Monk Fryston

23rd to 25th Sept 2016

PD Winner

pd winner alan bexon

Alan Bexon with WT CH Fly By Night Lad


(Kindly sent in by Sheila Margreaves)


PD Stake  Judged by Lauren Marlow

1st - Alan Bexon with WT CH Fly By Night Lad Q290.5

2nd - Diane Ling with WT CH Deben Little Tom Q281

3rd - Vic Snoook with Little Mica Q252 PD only

4th - Les Theobald with Tytri Roman Jack N/Q


WD Stake  Judged by Ray Lea

1st - Graham Reaney with Aschener Van Gough Q190.5

2nd - Moria Rogerson with Xandoas Scout Q184.5

3rd - Angela Porter with Chocolate Gladiator Q168.5

4th - Martin Brown with Markat JessQ165.5


UD Stake Judged by Mike Williams

1st - Andy Laws with Khamysker Roger Q182

2nd - Nigel Hines with Taz of Brynswood N/Q182

3rd - Jackie Snook with Ashlindt Cider N/Q


CD Stake Judged by Sandra Lewindon

1st - Tracey Berry with Bentegroff Ethel N/Q

2nd - Sally toynbee with Hundwith Magnum N/Q

3rd - Janice Robinson with Zwartbos Moet N/Q