ASPADS Scarborough

Open Trial


(Kindly supplied by Linda Gilbert)

TD – Judge Tracey Park                  (17 Entries)

1st           Jane Wood with RUBIHEATH TED 214½

2nd          Dave Olley with THORNE NAP 211

3rd           Judith Stamp with BRIONY BECCADOON 204

4th           Lol Campbell with CALL ME CHIP 195


Jill Carruthers with WOLFHARTS ORCHID 186

WD – Judge Fay Rae                        (23 Entries)

1st           Diane Ling with DEADLY SIN RED ELEMENT 197½

2nd          Moira Rogerson with EDENSHOT ELENA 197½

3rd           Nicky Hugo with FORYD CARNEDD GWENLLIAN 195

4th           Heather Patrick with DEXTER WINTER CRAG EWAN 193½


Mick Bretherton MY SPOTTED FELLA 177

Dave Marchant with LYNWOOD HOOLI 188

Adele Whittemore with TUGHALL MISS CHIEF 175