utility, Working and Tracking Dog Stakes.  We appreciate the excellent facilities and land provided by Farmer Bob Fiddemann M.B.E.  Thank you very much Paula for working so hard stewarding all three days.

The test set for all three stakes was very similar, a very simple heelwork round, the WD sendaway was about 100 metres to a tree, the TD to the same tree but with a left redirect to the corner of a wood.  The UD sendaway was close to the minimum distance to a white painted line on the wooden fence opposite.  Some of the dogs couldn’t quite believe it was really that simple and tried to insist their handlers gave them something a bit more substantial to do.  There is a tip for you. Don’t forget to train for the easy sendaways too!

The most difficult thing about this test was the weather.  Friday and Saturday was awful, heavy rain, lots of standing water.  The rain may have contributed to the stay problems from dogs in all stakes.  One stay group had no dogs left in it.

I congratulate all those who qualified, and for the rest of us, a bit more training then before the next trial.


1stSID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, A Baker, WSD, D, Total 192.5.  Ret 3, HW 4, SA 6.5, Agility 19.  This excellent result no surprise from this handler.  Welcome back.

2ndSALLY BELL,   L. Newman, WSD, B.  Total 190.5.  Ret 4; HW 3.5, SA 7, full jumps.  Delightful pint sized girlie collie.

3rdJENNALINE QUACKINUP WISUKY, P Bann, GSP, D.   Total 186.  Ret 3.5, HW 3, SA 9.5, Jumps 17.5.  Well done, Penny.

4th SMALE CALYPSO, S. McBride, Lab, B. Total 185.5.  Ret 4, HW 3, SA 5.5, Jumps 15.

ALTRICIA TODDIE,  M. Moran, BC D.  Total 183.  Ret 3, HW 4, SA 6, Full jumps

GEFNI BUMPER BUNDLE, D. Laskey, GSD, B.  Total 182. Ret 4, HW 4, SA 7, Jumps 18.5.

CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, J Raymond, BC, D.  Total 173.5.  Ret 5, Hw 5, SA 4, Jumps 17.5.

NOVEM SUNBIRD, D Tungatt, GSD, B.  Total 173.5.  Ret 3.5, HW 4, SA 8, Jumps 19

Well done to you all.


1stSTARNIAS SPECKLED WOOD, K. Gillett, BC, D.  Total 185.5.   Ret 5, HW 4, SA 9.5, full mark jumps.  Excellent round.

2nd STYPERSON QUINCEY,CDEx, UDEx,A Clarke, Lab.  Total 180.  Ret 3.5, HW 4, SA 8.5, jumps 19.  Another good round.

3rdBRACOKELI DELIVERANCE,CDEx, UD, S Lewindon, GSD, B.  Total 171.  Ret 4, HW 3, SA 8, full jumps.  Well done. Sandra.

4thLITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE,V. King, GSD, B.  Total 171, NQ.  Ret 4, HW 3, SA 10, unfortunately went out on the jumps.



GSD, D. Total 200.  Speak 5, HW 3.5, SA 7.5, jumps 19.

2nd STYPERSON OLIVER,R. Shropshire, Lab, D.  Total 198.  Sp 0, HW 4.5, SA 6, jumps 20.

3rd STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK,CDEx UDEx,J Meekings, Lab D.  Total 180.5.  Sp 5, HW 4.5, SA 5, jumps 20.

Good rounds.

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