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Trial Manager’s Report

Many thanks to all of the helpers, track layers, search & control stewards and escorts who all put in their time and effort, you were great.

To Bob and Jenny Fiddaman, the farmers; this trial is based on their hospitality, before during and after the trials, it wouldn’t happen at all without them. Bob and Sue Carter did an excellent job of catering, this is greatly appreciated as it takes so much worry and work away for the trails management. Special thanks to Penny Bann for all her secretarial expertise and base stewarding skills, also to Jackie Sears and Valerie King, two special friends who are always there for me and Stella Parr who stepped in at the last minute for TD squares.

We had a total of 19 cancellations and yes, I know we have the entry fees, but the helpers take days off work, spend their holiday time and some travel a long way to help, we could have saved a complete day. That moan over, I hope the competitors enjoyed their day with us, the best of luck in future trials to you all.



Stake: UD nosework


Steward: Jackie Sears

Thanks to West Herts WTS for asking me to judge the U.D. nosework. I tried to set a sensible test with articles relating to the stake and one that would encourage those dogs and handlers who are perhaps new to trials. I would like to thank the competitors, all of whom thanked myself and my team, for accepting my decisions and wish them all the best of luck trialling in the future.

herts UD track small

A special mention to Penny, Keith and Jackie and also Jan V and Penny Bann for making everything run like clockwork.

1st           Bob Shropshire STYPERSON OLIVER (Lab) 176 Q. fabulous, enthusiastic black Lab, loved the nosework, calmly and beautifully handled, well done!

2nd         A. Salisbury DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN (WSD) 174.5 NQ. Very accurate and methodical track losing only half a mark and a full mark square. Well done for your first trial!

3rd          Valerie King LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE (GSD) 163.5 NQ. Tikki worked very well in very difficult windy conditions and went on to complete a super square. Her first trials also, what a great start!

4th          Kelly Sear JAFARE THYME TINGLE (Cocker Spaniel) 123.5 NQ. Brilliant track, unfortunately no articles, she was so focused on tracking. Her square was perfect 35 and in a time of 1.49 !


Stake: WD nosework


Tracklayers: (Friday) Vana Moody, Gary Martin (Saturday) Ron Jaques, Jim Sewell

Stewards: Friday/Sat/Sun. Jan Sewell

I would like to thank West Herts W. T. S. for the invitation to judge the WD nosework. I would also like to thank Jan and Brian Vallack for putting me up while I was judging. They made me feel very welcome and I very much appreciate everything they did. Sadly I was unable to eat any of Jan’s lovely cakes, this time! but I look forward to enjoying them again in the future. The trial was very well organised and it was a true pleasure to be invited to judge. Also I need to thank my tracklayers on Friday, Vana Moody and Gary Martin, on Saturday, Ron Jaques and Jim Sewell, on Sunday Jim Sewell. Also my square steward Jan Sewell, who made everything flow on the day.

1st           Steve Liney 190.5 It looks like you are on a roll Steve, well done! Q.

2nd         A. Goodley 164.5 Well done. Q.

3rd          Mike Robinson 179 NQ.

4th          I. Nichol 178.5 Best track – well done. NQ.


Stake: TD nosework


Tracklayers: Malc Snowden, Nigel Hines and Ron Jaques

Stewards: Friday Stella Parr. Saturday & Sunday June Hines

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge the TD nosework. Special thanks to Jan Vallack and her well organised team for making my job a pleasure at one of my favourite trials. Many thanks to the farmer for the use of his farm. My tracklayers Malc, Nigel and Ron thank you.

On Friday a very nervous Stella was my square layer having never laid square at a trial before did a great job, thanks Stella, and June for laying the squares Sat and Sunday.

Bob and Sue in their chuck wagon kept us well fed and watered, many thanks.

The weather was bright but very windy. Tracking was on well grown winter wheat. 23 dogs were entered but only 16 dogs ran. Most of the dogs gave the nosework a good go, but seemed to run out of steam in the square. 7 dogs qualified the nosework. We finished with 5 qualifiers at the end of the 3 days. Well done to all qualifiers experience showed and good luck at future trials to everyone.

1st           C. Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM GSD on 201.5 pts.

2nd         J. Owens with FIRCROFT DALWINNIE BC on 198.5 pts.

3rd          J. Hickey with Ir. Ch. BEESTING WICCA BC on 192 pts.

4th          Roger Shrimpton with GRELGANNA KIRA BC on 186 pts.

Also qualifying;

G. Martin with TYTRI ROY BC on 184.5 pts.


Stake: UD,WD and TD Control & Agility


Steward: Paula Jacques.

Firstly, I must thank West Herts for the invitation to judge the C/A for their Open Trial. The generosity of farmers Bob and Jenny each year is quite wonderful. It was a great honour to be invited, and I feel sure that although the standard in each stake was very varied, I marked in a fair and impartial way.

My steward, Paula, was consistent throughout, supportive and great company, thank you Paula. (Think we only had one mental lapse each over the trial, not too bad!). Can I at this point draw some attention to what I see as ‘over-handling’ of dogs between the exercises? This was once pointed out to me as a competitor, by a concerned judge and I was surprised at the next trial how little physical contact my dog actually needed, and it looks smarter.

Thank you competitors, for accepting my decisions, and although the weather was not so idyllic as it usually is at Piccotts End, we did not get wet!


1st           Mr R Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER Lab D. Very well done, Bob, for a young dog not yet 2 years old. I am sure he will do well in your capable hands. He needs a good bribe to let go of the dumbbell! Full mark jumps. Q 176.

2nd         A Salisbury with DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN WSD B. Another young dog. Dazzle started so well on the control Avril, and got unlucky on the scale. One of the better sendaways. Keep on trying and you will get there. NQ 174.5

3rd          V King with LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE GSD B. It was good to see you working so confidently with Tikki, Val, her control was a very smart round, and no problems with jumps for this little girl. Well done. Won trophies for Best GSD in UD and Highest Placed Club GSD. NQ 163.5

4th          K Sears with JAFARE THYME TINGLE CS B. Well done on this place, Kelly, with Tia. You seem to be specialising in almost full mark sendaways wherever you go! Jumps are letting you down at present, keep working as you are so nearly there. NQ 158


1st           Mr S Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH X B. Little Gem did you proud today, Steve, all her C/A was evenly efficient and businesslike. A well deserved win. Won Trophy for highest placed Non GSD or Collie. Q 190.5

2nd         A Goodley and HOLLY COLLIE WSD B (handled by Rosemary). Well done on this place with Hollie, Rosemary. A little more polish on the sendaway, but the rest of her work was a pleasure to watch. Q 164.5

3rd          Mr. M Robinson with FLINT OF GLENMEL DC D. Nice control, Mike, but unlucky on the jumps. Not your day today but Flint is such a happy worker success is not far away. NQ 179.

4th          I Nicholl with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO WEIM D. Not much wrong with Kaiser’s C/A, Irene, the best sendaway in WD. I love watching this boy work. You must have been unlucky in the search square. Won Trophy for best WD Track NQ 178.5


1st           C Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM GSD B. West Herts is your lucky venue Chris! Buffy likes to live dangerously while voicing her opinions, but calm handling saved the day. Nice round from this keen youngster. Won Trophies for Best Track TD and Best GSD in TD. Q 201.5

2nd         J Owens with FIRCROFT DALWINNIE BC B. Well done on this place, Judith. Wisely called a halt to the redirect while Guess was still happy (quitting while ahead?!) Full mark jumps, competent round. Q 198.5

3rd          J Hickey with Ir. CH BEESTING WICCA BC B. Another nice round from Jennifer and Teegan, a little unlucky with only one exercise, but everything is in place for success. Another full mark jumps, well done. Q 192

4th          Mr R Shrimpton with GRELG ANNA KIRA BC B. Well done Roger, Kiri had her working hat on today. Just bits here and there, she is getting braver! Q 186

Also Qualifying TD Open;

Mr G Martin with TYTRI ROY Q 184.5 Congratulations Gary.

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