ASPADS Scarborough 

Championship Trial

Trial ending 6th August, 2017.

TD Winner

Scarborough TD winnerPhoto kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner

Diane Ling with Cross Little Deben Joe and Judge: Barry Gilbert



(Results and photos kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner and Sue James)


TD Stake - Judge: Barry Gilbert 

46 entries – 14 qualifiers

1st Diane Ling with Cross Little Deben Joe CDex-TDex 201 points
2nd Margaret Robinson with W.S.D. W.T.Ch.Just Arran
at Trentvalley CDex-TDex 197 points
3rd Julie Atkins with B.C. Glenalpine Peg CDex-TDex 196 points
4th Ann Clarke with Labrador Tadmarton Evita CDex-TDex 195 points
Also qualified:
Diane Ling’s with Cross W.T. Ch. Deben Little Tom CDexTDexPDex 194.5 points
Dave Marchant with B.C. Stardell Pisces CDex-TDex 193 points
Bill Richardson with Malinois Xandoas Isa CDex-WDex 192 points
Rita Kidson with B.C. Tregada Tye CDex-TDex 189.5 points
Dean Woodcock with Kelpie Cories Tex CDex – TDex 188.5 points
Moira Rogerson with Malinois Xandoas Scout CDex-WDex 188 points
Fay Rae with Labrador Silversnipe Only Once CDex-TDex 184 points
Gary Atkins with B.C. W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Pete CDex-TDex 182.5 points
Sara Burroughes with Labrador Tarnedge Velvet CDex – TDex 175.5 points TD
Alan Bexon with W.S.D. W.T. Ch. Fly by Night Lad TDex-PDex 166 points TD

WD Stake – Judge: Dave Olley 

29 entries – 9 qualifiers

1st Tom Mills with A.S.D. Allmark Eduardo at Tomszil CDex-UDex 196 points
2nd Lol Cambell with W.S.D. Coniston Danny Boy CDex-WDex 195.5 points
3rd Martine Taylor with B.C. Glenalpine Valley Floyd CDex-WDex 195 points
4th Rosemary Smyth with B.C. Finn My Cool Collie CDex-UDex 193.5 points
Also qualified:
Andrea Lynd with Labrador Seldomseen Jet CDex-WDex 192.5 points
Sally Rose with Labrador Retswerb Hot Spice CDex-WDex 192.5 points
Doug Shearer with B.C. Dreaganta Daubys Dynasty CDex UDex 192.5 points
Diane Yewatman with Labrador Llanswops Targa at Tomsey UDex 192 points
Eleanor Mestraud with G.S.D. Wolfhart Kindred Spirit CDex-UDex 189 points

UD Stake – Judge: Rita Banfather

15 entries – 5 qualifiers

1st Lorraiane Wilson with Cross Blimey Life of Riley CDex 196 points
2nd Joe Craft with G.S.D. Hohenburgh Apolo 192.5 points
3rd Dave Stretch with Labrador Oakenholt Baird CDex 182 points
4th Stellal Uttley with G.S.D. Bowland Jack CDex 179 points
Also qualified:
Ann Trodd with Cavalier Pomelo Gelert at Chelsasa CDex 168.5 points

CD Stake – Judge: Andy Fox

5 entries – 1 qualifier
1st D. Salisbury with Cross Ash of Thorn 90 points
2nd Anne Thorpe with B.C. Stardell Electra over Dlemain 87 points NQ
3rd Gillian Shrimpton with B.C. Zac at Robita 77 points NQ
4th Colin Telford with G.S.D. StrettonhillKalem 70 points NQ