ASPADS Scarborough

Championship Trial

3rd - 7th August 2016

TD Stake Winner

Margaret and MoiraPhoto kindly supplied by Barrie James

 Margaret Robinson with Just Arran At Trentvalley 

Full Results


Photos kindly supplied by Sue James

CD Stake     Judge: Pam Cuthbert         

15 Entries

1st  Nigel Hines with Taz Of Brynswood, BC, D,  97  Q

2nd  Mark Craven with Codie Canny Jack, WSD, D,  95½  Q

3rd  Angela Porter with Chocolate Gladiator CDex, Cross, D,  95  Q

4th  Cath Chadwick with Glendarach Magic Mist CDex, WSD, D,  93  Q

Also Qualifying CDex:

Joe Craft with Hoheneurg Apolo, GSD, D, 87,  Q

Gary Martin with Onion Sargie, Cross, D, 84½  Q


UD Stake     Judge: Tom Mills          

19 Entries

1st  Doug Shearer with Dreaganta Typsi, BC, B, 198½  Q

2nd  Sally Rose with Retswerb Hot Spice CDex, Lab, B, 194½  Q

3rd  Rod Roberts with Little Ed CDex, Cross, D, 193½

4th  Fran Atkin with Waggerland Cappuccino CDex, WSD, D, 192½  Q

Also Qualifying UDex:

Peter Brooke with Pacescott Northern Spy CDex - UDex, Lab, D, 192½  Q

Andrew Magyar with Glenalpine Seth CDex, BC, D, 192½  Q

Allan Heatley with Gotunheim Elector CDex, Mali, D, 190½  Q

Christine Davis with Merpol Veto CDex, GSD, B, 190  Q

Ann Trodd with Highglade The Last Waltz For Chelsasa, Beardie, B, 188  Q

Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xarys’s Star Of Tarnforce CDex RL4Ex, BC, B, 184½

David Stewart with Bandaitch Star Edition CDex, Cross, B, 180  Q


WD Stake     Judge: David Waite         

34 Entries

1st  Sue Ashby with The Zeta CDex - UDex, WSD, B, 197½  Q

2nd  Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo Cdex - WDex, Cross, B, 194½

3rd  Sheila Margreaves with Khamysker Rocket CDex UDex, GSD, D, 194  Q

4th  John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory Of Tarnforce CDex - WDex RL3, BC, D, 193  Q

Also Qualifying WDex:

Diane Ellis with Diandie Summer Magic CDex - WDex, GSD, B, 192½

Bridget Montague with Crisella Delta Duffy CDex - WDex, Lab, B, 191  Q

Tracey Eaton with Cleynehage On The Tiles CDex - WDex, G/Ret, B, 191  Q

Jacquie Hall with Cleo Of Meadowburn CDex - UDex, GSD, B, 189  Q

Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx At Bracokeli CDex - UDex, WSD, B, 189  Q

Ruth Payton with Kaliazar Chaos CDex - UDex, BC, B, 186  Q

Rita Kidson with Tregada Tye, BC, D, 183½  Q

Jacky Lloyd with Littlethorn Cooper At Brooksbid CDex - UDex, BC, D, 183½  Q

Jacquie Hall with Meadowburn Little Biddy, Cross, B, 171½  Q

Julie Paul with Diandie Summer StormCDex - WDex, GSD, D, 171  Q

Andrea Lynd with Seldomseen Jet, Lab, B, 166½  Q


TD Stake     Judge: Moira Rogerson         

52 Entries

1st & KCWTC Margaret Robinson with Just Arran At Trentvalley CDex - TDex, WSD, D, 213½

2nd  & Reserve KCWTC Pat Herbert with Glenalpine FenCDex - WDex, BC, B, 207 Q

3rd Alan Bexon with Wt Ch Fly By Night Lad CDex - TDex, PDex, WSD, D, 206  Q  (aro)

4th Mike Williams with Wt Ch Tadmarton Eleanor CDex - TDex, Lab, B, 206  Q  (aro)

Also qualifying TDex:

Jane Wood with Ludgate Power ‘N’ Glory CDex - TDex, BC, D, 205½

Gary Atkins with Wt Ch Glenalpine Pete CDex - TDex, BC, D, 205  Q

Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg CDex - WDex, BC, B, 196½  Q

Ruth Payton with Cories Blazing Star At Kaliazar CDex - TDex, BC, B, 196½  Q

Vic Snook with Little Mica CDex - TDex, PDex, Cross, D, 195  Q

Glenys Page with Wt Ch Bilko’s Glory CDex - TDex, PDex, WDS, D, 194½  Q

Chris Trevor with Rodwell Black Prince CDex - Wdex, Lab, D, 192½  Q

Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces CDex - TDex, BC, D, 190  Q

Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow CDex - TDex, WSD, D, 189  Q

Martine Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki CDex - TDex, BC, B, 187½  Q

John Simpson with Far Canal Foster CDex - TDex, Cross, D, 185½  Q

Barrie James with Lyrichaline Time To Shine CDex - TDex, BC, D, 178½  Q

Qualified TD:

Wendy Beasley with Stardell Venus CDex - TDex, BC, B, 175

Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Sirius CDex - TDex, BC, D, 175