At the last WTLC meeting, a panel was set up to canvas from active working trialists, views on equipment currently in use within our sport. This replicates a similar exercise undertaken by Agility. This is not about change for change sake but a review of what active trialists want.

The initial subject is the gun test.  Once we have all the results in, these will be sent to all societies and the WTLC where decisions will be taken on the way forward according to the information you have given in time for the next meeting in January.

Future polls, information gathering and views will be directed towards the jumps.

A different panel will be looking at progression and access to the sport.

A Facebook group has been set up to enable the WT community to vote in polls and to put forward their own ideas. The details will be posted on ‘Working Trials Facebook' and ‘Active Trialist’ FB site. You will be directed to the dedicated FB site where you can vote, comment etc. However only individuals who are currently involved in trials will be permitted access and to vote. Whilst we have a pretty good idea of who is entitled access according to this criteria you may be asked to verify that you are currently active in the sport by furnishing details of your last trial.

However it is recognised that not everyone uses FB, so for those that don’t, a written questionnaire is available at trials. If you are to use this method please put your name and your address on the questionnaire and hand it to the trials base staff. These will be collated and added to the data gathered. Your name and address must be furnished or the questionnaire will not be included.

Equipment Panel consists of the Kennel Club WT  Liaison reps listed below;

Gary Martin, Jean Howells, John Wykes, Jill Caruthers and Penny Bann

Please email your response to Penny Bann at


Equipment Form