Championship Trial


TD Winner

Scarborough TD Winner large

Sally Rose with Retswerb Hot Spice



(Photo and results kindly sent in by Judy Meekings)

TD Stake:      Judge – Judy Meekings

1st        Sally Rose, RETSWERB HOT SPICE, 207.5, TDEx

2nd      Bill Richardson handling Moira Rogerson’s, WTCh XANDOAS ISA, 206, TDEx

3rd       Jean Howells, AVA AT LITTLE DEEPS, 203, TDEx

4th       Sandra Lewindon, LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI, 201, TDEx

Also qualified TDEx:

Wendy Beasley, STARDELL VENUS, 200.5


WD Stake:     Judge – Mike Williams

1st        Sue Ashley, AMFIDES IONA, 178, WDEx

2nd      Mark Adams, TRAGILITY AUTUMN WIND, NQ


UD Stake:      Judge – Mike Williams

1st        Gary Atkins, GLENALPINE KEN, 198, UDEx

2nd      Bill Richardson, RIO ECOSSE, 192, UDEx

3rd       Julie Atkins, GLENALPINE ERN, 191, UDEx

4th       Caroline Martin, FIRETOUCH SECOND TIME, 188, UDEx

5th        Tony Gelsthorpe with CASSANDA WREN, 179, UDEx


CD Stake:      Judge – Rita Kidson

1st        Gary Haim, BREARTON LEXI,  89, CDEx

2nd      Lol Campbell, CALL ME CHIP,  83, CDEx

3rd       Diane Ellis, OSTENHAUS YIZZI,  81, CDEx

4th       Ruth Bryant, BORDERTRIX BLUE SUEDE SHOES,  80, CDEx