Open Trial

Scarborough – 2019


(kindly supplied by Judy Meekings)


TD Stake:      Judges – Dave Stewart (N/W) & Dave Craven (C&A)

1st        Tracey Park, WAGGERLAND RHUM, 208½, Q

2nd      Andrew Henley, XANDOAS TEAK, 207, Q

3rd       Eleanor Mestraud, WOLFHART KINDRED SPIRIT, 203½, Q

4th       Cyril Barke, LEGEND OF GYPSY JOE, 188, Q

Also qualified:

Valerie Joughin, NIDDERDALE BLUE MAGIC, 176½, Q

WD Stake:     Judges – Rita Kidson (N/W) & Dave Craven (C&A)

1st        Pat Parkinson, VAMP JASMINE, 196½, Q

2nd      Carol Grant, HARRY HOTSHOT, 192, Q

3rd       Jain Douglas, SKYLARK GAEL, 192, Q

( 2nd place tie awarded on best overall nosework mark )

4th       Kath Woolley, FAYEMM GET READY FOR DUNSA, 184, Q

Also qualified:

Jenny Wood, HARTSHILL ATHENA, 178, Q

UD Stake:      Judges – Karen Bexon (N/W) & Dave Craven (C&A)

1st        Glenys Page, ELMLEAS CONNIE, 183½, Q

2nd      Jenefer Le Mesurier, BRYNFFRWD PENARDDUN, 175½, Q

3rd       Jane Aldred, NETAYAS FR JACK, NQ

4th       Ruth Bryant, ICABOO GLORY, NQ

Special Stakes:        Judge – Rita Banfather

1st        Julia Findeisen, JANJELLY SPYDER, 143/145

2nd      Barry Gilbert, GLENALPINE MAKAR, 142/145

3rd       Tracey Park, WAGGERLAND MINX, 138/145

4th       Alan Bexon, FLY BY JET LAD, 135/145

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