Championship Trial


10th -12th November 2017

TD Winner

shePhoto kindly supplied by Carol Russell

Sheila Margreaves  and KHAMYSKER ROCKET 


Results (so far)

(kindly sent in by Len Newman)

TD Stake. Judge Len Newman

1st Sheila Margreaves and Khamysker Rocket 208Q

2nd Lorna Cottier and Stardell Mars 205.5 Q

3rd Fae Ray and Silversnipe Only Once 204 Q

4th Jackie Hall and  Meadowburn Little Biddy 202 Q

Also Qualifing

Rita Kitson and Kidson Tregada Tye 198Q


WD Qualifiers 

dundeeCHQs1st Lorraine Wilson, 2nd Yvonne Walker, 3rd Veronica Errington, 4th Jackie Hilton, 5th Heather Patrick. Photo supplied by Yvonne Walker.