Championship Trial


21st February

TD Winner

IMG 2117

Gary Atkins with judge Barry Gilbert (Photo supplied by Judy Meekings)

Gary Atkins  with  WTCh GLENALPINE PETE


(Kindly sent in by Judy Meekings)


TD   Stake: Judge Barry Gilbert    

1st        Gary Atkins               WTCh GLENALPINE PETE                                               183     TDEx

2nd       Andy Baker               WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER                                 183     TDEx

3rd        Tony Lockyer            WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL             176     TDEx

4th        Sheila Tannert         TARNEDGE WISP  


WD Stake: Judge Joyce Tibbets

1st        Tony Lockyer            ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL                                           192     WDEx

2nd       Gary Haim                 LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER                                        181     WDEx

3rd        Chris Gregory           THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA                                                 172     WDEx

4th        Stan Ford                  VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD                                                      NQ


CD Stake: Judge Christine Brooks

1st        Peter Brooke             PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY                                         90.5    CDEx

2nd       Dave Clarke              LYFAME HIGH FLYER                                                       89.5    CDEx

3rd        Nicola Durrant          PENDANTRY CHEEK TO CHEEK                                       88        CDEx

4th        Sandra Warrick        ZEFRAM AMPELUS AT CONCENN                                     80        CDEx



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