Last year the Kennel Club Working Trials Liaison Council set up 3 working parties to look into various aspects of Working Trials.  One of these working Parties was devoted to the PD stake.  The PD working Party originally consisted of Di Ling, Lauren Marlow, Mark Lewindon and John Wykes.  Les Theobald was co-opted on as a ‘facilitator’ (to take notes, circulate agendas and minutes, organise and chair the zoom meetings and generally keep the party on track).  Lorna Cottier and Charlie Taylor were also co-opted to give the working party the benefit of their considerable competing and judging experience.

At this stage we cannot go into any great detail of the work that has gone on as we have to report back to the Liaison Council first, but several people have been asking “What have you been doing all this time”.  Listed below is a brief outline of what we have done so far and what we are looking at.

There has been –

  • 2 ‘Whats Apps’ calls
  • One all day meeting at Stoneleigh
  • Six ‘Zoom’ conference calls
  • In all a total of 18 hrs talking.                                            
  • There have been numerous email conversations.

A telephone survey has been carried out by Di with at least 50 people across the country (this included trials managers, PD judges, Protected Stewards, PS trainers and competitors) to get their views and it is these views that are forming the basis of our work.  All PD competitors have been encouraged to support the clubs that run a PD stake.

A Health & Safety Risk Assessment has been written for Working Trials, which includes all aspects, not just PD and includes COVID 19 information, this has been passed to Barry Gilbert to be published on the Kennel Club website.

We have been taking a close look at the Patrol section rules and the equipment used by the protected stewards.

A PD Helpers training weekend had been arranged, but has twice been cancelled due to Covid.

Twenty of the more experienced Protected stewards, PD trainers and Protected Steward trainers from across the UK are being consulted for their views on what should be included in a PS training weekend/day. Everyone’s views will be taken into account when we roll out PS training guidelines later.

We have the capacity to give a PD demo to clubs & Societies; demonstrating how the PD dogs are trained and showing that this training does not change the dog’s temperament.  The club members can then have a go at some basic PD training and enjoy watching their dogs having fun! One has already taken place and discussions are ongoing with other societies and training groups.

We are closely examining trials insurance.

If there is anything you want to know or anything you wish to comment on, then please feel free to contact any of the above mentioned individuals.