Championship Trial

8th November

TD Ticket Winner

Mike Williams with Marina Ben's Pal

dundeewinner 440x411Photo kindly supplied by Lorna Cottier

and Reserve ticket winner

John Gray and George

with Judge: Ann Bedford



(Kindly sent in by Pam Cuthbert)

TD Stake Judge: Ann Bedford 

         1st Mike Williams with Marina Ben's Pal - 207.5

           2nd John Gray with Waggerland Wells - 197

           3rd Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor 190

           4th Lorna Cottier with Stardell Mars 182.5

            Best track and search Tracey Park Waggerland Tyne NQ


WD Stake: Judge Brian Glasgow

            Caroline Wright Dreaganta Dash o Devilment 195.5 Best track and search

            Jacquie Hall Cleo of Meadowburn 189.5

            Elaine Barr Freddie's Just Dynamite 175.25

            Bill Mackie Budlauber Anya 164


UD Stake  Judge:  Gary Tait 

           Yvonne Walker Bandaitch Shirin 195 Best track and search

           Alison Robertson Forguecroft Midnight Folly 157


CD Stake Judge:  Gary Tait 

          Bill Richardson Xandoas Isa 98

          Moira Rogerson Xandoas Scout 95

          Yvonne Walker Bandaitch Shirin 82.5